Tuesday, April 02, 2013


Nope, I have not got anything to put up yet today.
What a sorry state of affairs.

We will have to rectify that soon.

Until then.  Stew and Steve are back at work today, poor buggers.
The kids have today off school too... so I might just get them doing a few jobs around the house.

They don't get asked to do much at all and it's about time they did a few jobs to help.

We feed them after all!

Food.  I'm doing really well.  I mixed up an amazing combination of Hubbard's Muesli's and nuts/dehydrated banana/raw rolled oats and raisins and that is my 'brunch' with some yogurt, or a small snack after dinner if I'm still hungry.   

I am going to 'force feed' Griffin that too, for his breakfast!

He eats too much bread ... not that I have anything against bread, but he eats too much of it.  And he's far too sedentary for a boy his age.
Things are going to change for that young man ... starting today. He won't know what hit him! 

Someone asked me how Stew was doing 'weight wise' since the whole family started eating more healthily.  Well he has lost about the same amount of weight as me I think.  I haven't asked him how much he has lost because it really isn't about a NUMBER, it's more about how one feels.  Though a good loss number-wise is good to confirm one is doing things right.  

We all have our own way of losing weight, what works for me may not work for you, and that's OK.  I realise that we are all different, and no ONE diet/lifestyle plan is right for everyone.
Anyone who wants/needs to lose weight should do whatever suits their body, their metabolism, their age, their current health, their likes and dislikes, their level of fitness and their budget too.  There is so many factors that can determine how you go about losing weight... there is not one BE ALL AND END ALL Diet.

Taking all these factors into account... I am doing what is best for ME.  Everything in moderation.  Except oysters.  Fuck I hate oysters.  And pumpkin. 

Mrs C:  try not to notice the F word.... cos it's naughty of me to use it... I know.  You asked after Griffin and his new class.  He LOVES it.  His new teacher is lovely, and one of Griffin's best friends is in his new class too.  So our boy is happy at school again. 

Right, I've yabbered on enough for now.  I'm off to make a job list so we can all get stuck in and get some housework done.  Like dusting.  And wiping kitchen cupboard doors.  OMG don't they get ikkky!

ABOVE: hey look!  I do have a photo.  Last night's dinner.  I had half a chicken schnitzel and some couscous with veges in it.  Carrots.  Did I mention I really don't like them cooked too?  Well I don't like them either... they are ikkk.  I am starting to realise I don't like quite a few foods.  Fussy tart I am.

The point of the photo was so you could see my pretty dinner plate.  It's about 2/3rds the size of a regular dinner plate.  Just the right size for me.
I am tempted to get one for Stew too... but I know him.  He would pile his food a foot high.
Pointless.  He knows what he is doing, and how much he eats is up to him eh?


Bex had a Dr's appointment this morning, so we all went out and while she was at the Dr's, the kids and I wandered around the mall.  I went into a clothing shop I had NEVER been in before.  I always walked past thinking nothing would fit me in there.  
I was wrong!
I decided to have a gander... 

ABOVE:  Look at that!  Leggings, a gorgeous top and a lovely warm jacket type top.... and none of them fit me!  YET.  Give me another two months and I reckon they will.   

Massive incentive eh?

Back to my plans for Griffin...

ABOVE: Step 1.  Accomplished.  He loved his new breakfast.  Bloody relieved about that cos he is as fussy as me.

Step 2.  will happen after his lunch has settled.

KAREN B:  The shop is called 'Emma Rose Apparel, not only do they have a large range of sizes, they are also very fairly priced.

Now:  Step 2 for Griffin:  ...

ABOVE:  Half an hour on the treadmill... and I might even put him on the exercycle too.  I will see how hot and bothered he is when he's finished on the treadmill before deciding if he needs the exercycle work out too.

I didn't put Griffin on the exercycle, I gave him a rag and furniture polilsh and made him polish all the wooden furniture in the lounge and family room.
Then he got this job:

ABOVE: peeling the potatoes for dinner.  I came up with a great idea to stop me and others slicing our fingers with the peeler! 
I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of it... I just wish it hadn't taken me 50 years to think of it too!

ABOVE:  Peel a small area at one end, shove a fork in the peeled place then peel the rest of the potatoe while holding it with the fork.  Yaaa. No more sliced fingers or knuckles!  

So, that's the spuds done.

Brylee didn't get off jobs either!
I got her doing:

ABOVE:   the family bathroom....

ABOVE:  and the shelving unit by the front door.

ABOVE:  while we were all working (ok, I was supervising)... this little darling slept on and on.  He's having a huge nap today!  

ANON: for various reasons, NO... Griffin has not expressed any desire to do any Martial Arts, and we have no intention of encouraging him either.
In the right hands, knowledge in martial arts is harmless.   In the wrong hands... it is not.  Our son-in-law was beaten by another member of his extended family, who was an expert in kick boxing.  NOT PRETTY, he ended up in hospital!

I'm not saying I think Griffin would use that sort of knowledge the wrong way... I just don't like the idea at all.  Ain't gunna happen.  Griffin is a gentle/passive type of person.  And I like that.

End of Day:  I made beef burgers for dinner.  But not quite the same as you would buy in a shop... will show ya tomorrow.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous6:37 AM

    Glad to hear Griffin is happy in his new classroom! Are they giving him extra help or will you be taking him to SPELD again? And how is Brylee - does she still enjoy her gymnastics class?

  2. Thet's great about Griffins new class and Teacher, bright plate too btw. woke to fog and cold YUCK!

  3. You are doing so well - you must be so proud of yourself.

    You will always have those people who poo-poo your ideas and think you should jump on their bandwagon but you just have to smile and silently think SHUT UP.

    At least you are up front and say what you feel... Total honesty is how I like it - if you cock it up, you say so and then get back on track again (which doesn't happen often). That's great too.

    At least you are a blogger that doesn't feel the need to go back and change your posts and delete comments that make you look bad... unlike others. I like your style and your attitude to it all.

    Keep up the excellent work!


  4. The plate idea is so good! Might get me one for a reward sometime :)

  5. ((Chris)) I'm so glad Griffin is doing well. You just make me smile! He needs that support and kindness, bless him.

  6. Well done on the clothes Chris sounds like you are in a great place!
    Glad Griffin enjoyed his brekkie - and loves whats happening after lunch!
    Have a great day

  7. So pleased to hear that Griffin has settled in nicely in the new class and that his bestie is in there with him!
    Good luck with your plan with Griffin - will watch with interest!
    Love the clothes you got!! Can I ask which shop you got them from?? I'm to scared to go clothes shopping yet.....

  8. I love the jacket thingy - and the other blue top. I'll look forward to seeing you in these!!

  9. Love the top!

    I'm very glad Griffin is happy and settled in his new class. I hate it when any of mine are unhappy in school.

    I also loathe muesli with a passion I normally reserve only for all things cabbage-related. Ugh. UGH! Still, as my normal brekkie is a pint of tea and a digestive biscuit, I am in no position atall to comment! Happy he likes it, though.

    I'm lucky, in that my children are all addicted to being outdoors, and that we live in the back end of nowhere. Skiing, swimming-or skating on- in the lake, rock climbing, biking through the forest (avoiding the bears where possible...!), you name it, they do it. With gusto, and also together as a gang! So cute to see the 5 and 12 year old going off in one direction to build a hut, while the middle two build jumps to hurtle over on their bikes. The hounds keep watch!

  10. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Has Griffin shown any interest in something like Karate?

  11. Thanks Chris - looked up Emma Rose Apparel and there is one in Lower Hutt. Never seen it at Queensgate - so that's my mission for next weekend :)
    Great idea for Griffin (and Brylee too) - must get Rachel helping more too!
    Dante looks so cute in his wee sleeping bag :)

  12. Looks like you have the troops all whipped into shape! General!

  13. Oo - Emma Rose! I've walked past that store heaps of times and thought 'Nah, nothing in there for me', but now I know there is, I'm going to go in!!!


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