Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I had an idea in my head to do a big change around in our house a few months ago.

Then we had the flood.
Then we had a change of mind.

And now... back to the beginning we go.

Stew and I are moving...

into THE GARAGE!  

This will give Steve and Bex our room... where they will have more room for them and their baby.

They had thought about moving to Hamilton sometime in the next few months... but that plan has changed.
So, they are here for the mid to long term.  And I don't want them crammed into that one small room for much longer.

Stew and I only sleep in our bedroom, so we shall inhabit the garage very happily.  
I am sure with my touch it can be made into a perfectly lovely 'room' for us.

So that will be me today.  Organising how to effect that move in the easiest way.  I can do quite a bit myself over the next few days, and the guys can move the bigger stuff on Sunday.

That should keep me busy for a while.  I also plan on trying to catch up with some blog reading too... probably this afternoon.  By then my left foot will no doubt be killing me and I'll need to park me bum for a while anyway...

No photo for today.... YET.


KAREN:  ah nope, we can't move into the room Steve and Bex are in right now as it's simply not big enough for our bed AND two sets of drawers.  Never mind all the other stuff I have in me room!  lol

YES, it will be cool in our garage... but think about it.
Electric Blanket.
Hot Flushes.
My HOT hubby.

Do you really think I'm gunna be cold?

And Stew does not mind being in a cool room, we both would rather that than a stinking hot room any day.

And before ya say it... in summer we will have a freakin BIG fan on to keep us cool.


CHRISTINA: It was our idea, not Steve and Bex's.  They said NO WAY for months.  But I insisted.

They did, indeed, decide to have a baby in their circumstances... but it's done and we move on.

As for them finding their own place... They would BOTH have to work full time to afford something here in Auckland, and it would be pretty IKKKK, and in a grotty area too.

AND also, if I was not available to babysit, they would be going backwards real fast having to pay for child care as well.

I LOVE the idea of Stew and me down in the garage!  There's a few really POSITIVE reasons why too... but they are rather personal, so I won't go into that here.

Rest assured my darling niece, we are not doing this just for the kids.

I decided to try and get heaps done today, so brought Lacy and Keera over to help.  Well... clearly Keera didn't do anything.
Lacy and Bex got stuck into it and we three girls got so much done.

ABOVE:  WOOO Hoooo!  One bonus of moving stuff around.  I found this lovely door knocker that I will use on the internal garage door!  I'd hidden it from Lacy, cos she was gunna nick it ages ago.

ABOVE:  not much left to take out of me room...

ABOVE: Lacy and Bex did most of the heavy stuff.

ABOVE:  they found the scales.  Lacy is such a tart!  She is 55 kilos.  I want to scream!  She can eat and eat and just never gets fat.  It ain't fair.  *sniff*

ABOVE:  just the bed to go! 

Then I can move all our wardrobe stuff down to the garage ... and our bathroom stuff into the family bathroom.  Then clean the room so Steve and Bex can move into it.

So... I said to Lacy ... let's leave the bed itself for the guys.  Would she listen?
HELL NO.  So, because she would have tried to do it herself... I had to help move the bloody thing.
It's now done.  Just have to clear out our wardbrobe and bathroom now!


Bex has cleaned the room, and helped with everything else too.... and she's just helped make meatloaf for dinner too.
I think she's a little bit excited to have a decent sized room!
Seriously, they have NO ROOM to move in their present bedroom... imagine a King Sized bed, Drawers, Baby's Wooden cot, Wooden change table, all in a 3m X 3m space.  

I can't wait to see how Bex arranges their new room.

I took Lacy and Keera home after we had got all my heavy stuff down to my 'room'... poor Miss Muppet has a nasty cold... and Lacy is exhausted.  She is so much like me in some ways.  When I get an idea in my head, I want to do it RIGHT NOW.  Lacy is the same.

End of Day:  didn't go quite as I had thought it would.
Forgive me for doing something NICE.
nite nite.


  1. Most garages in NZ aren't insulated might be a bit cold!

  2. you guys are so generous!

  3. Oh my gosh you are lookin after those kids hope it's not too cold in the you'll miss your en suite :) But that's what we do you rock Chris.

  4. You and Stew are so, so kind! Though just a wee thought, could you two move into Steve and Bec's room instead or would that be to small for you guys? But am sure you will have already thought about that one....

  5. Im with the others wont the garage be too cold? you know there's a firm business that hire out FULLY lined insulate double glazed rooms very large $55-$70 a week they move them onto your proerty for you enough room inside for large bed draws and computer table..... could you put up a temporary wall? and thermal lined curtains OR run thermal curtains all around your boudoiur (sp) like from ceiling to floor double thickness even? I'm sure you could run those up... Either way it is so nice too have your family and Dante he is growing changing rapidly and Keera and y'all get to see that.

  6. You are crazy!!! You shouldn't have to move out of your bedroom. Don't do it. They had a baby in their circumstances, so let them deal with it. Just my opinion, but they are both old enough to find somewhere to move to and get their lives sorted. Bloody crap that you have to move into the freezing garage in winter. If its warm enough for you and Stew, then it will be warm enough for them.

  7. I have 4grandchildren and one part cooked at the mo. none live near us and we miss them very much. I love the idea of having family live nearby and or staying with us. Brylee and Griffin also benefit I am sure. You are amazing to give up your bedroom but of course it does make perfect sense.
    I wonder if you can't sleep if you might do a bit of sewing!!
    Awesome weight loss again

  8. You are such a kind heart Chris - I am sure you have thought this out for a while and what is best for you and them.
    Good luck with the move
    and nod nod wink wink say no more!!!
    (I know what you where talking about re personal reasons!!!!- hehehe)
    Have a great day
    PS - Fantastic result on the scales - You ROCK!

  9. You are so kind Chris but I have to agree with one other are crazy! I just hope you don't regret it because if you do you will be unhappy. Sorry for being negative. Ps great weight loss, you have inspired me and I am returning to Weight Watchers tomorrow after putting on 5kg in the last 6 months. Need rot get rid of 10kg though. Have a great day!!

  10. Anonymous1:26 PM

    Could be quite cosy in the garage and you can sew all night! WOMBAT

  11. I don't think you are crazy. I can see it being hard for people to understand, but you know your house best and what works best for you and Stew. You know your garage. Plus I'm sure if you got down there and it turned out not to work well that Steve and Bex would be more than willing to give you your room back.

    Anyway, I better get back to work. As you will know I haven't blogged for ages but the end is in sight! I think? Penny xo

  12. It looks like the move to the garage is pretty much a done deal. You know what.....if it works, then great, if it doesn't you will just figure out something else and move on.

  13. WOW _ you guys have done amazing today!

  14. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Sounds like a good move. If it gets cold then just get the batts subsidy the Govt are paying to insulate homes and use it in the garage. Is there mood lighting down there? Lol
    Mary H

  15. Anonymous4:21 PM

    Hi Chris, I read every day but comment very rarely. I think moving down to your garage will be fun as long as it doesn't get too cold! Kind of like having your own little apartment within your house! I am not sure I could give my ensuite up for anybody though. You are very kind :-)
    Michelle from Sydney

  16. Chris,
    You and Stew have got to be the most generous people on earth.I think it's wonderful all you do for those children of yours. They must appreciate it and love you loads for it. One day you will be so rewarded but actually you are being rewarded now, being able to be around all those precious grandchildren of yours. I so admire you 2. God will truly bless you.
    God Bless~

  17. Well done you, you'll get your rewards one day!

  18. Is that 55 kg in her jeans? Jeez, genetics are so unfair!!

  19. Wow, you girls are legends getting all that done so fast!

  20. Wow its been go go go...hopefully you and Stew will be snug as...

  21. Anonymous9:09 PM

    You are such a generous and kind hearted lady!

    Let me guess some peeps from the Waikato are not liking your new arrangements.... just wondering why it didn't go quite as you thought.... hmm...


  22. I am sure the garage will be fine, knowing you it will be an awesome space.

  23. Some of the coolest apartments are garage apartments. You can fix it up nice and it will be better than you imagine. I think you're in for a pleasing experience!
    piomest 4304


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