Saturday, April 13, 2013


So... today I will show you our new room ... I am still sorting things out, but I think the furniture is in the right places:

ABOVE: lying on me bed, watching a movie...

 ABOVE: To the right, my sewing area. 

ABOVE: Behind our drawers we have the gym equipment, Stew's work clothes and a few other odds 'n' ends.  The blue computer desk is going to be sold.  Just don't need it. 

ABOVE:  Because I have put the tv and DVD player on top of Stew's drawers, I had to cram all me bits 'n'n bobs onto mine.  Rather cluttered.  Will have to work on that.

I also want to make a screen for behind both the drawers, so it kinda separates our bedroom from the 'gym'... lol

And that tennis ball!  I put it there so when I drove me car in I knew when to stop.  It ain't doing anything for me now except annoy me.  Stew will have to take it down for me I reckon.

TODAY?  Regular housework.  At some point today or tomorrow, grocery shopping.
There are no other plans.  Boring farts we are.


Stew and I are doing a trip to the Hospice shop with piles of of old clothes, Stew is getting rid of a huge pile of winter sweatshirts etc!  I went through all that I wanted to get rid of and now it's all going to a friend down in Wellington instead of the hospice shop.

After dropping all that stuff off, we will come home and move the big bed out of Brylee's room and put her King Single back in her room.
So, more moving stuff around today.

MRS C:  yep, our new room is our 'oasis'!  We are really enjoying being down there.

While we were dropping off the clothes, I spied a card table, and just had to get it.

ABOVE:  One card table, well used but still amazing for the grand total of $4.00, score!

ABOVE:  the 'Spare Bedroom'.  Love it!  Now when we have visitors, they have somewhere to sleep and I don't need to kick Griffin out of his room.  

Stew is now assembling Brylee's King Single bed.  Once that is done... the bedroom moves will be over.  

And I feel like I've just done a huge 'Spring Clean' 5 months before Spring!  Rather happy with my home now.

End of Day:  well quite a bit got done today... but not the wardrobe doors back on.  We have misplaced the screws so Stew will be getting more to fit tomorrow.
nite nite.


  1. I like the tennis ball idea, but since you aren't using the garage to park your car maybe you can sew something pretty to fit over the top for a bit. Add a bit of flair!

    I like your new room. It's so spacious!

  2. I love those tall candle holders, I'm sure you'll have your new space looking and feeling great in no time.

  3. Wow, just been catching up on whats been happening in your little world up in Auckland.... What a wonderful mother you are, so thoughtful and generous, I am sure Steve and Bex are the envy of a lot of kids our there who lack the love and support of a parent. Proud to call you a blogging friend.. hopefully we might get to meet when I pick up my next baby from you!!!

  4. Your oasis is looking fabulous!! Love the idea of a couple of screens to separate the gym from the bedroom! Enjoy your Saturday!

  5. Looks like the new room is going to be a lovely private space for the two of you!

    Loved the last picture of you, smiling; you look so serene and downright happy.

    I have a dangling ball in my garage, too, for my Mum to park with when she visits (there's a stripe on the wall for me...). A few visits ago, she (all on the same day) set off the fire alarm in the house so we had the whole fire department and three engines here; ran a stop sign in my ute and got stopped by the police; whacked the side of the ute when she pulled into the garage, then was so unnerved that she went too far forward and over the bloody wall onto the basement steps!

    Big snowstorm here today, another foot or so of the damn white stuff. Just when I thought Spring was finally here and I could take the studded tyres off the car; swap the skis and snowboards for bikes. Tis only the middle of APRIL, after all!

  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I too love the chandelier candlelabra things for your necklaces how pretty the new spare room looks fab lots of moving exercise you have had this week...

  7. I haven't been keeping up very well lately. Your room looks great! I have to read back to see what prompted the move. xoxo

  8. Anonymous6:44 PM

    I love that quilt. Thank you in anticipation. I've lost 7.7kg today so will grow down into your clothes. Give me something to aspire to. Kayjay


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