Thursday, April 18, 2013



That's me right now.


Because yesterday I rang the Doctor's to ask for a repeat prescription for my fluid retention medication.

Last time I saw 'Doctor M' about this medication (a few months ago),  He said I could still take it.

Unlike about a year ago when 'Doctor J' in the same clinic said I had to STOP taking it, as it was damaging my kidneys.

So, I got 'Doctor J' yesterday, who said she was not going to give me a repeat prescription for it.  And She said I had to come in for a complete review of my medications.

And here's where I get really pissed off.  Because clearly when you see different Doctors in the same clinic for the same thing, they all have their own opinions, and when one says YES, the other can say NO.  Where is the CONSISTENCY of care?  

I'm sure I've had a bitch about this before.  Only positive to today's visit will be that I can ask about my heel pain.  Bet there is nothing they can do about it.

*** Stew got a really sore throat years ago, went to the same clinic (In Hamilton), saw different Doctors for all the on-going problems and it took them WEEKS to put two and two together and realise that my hubby had bloody Rheumatic Fever!  He ended up in hospital for over a month, then home on bed rest for another couple of months!

And that's what pisses me off now too.  Why does the Left Hand not know what the Right Hand is doing?  Don't they read your medical notes and know what the hell they are doing?

I now have a Doctor's appointment this afternoon at 2.15 pm.  I will TRY not to show just how bloody annoyed I am.
Sounds kinda easy ... YES?

Tidying up is calming... I tidied up the fat quarters :

ABOVE: I've got three drawers FULL of me fat quarters and smaller pieces.  All colour coded or 'like' sorted.  I drool when I look at them!    I know, I'm a bit weird, but other sewers will get it!

I mentioned last night that I'd found a 'nicer' plate to use for my dinners... so here it is:

ABOVE: how cute is that!  I love it.  It's in the shape of a scallop shell... gorgeous.

The 'Chook' fabric?  I still haven't made up my mind what to make with it!  Grrrrr... pull finger Chris!


In preparation for the Doctor visit this afternoon, I just shaved me legs.  I am sure I just lost half a kilo... my legs only get shaved once in a blue moon!  Talk about smooth now.
I used to use a really expensive type of razor ($18.00) and the refills were darn expensive too.  

Then I saw Bex was using really cheap ($5) thow away ones and her legs were left super smooth, so I tried the cheap ones.  WOW.  
Like so annoyed, the super cheap ones did a way better job compared to the expensive one!

I felt quite ripped off.  Live and learn eh?

So anyway... I am still really annoyed about  Dr J ordering me in to see her.  
As some of you have suggested, after this visit I am going to do my best to see only ONE particular Doctor at our Clinic ... and while  Dr J, who I will see today is really nice, she is dicking me around, so I think I will try and see Dr M every time I need to see a Dr from now on.  Dr M also happens to be Dr J's husband.

ABOVE:  I have been watching Dante while Bex had her shower.  Just wait till she sees him!   That is 24 hour REVLON COLOURSTAY LIPSTICK.  *evil snigger*

Lacy got Keera a new winter jacket at a Pumpkin Patch Pop-Up Shop...

ABOVE:  Keera, such a credit to Lacy!  She is a darling wee bubba and loved to bits.

LYN:  I get really bad fluid build up, which affects every part of my body.  It has been an on-going problem for 23 years.
If I don't take something for fluid retention, I only piddle usually ONCE A DAY, no matter how much I drink.  And I look and feel IKKK.. puffy eyes, swollen fingers, swollen legs... bla bla bla.
So, hopefully I can still take one a day!  

WE.  WILL.  SEE. ... What the Dr says...

Bex REALLY, REALLY NEEDED to go to Spotlight today... so we.... umm... went!
She is wanting to make some runners like mine, but with a 'Spongebob Squarepants' theme.  She likes Spongebob...

 ABOVE:  the fabrics she chose.  I had a quick look around too, and found some more of the chook fabric, but in a different 'set up'... so now it might be easier to think up what to do with it.

 ABOVE:  see... it has quite strong colours on the borders... so that suggests I should use the darker striped fabric I got the other day.

South Auckland Hospice has opened a HUGE store in Manukau.  My old 'boss' is the Manager there, so we popped in to have a gander.  
An awesome shop!  I have offered my services for a couple of afternoons a week, just have to hear back now from the Volunteer's Manager. 

ABOVE: Bex found a couple of all-in-ones for Dante and I spied that neat top... which I got for a cool $5.  

Lunchtime... I'm going to have me some jelly with Pineapple. 

NATALIE:  the Hospice Shop is right beside Lighting Direct, Corner of Cavendish and Lambie.  It has a 'back door' that faces The Warehouse Carpark... so it's incredibly easy to find a park.

ABOVE:  This should help you find it. 

Before I forget:  YES, Bex did wipe off the lipstick before we went out!  I gave her one of my makeup remover wipes. 

I'm about to leave for the Dr's.  Oh yay.

Dr:  we had a lovely long chat... I pointed out how annoying it was to have one Dr prescribe a medication, only to have another say I can't  have it.
She understood and said yes, I was justified in being cross.  Then she went into the reasons she didn't want me on Furosemide for much longer... it's damaging my kidneys.  
So for now... I can take one every other day.  I'm happy with that.

I told her about my Onward For Life Plan... and she was very happy about how well I am doing.

Last time I had my blood pressure taken it was 150/110.

***TODAY:  I am proud to say it was 138/88.  It's coming down!  And I didn't take any medication to help either.  I wanted to try and correct it with weight loss.  I have my next blood tests in about three weeks... I am hoping my cholesterol levels will have gone down too.

See what you can do when you set your mind to it?  All these little medical shitty things can be helped by losing weight.  I knew that.

Oh ... I have chosen to see EITHER Dr M or Dr J from now on... they are a 'tag team' of husband and wife, so if one is home looking after their kids, the other one is at work in the clinic.  Awesome.

My visit today was FREE.  Because she had me come in upon her request, not because I wanted/needed to.  SCORE.

I am feeling rather happy now.  

Dinner.  I haven't thought about what we shall have tonight... better pull finger and decide quick!

End of Day: a fairly busy day.  And it has turned out to be a good day.
nite nite.


  1. Hi there! Just found your blog today, from a comment on someone else's blog.

    When I had a bad cough last year, I had to see a handful of different doctors because I was in the middle of changing my primary care physician. I ended up diagnosed with asthma, acid reflux, bronchitis, and lord knows what else, all by different doctors, for the same symptoms! I was given enough prescriptions to start my own pharmacy. Maybe your doctor will get it figured out when you go in for the review.

  2. Good luck with your doctor's appointment today. I can so relate to what you are saying about different doctors and their varying opinions. I decided a couple of years ago that I would chose the doctor I felt most comfortable with at our Medical Centre - and she is my doctor now - and the only time I will see anyone else is if I'm dying and my doctor is away on leave. I tend to make my appointments a week in advance to make sure I get my favourite doctor. Doctor's visits are so much less frustrating now and I think continuity of care has meant I have ended up with better care since. Love the wee plate - very cute! Have a good day :)

  3. Oooh i had to wipe the dribble away when looking in your drawers.

    Doctors - I also belong to a medical place that you sorta get whoever is on... BUT when I got pregnant (many moons ago now) I requested just the one doctor and found out his hours etc. and always try and get him (ours has a late night thing where only HE works so I try and nab him then). If you prefer a doctor, make sure they are the one you request. It makes life a whole lot easier and consistent.

    I had the same thing with Paige - went to one, then another and finally the NURSE was the one that diagnosed chickenpox. Geez!!!

    :) Hope it goes well for ya.


  4. Anonymous8:33 AM

    I personally think you SHOULD tell them how annoyed you are! And ask them to read the notes from previous Drs! And ask them why should you believe that Dr over another! You need answers.


  5. Wow as you know I recently had my own run in with different doctors at my medical centre so boy can I relate!

    Love the plate, it's gorgeous :)


  6. I agree that you should let them know that their differences of opinion is annoying....and not very good care. I hope the appointment goes well and that you get things sorted to your satisfaction.

  7. Frustrating! Let them know that you find it difficult when you are seeking their opinions & they give conflicting advice, it's enough to make you seek an opinion from Dr Google:-)

  8. Anonymous10:03 AM

    From a positive point of view she will be able to see ur weight loss so maybe things will be changed
    Mary H

  9. Yep different doctors definately have different opinions. Some of the doctors in our area are CRAP (given their lack of care of patients we picked up on ambulance) so when you find a good one STICK WITH THEM!! As for whether you should be on the fluid retention meds have a look at your own symptoms. Are your feet swelling, are you short of breath especially at night? Are you sleeping on more than one pillow at night? Do you have a continual wet sounding cough? If you have any of these symptoms then it's most likely you should be on them (or if they appear when not taking these meds)... if not then maybe it's ok to come off them (with your doctors approval of course)... talk to your doctor about these symptoms or lack of them and that will help them decide whether you should be on them.

  10. Anonymous11:58 AM


    Keera is such a pretty baby and is also so happy! and the handsome Dante so cute!


  11. Then DEFINATELY tell the doctor that you NEED them!! It's not just about feeling ikky (which is horrible) but that extra fluid will be putting strain on your heart. I would be telling the doctor to write the script!! not asking ;) hopefully your doctor listens to you today

  12. Fingers crossed for your Dr's appointment! Hope the Dr listens to you and gives you the script! I am the same as Paula, getting tired of diff drs, so now we all have the same one and will book in advance to see her and will only see another one if URGENT or if our one is away (which is a bit lately)!
    Love Keera's jacket - she is so cute! You can see how well loved she is by her mummy (and all the family)!
    Has the lipstick come off Dante yet?? Those are such gorgeous photos!!!

  13. Oo - where is the Hospice shop? I love thrift stores! :D

  14. I hope things go well at the Dr. I LOVE the photos of Dante and Keera. They are both such beautiful babies!!

  15. Anonymous4:13 PM

    Glad you had a good chat with & sorted things with your Doc. Well done on the blood pressure!!

    Did anyone suggest trivets for your rooster fabric? You could make a set, one for the teapot, & a couple for other hot dishes. I like them square, not round :0)

  16. Well done on your lower BP!! That is awesome!
    And glad you got everything sorted with the Dr and yay for the appointment being free! :) Hope the tablet every 2nd day works for you :)

  17. I have had the same Doctor for 25 years he is lovely, I did have one doctor in Rotorua when I lived there he was awesome too, and thats it. Now that I see the whole chook fabric the darker fabric will look better..

  18. Glad the doctors appt was sorted, great to see all your efforts improving your health, well done. Keira's new jacket is gorgeous, she is a darling!

  19. Good job on getting the BP down! It's a silent killer.

    Keera is just beautiful!

  20. Doctors are like clocks. When you have one clock, you always know what time it is. When you have two clocks, you never know what time it is. When you have three clocks, you know what time it is again.....

    You said piddle! Haaahaaahhaaa!

    Seriously though, I hope you get it sorted and feel better.

    AND, hope you don't get in trouble for Permanent 24 hour lipstick-ing a mouth on Dantes forehead!

  21. Can't say that the medical system is any better here. So very frustrating to say the least. Good to hear you got things sorted out. Ha, cute picture of Dante with kiss. Take care.

  22. Glad your appointment went so well. Have they ever tried to figure out why you retain so much water?

  23. Thanks for the directions to the Hospice store - I'm so heading out there this weekend! :D


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