Monday, April 15, 2013


There were a few little jobs needing to be done over the weekend, to bring to an end our 'Bedroom Moves'...

 ABOVE:  Stew put the door knocker on our bedroom door.  

ABOVE:  Steve went up into the attic and pulled the tennis ball up.  It's still there, just not in our face any more.

ABOVE:  Stew put a sliding latch on our door, so we don't have to worry about anyone just barging into our room.  Sometimes this is not exactly what ya want eh?

ABOVE: Taking time out to cluck over Dante...

ABOVE: both adults looking like twits, Stew in particular!

 ABOVE:  happy times as a family... Steve was eyeing up that tennis ball.

ABOVE: one spoilt rotten wee man.  But it's so hard not to spoil him!  He's deliciously gorgeous.  And it looks like he might just keep our blue eyes. 

TODAY:  hmmm... top of me list is head over to Sylvia Park to drop off a Bank form to Smartbox.  That's where Bex has most of her household possessions in storage.  Goodness knows how long we will need it, but we are in no rush to see them leave.

I really like only having to cook three dinners a week! Stew, Steve and Bex all have one night to cook and Friday night is takeaways.

OK... I better go and make the lunches.  This is the last week before Brylee and Griffin are on school holidays for a fortnight.  


Well... been over to Sylvia Park to drop of DD Form to Smartbox, and now?  Washing the floors.  And it's raining!  Apparently it's supposed to rain almost all week.  Excellent.

Today is flying by!!!   I have done some housework, been out, and then I started converting that big quilted bag into runners for me drawers...

ABOVE: I just finished the first one.

ABOVE: It's lovely and cheerful... matches my mood rather well.

I have stopped feeling starving mid-afternoon, which is really good.  Lunch today was a fresh fruit salad I made myself, two spoon fulls of yogurt with about 1/4 cup of muesli on top.

Tonight I am making 'open burgers' with a fresh lettuce salad.  By 'open' I mean they will not have a bun to hold them together.  They will sit on a small potato patty.  Tonight's meat will be chicken schnitzel.  

Griffin just asked me what was for dinner.  When I told him he jumped up from the chair and gave me a big hug.  Seems he likes my dinner plans!  Awwww... what a sweet boy.  (SOMETIMES!)

WOMBAT:  those shelves above our bed used to have all the tools on them... REALLY HEAVY boxes of tools.  So I have no qualms about them not holding me ornaments etc.  They are as solid as a brick shit house!

PETA:  we don't seem to have a problem with draughts at all. There is some air flow from the sides, but it isn't enough to worry us.  At some point in time we hope to make the 'garage' a proper room with a window maybe, and a glass sliding door instead of the wooden roller door.  It's all dependent on costs. Ha! ... and available funds.  

End of Day:  dinner was a hit... everyone loved it.  Nothing like a salad and 'burger'... *smiles*
nite nite.


  1. sounds like you have your room coming together nicely... and yep the locks and knockers are imperative when you have so many in a home ;)

  2. Room is looking fabulous! And I agree with Lyn, locks and knockers are a definite requirement with so many people in the house!
    Love the last photo of Dante! He is so, so cute!!

  3. Glad your getting the much needed rain this week and then it can slow down for school holidays.

  4. So many compliments about your nice knockers ;)

    Dante - there should be a picture of him in the dictionary next to "gorgeous". He is such a cutie.

    Such nice, loving, family photos. Awesome.


  5. YAY that it is all coming together for you !
    Have the best day !

  6. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Jez I hope those shelves above your bed are secure! wouldnt want all those ornaments crashing down in the middle of the night! WOMBAT

  7. Love the door knocker, love the bits n bobs hioe they are secured and dont rattle on ya heads!!!! Love Dante picture what a gorgeous boy. We have had nice rain finally yay hope tomorrow we have more rain!

  8. Anonymous7:07 PM


    How do you stop the draughts from the garage door? my door has quite a gap..insects and dust blow in all the time....we are going to insulate our garage door this year for winter and gets really hot over here in Aussie! and cold too!

    Dante is beautiful!



  9. Anonymous8:56 PM


    Our garage panel door is steel, so it does get hotter and colder, I think that a wooden door is much better, in some of the new houses around here that are display homes they put in the glass and a sliding door, when they don't use the garage, it looks really good...but as you said we need $$$ to do all the stuff we want! I have a lot of things on my wish list too!


  10. Loving your new sanctuary. With the lock & knocker, you have total privacy.

    Dante is the most adorable wee thing.

    I love Griffins reaction to tonights dinner. At least you know he will eat it :-)

  11. Anonymous12:19 AM

    Dante is really growing up - looks like a little boy more than a baby now! - soooooo cute!

  12. I need to hang a tennis ball like that in our room.

  13. Penny2:33 AM

    Very cool reaction from Griffin to the dinner news. He is a very cool boy. Wish I was in Auckland so I could get to know you all better in person. Love Penny xo

  14. Your room looks fantastic!


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