Thursday, April 04, 2013


Yesterday I was advised that my quilt blocks needed sashings... so I tried a couple of possibilities:

ABOVE:  I am not sure about either fabric!  I don't want a sashing that is too busy in itself, and I'm not that sure about the dark navy either.  What do you think?
(yes, I just saw that the flag block is upside down, but they are only pinned there so it's not a problem).

ABOVE:  I am thrilled to bits with the 'rope' stitch on my sewing machine. 

 ABOVE: this is the little drawstring bag I made last night.  They are just so quick to sew up!  

TODAY?  We have to wait for a person from Carpet Court to come and fit the carpet down where it meets the wood laminate in the hallway, then the 'Flood Damage' will be totally completed.

After that I have to go over to Sylvia Park to pay a bill... and my phone is playing up, so I want to pop into Telecom and get it sussed out.

By then it will no doubt be time to head home for lunch.

I was watching a TV programme last night (My Kitchen Rules) and I was literally drooling over the desserts.  So I think this Saturday I will indulge me sweet tooth as my 'day off meal'.
There is only so much fresh fruit I can eat before I really, really need a sweet treat.  I feel I have done really well not having any in 56 days!  Wow... 2nd weigh in is next Monday!

After my NEXT 30 days I hope I get a form in the mail for me to go and have my three monthly blood tests!  I am so hoping all my 'levels' will have dropped!  I want to see a vast improvement with my 
hb1ac, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure AND Weight!  Well if nothing else, I'm sure my weight will please the Doctor!

Not that my weight is good right now, but I am trying my best to shift it slowly but surely.  Can't do more than that can I?  

And can you believe I am actually LOOKING FORWARD to a blood test!!!


PINKY: The little drawstring bags cost around $15 to make.  If I was doing it for a slight profit, I would sell them for $20.

Mr Carpet Court man has a flat battery, so won't be here until this afternoon now.  That's just fine by me!  I can go out and do a couple of jobs now.

OH... it's been raining!  I hope it keeps up for a few days.  The farmers need a steady downpour for at least a week... but according to Jim Hickey (Weather Man on TV)... we won't be getting that much.  Shame.

All done, home again.
We bought an 'Extended Warranty' with my phone 13 months ago, so I now have to wait for a response from Nokia as to what they are going to do about me faulty phone.

Usually Telecom does not provide you with a replacement phone when it is not one of their phones that is faulty, or if the phone is out of it's 1 year warranty (which they would cover) ...  that's something they did not tell us when we bought the extended warranty!
But... they gave me one anyway. 

So, I've got this other phone and I have no idea how it works.  DOH.  Sad face.

ABOVE: sitting waiting for  all the paperwork to be done... it took ages.

Went to the grocery shop too... got more yoghurt... with Griffin and I now eating it,  it doesn't last long.  

DONUTS!  OMG Pak 'n' Save's donuts ... I had to stop and drool... 

ABOVE:  their donuts are the best I have found ANYWHERE in Auckland!  And I didn't get one... or two...

ABOVE:  I will just look at me new blue tights... cos they make me smile.

CHRISTY:  if you look at the 'base' fabric you will see it has shelves that the things sit or or hang off.  So, the white bits are the shelves.  I have called this quilt 'ON THE SHELF' for lack of a better name!

**SNORT** ! ! !  "skinny legs" ???  They are not... it's an optical illusion I'm sure.  

Eddie is here fixing the carpet down, it's only a 10 minute job so he's happy.
Once he's left I will make a start on dinner... just a humble mince stew and veges tonight.
There was a day when I'd make pies for everyone, but not any more.  

PIES and me are not FRIENDS now.  And donuts.  Definitely not friends with donuts.  I could write a list a mile long of things I am going to avoid, or to only have as a rare treat.

I just spent over an hour on the phone... and have found something I've been looking for for over 6 years!!!  Gunna go buy some tomorrow. 

End of Day:  gotta go cut Steve's hair... he's looking a bit fluffy.  
nite nite


  1. I'm not a 'creative', but the lighter fabric is more pleasing to my eye! Have a great day :)

  2. Good luck with your weigh in and blood tests.

  3. I like the dark blue sashing it looks really nice!

  4. Loooove the navy! It looks pretty groovy! You're a clever sausage aren't ya?

    Have a super duper day... nearly the weekend again! Then only two weeks and it's the holidays (which is not such a WooHoo moment for you but for me - awesome...)

    Be good.


  5. I prefer the navy of the two myself.
    Hey have you thought of selling the bags? - Price?

  6. I like the lighter fabric, Weigh in Monday wow that came around fast. WE have had decent rain overnight first time in nearly 5 months!

  7. I don't have much of an artistic eye but I like the look of the 2nd one best.
    Kudos to you for doing such a good job of sticking to your OFL plan.

  8. I like the look of both sashings :)
    Wow your 2nd weigh in has come around real quick (well in my eyes it has).
    And hmmmm may think about getting a bag made for Rachel for her birthday or Christmas... will come back to you on that. Or even 2/3 made up actually and fill them with small goodies for other people.... love that idea :)

  9. I love the navy, it's a great contrast between the darker background and the panels.

    But what is that small, white strip some of the panels have? Just curious! xx

  10. Look at your skinny legs in those leggings! Going great guns...


  11. I like the lighter fabric myself for the quilt. It's going to be so cute. Those lil bags are darling! I sure wish you lived closer to me...LOL
    Dante is sure a cute lil chunky monkey!! He's sure all boy!!!

    God Bless~

  12. I think I prefer the navy sashing, it makes the blocks pop a bit more. I was thinking white/cream to start with but can see now that wouldnt work. Do you have any red that you could try, just a fat quarter would do ?

  13. I like the lighter fabric.

    Optical illusion be damned, your legs look slim - who cares why:-)

  14. I am trying to leave a message but my eyes are useless, so had to log onto my computer!!

    Long time no comment, but Im still following your blog. You are looking fantastic, you must be feeling great.

    Cheers chick!

  15. Sometimes I get a craving for sugar that is undeniable.
    It's ok to leave the flags upside down. Just pretend there's a gale blowing.
    1993 wlehori

  16. Anonymous6:16 AM

    Such a sweet picture of Bex and Dante!


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