Friday, April 26, 2013


AND Stew is home all day too.  Yaaaa.

He decided to take today off and have a four day break.  Awesome.

We can spend some time together without the kids in tow. 
Not that we plan on going anywhere, as we have a trip planned for tomorrow.

I really need to watch some of the programmes I've taped on SKY... I've been deleting heaps of stuff to make 'room' for more recent stuff.  So that is my 'goal' today.

After that I will work on my Mum's gifts, I just have to quilt the two runners and bind them... and hopefully get them in the post in a couple of days.

ABOVE: a lovely photo of Keera and Brylee.

 ABOVE:  Stew teaching Griffin how to mow the lawns for the first time.  NOT something we would ever leave him to do on his own... he's likely to do something silly and end up losing a body part!

ABOVE:  I'm sure at some point he can do it unsupervised, but certainly not for a while.
Many, many years ago I knew a man whose young son was mowing their lawns on a sloping section.  The boy lost half his foot when the mower slipped.  I still have nightmares about that. 

Right, let's stop yakking and get on with the day! 


I tried doing some sewing.  And the 'MACHINE FROM HELL' is playing up again.  I've been having a problem with it for quite a while now and have just put up with it.  But now?  I'm ready to throw it out the bloody window again.

I spent THOUSANDS on this bloody machine.  It's supposed to be a 'TOP LINE' sewing machine, and all it's done is piss me off over and over again.

So, I'm taking back AGAIN.

In case you have no idea what I'm going on about, I got this machine a couple of years ago, and it spent it's first 6 months in and out of the repair shop.  And I hope like hell it's not going to be the same all over again. 

Well... the machine is at the workshop to be looked at.  The bloke said he would not be able to even look at it for two weeks!  So, I will have to 'share' the little Brother machine with Bex!  That won't be too hard, I'm bigger than her and can just push her off the chair to get to the machine!  lol

The shop had a very small selection of Fat Quarters, and I spied two that I just NEEDED to buy.

ABOVE:  Both are awesome... and will be perfect for a really cute little drawstring bag.

Heading for home, not 2 km's up the road I spotted a Patchwork Shop I'd not seen before, so Stew had to do a big U-Turn so we could have a look-see.

It was just a small shop, with a very small selection of fabric.  But ... knowing me, I saw two fat quarters that were ADORABLE... so Stew bought them for me.

ABOVE:  See?  Gorgeous!
I utterly ♥LOVE♥ anything nautical.

Mid-afternoon now, and I feel like we have done bugger all today!

Not to worry, tomorrow will be a busy day for sure.
I am beyond excited to be seeing my 3 girlfriends from Palmerston North again.

LEIGH:  My machine is making a 'birds nest' of thread on the underside of the fabric, it jams the fabric to the plate when I use the auto-cut function, the stitches are long and short at intermittant intervals, which it should NOT be doing.  And goodness knows what else.  

This damn machine has been a right LEMON from the day I bought it.

I'm really annoyed that it's decided to pack it in again.  Now I am without my 'good' machine for at least two weeks, if not more.

It's not like it's a cheap machine!  It cost THOUSANDS ... HELL, my cheap little Brother works better than my Husqvarna! 

I shall take some deep breaths and try not to get all wound up about it.... cos afterall, there is nothing I will gain by getting angry. 

End of Day:  a so-so day, only thing good was that I kept on track with the food... that is always a good thing.

nite nite


  1. Yep those are scary things! I like though that you have to have the handle down for it to be running. At least on ours.

  2. Stew seems to agree with you about Griffin's mowing....he seems to be standing back as far as he can get in the 2nd mowing pic. :)
    Very cute pic of Brylee and Keera.

  3. Anonymous8:56 AM

    My son has been mowing the lawns with supervision since he was ten. Not only is it good exercise, it is a genuine help to hubby as he can concentrate on the whipper snipping. Bec

  4. Send Griffin over to mow my yard!
    eastern elefis

  5. Am sure Griffin will enjoy doing the lawns, I know I sure did when I was his age :)
    Enjoy your quiet family day with Stew at home.

  6. Leigh1:41 PM

    What is actually going wrong with your sewing machine?

  7. Leigh1:42 PM

    What is going wrong with the sewing machine?

  8. Hmmmmmmmm I had to mow lawns as punishment for being NAUGHTY needless to say DAD had the best kept lawns in the street!!!

  9. Wow! Look at your GREEN grass. Nice to see ours turning from brown to green again too.


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