Friday, April 19, 2013


I think everyone here knows there has been some tension/issues between us and our Daughter Amanda.
Things are still not fantastic, but there has been a small crack open in the door... which I for one am happy about.

So... today I have some photos of their youngest two, Emily and Liam:

 ABOVE:  this little man is a boy version of his sister!  And I can see his two big brothers in him too.

 ABOVE: very cute, and trust Amanda to put a Smurf in the bassinet with him!  She's nuts about the Smurfs.

 ABOVE: Miss Emily... growing up to look just like her Mum!  I'm sure there are some features like her Dad... but I can't see them!

 ABOVE:  Little man Liam again.  He is bloody cute!  I can't wait to have a cuddle and smother him in kisses.

 ABOVE: Wonder what was going on in his mind?  Sure looks like he's thinking hard.  Cute cute cute.
ABOVE:  these must be the most recent photos of Em... it looks like the summer sun has bleached her hair lighter.  Getting to be a 'big' girl now.

They have both grown heaps since we saw them last.  We saw Liam when he was a day or so old (he's now 2 months old), and we haven't seen Emily since last October, I hope she remembers us.

I am hoping that once they are all settled into their new home in Hamilton we can visit to see them.

Plans for today?  Take Coco to the groomers, come home and do some sewing I think.

OH I just remembered... I've gone back on the Hospice Volunteer roster.  I re-start working at the Hospice Shop in MANUKAU next Tuesday.  I will be doing two shifts... Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  I am looking forward to that.  


Coco is at the groomers, where she will be shorn like a sheep... and she has a big matted area by her mouth that she simply WOULD NOT let me near, so the groomer can sort it out.  I expect her to come home bald.  
Seriously, that dog is so naughty for me.  I come near her with the brush and she yelps in pain... and I haven't even TOUCHED her!

We just weighed Dante... as he is getting so heavy!  He weighs 8.6 kilos!  That is quite BIG for his age.  And almost the exact weight I lost in my first 30 days!  WOW... holding him you realise how heavy 8 kilos is.

Coco is home again.  We took Dante with us so he could see some animals (dogs, cats, rabbits and fish) at Animates.  He seemed to be really interested in the fish.
Coco was so happy to be home again:

ABVOE:  Teddy had to sniff the hell out of her when she got home.... just like Coco had done to him on Wednesday.  So cute.

ABOVE:  I'm sure she is smiling!  She certainly wanted to come home again.... It's not often she runs to the front door when she's off the leash!  She usually runs down the road and we have to run after her.  She's a little tart.  

I think I'm making a cake now...

ABOVE: Pina Colada Cake.  That is how it's supposed to look.  Mine is cooling right now, and will have it's cream, pineapple and coconut put on top once it's cold.
I am having some... it's my ONE MEAL a week off.  I have not had anything sweet for 71 days! ***edit *** at end of post. Well... except yogurt and fruit.  That doesn't count.

Did my cake come out as good as expected?  Find out tomorrow, and JO, I will post the recipe tomorrow too.

End of Day: thoroughly enjoying watching The Voice, Australia.  Over 3 hours of listening to singers trying to get through.  Going to be a long night in front of the telly.
nite nite

I completely forgot those sweet puddings last week!
It's age.
Or dying brain cells.
Shoot me now!


  1. Emily and Liam are just gorgeous

  2. Awww Emily is so big now! Pig tails how sweet! Little guy is super cute.

  3. Gorgeous wee grandkids.

  4. Gorgeous photos of Liam and Emily! I do hope that over time everything can come right again. And fingers crossed you can go and see them once they have moved.
    And yay for Hospice work again as I do know how much you enjoyed doing it last time. Hopefully at the new store, there won't be the same issues as previously!

  5. Beautiful photos of your beautiful grandbabies
    Have a great day

  6. Anonymous12:19 PM


    Cute pictures! all your grandbabies are so gorgeous!


  7. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Dante needs to get a smaller plate sixe sorry breast size lol
    Mary H

  8. Loving the pics!
    Recipe please for the cake? *drool*

  9. Love all the adorable baby and kids pics. Just though I should let you know, when I need a break from my crazy work schedule that is when I pop in and see how your day has been. It is welcome relief for a few moments. :) So this blog is great therapy for me. Have a lovely weekend.
    (PS I work for myself so its okay, no boss to moniter how many times a day I read along!)

  10. Wow Liam and Emily have certainly grown Liam is such a gem beautiful eyes all your grandchildren have gorgeous eyes. Hospice work again well done you.

  11. Anonymous10:21 PM

    I thought you had pav and cake last week? WOMBAT

  12. Such beautiful grandchildren. All of them. You are so blessed:)

  13. Beautiful Photo FRIDAY!

    721 nsposky

  14. Such sweet little ones. Have a lovely weekend.

  15. It is great you are volunteering at a hospice! I used to work at a hospice, and I had some powerful experiences there.

    Great pictures!


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