Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Today I can finally give the entire new flooring a wash.  Weird... looking forward to washing a floor?  Yeah, I thought so too.

Last night's dinner:

ABOVE: Angus Beef patties, wrapped in bacon... sitting on top of a potatoe patty... with cheese, lettuce and tomatoe.  So, much like a Burger, but without the bread buns.
They seemed to go down well with the family, so that was good.

The only thing I was a bit disappointed with was the beef patties dried out quite a lot in the oven.
Not sure how to stop that from happening again.  Anyone got any ideas?

Just before I was ready to go to bed last night, Dante woke up.  And he was so cute I took a few photos:

ABOVE: Just awake, and all cute and cuddly.

ABOVE: then we started getting his 'deer in the headlights' look!  So funny, Bex and I kept cracking up!

ABOVE: this kid just makes me melt.  He's so adorable.  

So today once the kids are at school I will wash the floors, then do some more sewing I think.  Most of the housework got done yesterday.  It was an excellent idea to get the kids to really help a bit more.

I kept thinking they were not that good at doing jobs, so it was easier to just do it myself.  But after yesterday, I am going to 'delegate' more to them.  It won't hurt them... it will teach them that houses do not keep clean on their own, and if we all work together, it makes it a better, nicer home for everyone.


ABOVE:  I got this magnetic chart to use for the kids.  We are going to be using it to try and change their ATTITUDES.  Three strikes in one day will = early to bed.  5 days in a row without 3 strikes and you get an extra hour on the XBox on a Saturday or Sunday.

The 'target' behaviours we want to change:

BRYLEE:  stroppy attitude, answering back, stomping out of the room huffing and puffing, rolling her eyes at us, standing and waving her arms around while saying she can't change her 'habit' of having a disrespectful attitude.  And anything else we deem to be disrespectful towards an adult.

GRIFFIN:  packing a shitty mood when he doesn't get his own way, arguing with anyone, and always telling Brylee to shut up.

I will be starting the chart this afternoon when they get home.  No time like the present.

ABOVE: these are the blocks I have finished so far!  I'm kinda wondering now if I need to put a sashing around each block?  Hmmm....

LUNCH TIME.  Gunna sit down and have yoghurt and cereal while watching last night's Home And Away...

MARY H:  I don't quite get what you mean?

MRS F with 4: You do realise that I have already raised 6 kids... so have had multitudes of bloody teenagers at home at the same time eh?  That is why I am dreading Brylee and Griffin's teenage years!  Kill. Me. Now.

I am taking a break from the blocks for the rest of the day.  I want to make another little bag for Christmas.  Once I have all the bags made for the Grandkids I can concentrate on filling them with goodies.  
My aim is to have them all done by no later than September.  Then I can relax knowing I've got them all sorted.

Kids arrived home from school.  I talked them through the 'Attitude' Chart.  They both laughed at me.  
Let's see who's laughing in a week!

MRS F: do you have a blog that I can read?

So, I have almost finished a little drawstring bag already!  They only take an hour or so.  Then I'm going to play around with the ON THE SHELF Blocks.  Try and see what colour the sashings need to be.  If I add sashings (and I will), I won't need to make quite so many blocks!  Yaaa.

End of Day: productive, enjoyable, and still spot on with the OFL Plan!  I am amazing myself.
Resolve is still strong... I think it is going to last the distance!
nite nite


  1. Anonymous10:32 AM

    Hey thank you so much for the girls things they arrived today can't wait to see their faces when they get home you are totally awesome hope you all had a great Easter thanks again lucinda

  2. He looks too cute!!! (must be said with a silly voice!)

  3. Ohhhhh those burgers looked delicious, Dante looks hilarious in our house THAT would be called PUKANA face, I have a photo to send you of my new dress I FEELS you may be very envious!!!!! (just saying)

  4. Love the look of those burgers! So awesome! :)
    And wow to the photos of Dante! He sure is growing up fast :) He is so gorgeous and looks so cuddly!

  5. Aaahhhhh, look at his cute and roly!

    Love the chart...I'm totally with you on the eye rolling, the huffing, and the ATTITUDE! I also just realized that I'm going to have four teenagers in the house, simultaneously, for years. Twelve years old is snarky enough...what's going to happen when all those hormones, plus my menopause, are rolling round the house??

    I bbq'd home made burgers outside in a snowstorm yesterday. Nice! Not on a potato base though...I like the sound of it, though!

  6. Love the photos of Dante.
    Good luck changing attitudes lol.
    I think that the blocks do need some sashing, somewhere to rest the eyes as they say.... YMMV

  7. Anonymous2:33 PM

    I would be moving the magnets to get the best result if it was me
    Its called planning ahead & looking after #1 !!!
    Mary H

  8. Housework, exercise and discipline boards! The kids will think their world is ending! Haaaa:) good job Aunty:)

  9. Love the attitude board! Gonna discuss this with Stephan tonight and perhaps try something similar for Miss Rachel's disgusting attitude towards helping, cleaning up her own things, well basically anything!
    Re the quilt, yes I think it may need some sashing too :)

  10. Yes, Chris....I know! I'm clutching the rags of my sanity around me like a threadbare witches cape ALREADY. Mine are only (only!) 5, 7, 9, just 12. I'm relying on my animals to get me through this. Or perhaps drive me over the edge I to crazy - it's a crapshoot, really!

  11. I know what you mean with the attitude. I hope it works for you - nothing worked (or works now) for me. She's just too stubborn.

    Love the look at the burgers. Be careful, though, because they would actually have a very high fat content. But *drool* they looked terribly good! :-)

    PS very proud of what you are doing with your life plan. well done!

  12. The picnic-y quilt is lovely. I laught so hard at Dante too!!

    I can easily see the attitude chart working some wonders. Well worth the extra hour of video mind-numbing right?? :)

  13. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Yay - glad the kids are back at school... More time to blog, eh? Andrea F

  14. Hmmm, I like the chart, I have just had a great stand up fight with Siobhan about her shithouse attitude. Her language would rival a sailor & she packs a monumental shit fit if she gets asked to do snything - like get dressed (Sundays hissy fit) or read your homework properly so you know what to do (tonights hissy fit). God I hate puberty!!!

  15. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Haha oh megga crap just realised iv got some lovely years of pulling my hair out to go thro you mummy :-P night DCR #2 L&K

  16. Anonymous10:00 PM

    those photos of Dante are hilarious! They are the ones to show at his 21st! haha WOMBAT

  17. Those burgers look good.

    I think the baby is pooping when he makes a face like that...
    tspicta 4000

  18. haha I love that they laughed at you! That's some teenager attitude right there ;)

    WTG on your plan, the burger looks great, maybe just take it out a bit earlier?


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