Thursday, April 25, 2013


So... want to see the gorgeous Banana Cake Bex  made for Steve's birthday?

Yeah... I thought so..... *smiles*

ABOVE:  A truly lovely cake... banana cake, chocolate icing, and caramel bits on top.

ABOVE: Yes... he had to eat that bit!

ABOVE:  I got spoilt early by Kelly and Gordon!  They gave me this gorgeous shallow platter for Mother's Day.  Which isn't until May of course.  But they won't be able to come up then, so I got my gift early.  It's stunning and I love it.
I will take another photo of it later to illustrate it's size.

ABOVE: It is ANZAC Day today here in New Zealand and Australia.  The day we commemorate all Australians and New Zealanders who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations, and the contribution and suffering of all those who have served for our countries.

As it's a public holiday, Stew and Steve are home.  Steve, Bex and Dante are going to Hamilton for the day.
As for us... a lazy day at home I think.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my niece Shelley over in Melbourne.   Lucky Tart, her birthday is ALWAYS a holiday!  


Lacy, Kelly and their girls are visiting us ... and I suppose I better think about lunch for everyone...

 ABOVE: it didn't take long for poor Ted to be back in his cone.  

ABOVE:  My camera is playing up again.  Kelly and Rena chilling after lunch.

ABOVE: Keera's first time in a highchair.  She liked it.

 ABOVE: Rena keeping a wary eye on Grandma.  Grandma gets a bit crabby with Rena sometimes, and she knows it!

ABOVE: My HUNK.  He's gunna pass for Santa the rate his hair is going grey.  Weird how one side of his mo is more grey than the other side!

ABOVE: Miss Mini-Me!  In looks anyway!  *smiles*

ABOVE: he's rather pleased with himself... he got the baby to sleep.  

ABOVE:  yep, and Teddy & Coco!  He's popular is my man.

Steve, Bex and Dante arrived home safely from Hamilton.  They enjoyed catching up with a few friends.  
They were going to get their own dinner on the way home, but when they heard what I had on the 'menu' for dinner, they came home and had my dinner.

Beef Spare Ribs in a sticky marinade and potatoe/vegetable/cheese mini pies.  Super yum I must say.

End of Day:  Sport on TV.  It's driving me nuts.  Stew has channel hopped all day... switching from one sport channel to the next.  I would like to throttle him sometimes.
Lucky for HIM, I love him eh?
nite nite


  1. Lorraine H8:36 AM

    Only Steve could get away with doing that with his cake on his Birthday.
    Happy Birthday to your niece in Melbourne she shares her day with me.
    Love your early Mothers Day gift with the Pukako's on it.

    Southgirl x

  2. Nice cake. Rude second picture.

    bumenje through

  3. Love the cake and yes only Steve could get away with that photo :)
    Love the platter - it is beautiful :)
    Enjoy the day with Stew at home.

  4. Whoop caramel bits? that sounds nice divine cake shame about the tongue!!! lol, Well done Grandad for getting all little ones asleep, Rena has butter wouldn't melt in her mouth look. BUT oh those blue eyes!

  5. Love the photos. Don't like my brown dots they were tiny to start with.

  6. OMG! Love the photo of Stew with Kerra!! And Rena has gorgeous eyes! Yes Kelly does look like you :) Hope you all had a lovely afternoon.

  7. Lacy and Keera9:19 PM

    Epic day with Grandma and Grandad and family, night world love Keera oh and my Mummy xo

  8. Looks like another full house and sounds you had a busy day.

  9. Anonymous3:00 AM

    Since Teddy is in a collar so often, perhaps you could buy him one of the nice, soft fabric ones? That would be so much more comfortable around his neck and it allows him to see more to his right and left than the hard plastic one. If your local pet stores don't carry soft collars I'm sure you can find one online.

  10. Sounds like my dad, he used to listen to the radio and flip back and forth on the tv AND read the paper at the same time!

  11. Anonymous4:46 AM

    MY HUNK!!!!

  12. Anonymous4:48 AM

    thats a pretty nifty cake ya got there. thanks for sharing!!!


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