Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Remember the chook fabric I bought yesterday?
Well... I want to make something for my Mum's Birthday next month.
I am going to make a start on that today... trouble is... I can't quite make up my mind what to make!
- A bag?
- Table cloth?
- Placemats and mug rugs?
- Oven mitt?
- Small quilt?

ABOVE:  I also have to make up my mind which of the two stripe fabrics to use with the chook fabric.  

So... gimme some ideas girls/boys!  I will finish the runners from yesterday while awaiting someone's bright idea!

I have about two weeks to get this project finished and into the post to get to her in time.

DOGS... today I'm taking Teddy to the groomer, and on Friday it will be Coco's turn.  I've not taken them individually before.  The two of them together are just diabolical, so I'm splitting them up.  I am sure Coco will search for Teddy all day, whereas Teddy won't give a shit where Coco is!

Better go get started on the day... don't forget... what would you do with the chook fabric???

Before I do go... just wanted to say I've been having a few 'wobbles' with the OFL eating plan.  Finding it's still too easy to give myself too much dinner... DINNER is the ONLY time I have problems with portion control.  

Using a smaller plate worked for weeks.  Now... not working.  Ideas?  Motivation is still really high, but I think I'm self sabotaging?  I can't think why I have been lax at dinnertime in the past week.
It's pissing me off.  


MIKE:  my you are a wealth of knowledge.  Shame you and Joyce don't LIVE HERE, I'm sure you could whip me into shape in no time.  *sniff*... but you don't live here.  (I have a spare bedroom!) *hint hint*

Just home from dropping Teddy off at the groomers.  He pee'd all over the place... a bit here, a bit there... the little shit!
When I left he started yapping and howling like a banshee ... so glad I don't work there and have to listen to him.  In hindsight, maybe giving them the bark collar would have been a good idea.

I popped into Countdown (supermarket) as it's right next door to the Groomers, looked at Protein shakes.  Holy hell... they are not cheap!
I left with a couple of low fat/high protein bars to try.  I'm thinking of chopping them into quarters as they are quite large and having one piece before dinner. 

If I'd thought of it, I would have written down the brand name of the protein shakes Mike recommended so I could look at it.  But I forgot.

The other thing I might try is having a large glass of water just before dinner.
Yes, W.A.T.E.R. !!!  Stew does that and I think it helps fill you up so you don't have as much 'room' for a big dinner.

AND I bought some cute little dishes, smaller than a dinner plate, more like a dessert bowl.  I will see how putting me dinner in them goes.  I no doubt have plenty of bowls/plates I could have used, but these can double as baby dishes.

ABOVE:  See?  Very cute, and YES LACY, they are all purple!  (Lacy's favourite colour)

Teddy is home again:

ABOVE:  One massive sniff-fest ... Coco followed him like a leech, sniffing her brother.  It was so cute.

 ABOVE:  her turn is on Friday.  Teddy got sick of her sniffing him...

ABOVE:  ... and he told her off!  That's her getting her face outta his and backing up real fast.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  he loved getting cuddles from us.  Spoilt bugger.

I decided to give the plates/bowls cupboards a tidy up... and in the process found a really cute old jelly mould that I'd bought at the Hospice Shop for a couple of bucks.  

I had already made one jelly this morning:

ABOVE:  Blackcurrant jelly with fresh pineapple.

ABOVE: this is Raspberry and Lime, in the little jelly mould.  I hope it comes out intact...  Anyone know how to make it come out intact?

CRANKY:   *sigh*... we all know I should NOT be drinking Diet Coke so much.  I know this too.  But, and it's a HUGE BUT... I really struggle to drink anything else in any quantity.  Oh and there's that little thing called BEING STUBBORN too. I have that in spades. 

PETA:  Really?  Awesome.  I knew there was a good reason why I don't drink coffee!  *smiles*

I have decided not to use those little dishes for my dinner after all that.  I found something nicer.  I'll show you tomorrow.

Bex cooked Butter Chicken for dinner tonight... we used a new pre-made sauce.  It was spicy.  Stew loved it.  Bex and I?  Not so much.
Bex also did some poppadoms that I'd bought months ago, she brushed oil very lightly on them and put them in the microwave for about 50 seconds.  They were lovely.  Yes, I had some cos I've been EXCELLENT all day.

I am going to bed happy tonight.  100% on track and there is no better feeling than that when you are trying hard to lose some weight.

End of Day: It's been a really good day.  I got some sewing done, some housework... and even had time to watch some telly at midday.  Well, an hour's worth at most.
nite nite


  1. Get someone else to dish your dinner up.

  2. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Chris, use a bread and butter plate for a few days? And have WW jelly for afters. I have it for breakfast with muesli and yogurt cause on this diet I'm supposed th have cooked breakkies and I don't have time.

    As for chook fabrics t reckon you should blow the chook up, make a large appliqué one for centre of wall quilt. Use both stripes for borders together with the small chooks. I think it would make a great hanging in her dining room. Have a great day. Kayjay

  3. I think the darker stripe with the chooks... and I always associate chooks etc. like that with the kitchen so my vote would be oven mit and placemats?

  4. I like the blue/green stripes.

    Maybe switch up your routine a bit like go for a walk before/after dinner?

  5. Leigh7:56 AM

    Darker stripe, place mats or table runner for your Mum

  6. Lorraine H.8:22 AM

    I like the darker stripes for the chooks.What about a Toaster cover.

    I had the same thought as Tracey,get someone else to serve up you dinner.

    Southgirl xx

  7. Anonymous8:27 AM

    I like the lighter stripe. We aren't really helping are we ;)

  8. sharinganharvey8:35 AM

    A whey protein shake as a mid morning and mid afternoon protein meal is a great way to control calories and maintain higher energy levels (without hitting that mid afternoon wall). The benefits of protein are numerous but when it comes to the way you look and feel Whey may help raise metabolism, burn calories, block cravings, support immunity, and increase energy. People who are trying to stay at their peak aim to eat 6 smaller meals per day - this method of eating is believed to promote healthier body composition. Eating 6 meals per day can be difficult - Whey protein powder makes this simpler to achieve (and more economical). Whey is also absorbed very easily by your body so it is less likely to stress or irritate your digestive system than other foods.When consuming bodybuilder sized amounts (250g to 300g of protein per day or more) and training hard and heavy then muscle weight gain is the result. On the other hand by taking smaller amounts of Whey to replace higher calorie foods much more successful and faster weightloss can be achieved.Unless you are following an intensive bodybuilding training program you will not bulk up. Many women find a protein shake mid afternoon is a great way to perk up energy, block cravings and help them eat a smaller dinner. Personally i get unflavoured whey protein from, its sourced from nz cows so you can be assured they havent been given milk producing hormones (as they do in the states), and is very low in carbs and fat.

  9. Darker stripes... and place mats and mug mats are my vote :)
    And re your larger portions at dinner - use a small plate and get someone else to dish it up for you making sure they don't overflow it :) And I like the suggestion of a WW jelly (or perhaps just some fruit) for after dinner.

  10. I love the lighter fabric, Toaster cover would be cool. maybe a smoothie drink mid afternoon is the trick, we are enjoying delicious rain and lots of it.

  11. Green stripes highlight the chooks, the darker stripes mimic the border round the chooks.

    I find portion control harder to do when eating something like a stew or pasta and you can just add a bit more. A piece of meat or fish is just that. Maybe limit yourself to one serving spoon of stewy stuff (stewy stuff ....hehehehe)

  12. Anonymous10:17 AM

    I like the one on the right! Bee - Gold Coast -

  13. lighter stripes is my vote. And I like the idea of a table runner and oven mit

  14. I prefer the lighter material...a table runner with drink coasters maybe...

  15. Anonymous12:19 PM


    Maybe have a bowl of soup before dinner? a clear soup, maybe vegetable? also drinking very cold water raises your metabolism, which is a good thing so a glass of water before dinner can be helpful....



  16. With the water I was told to have it 1/2 hour before hand - always forgot at dinner (LOL)
    Good luck

  17. If you're anything like me it's probably just that you like your food. I used to have small portions but they gradually increased and now I eat as much as the others. Just focus on what you're dishing up in the future. Now that you're aware of it, it shouldn't be too difficult.

    The water before a meal used to just make me feel sick, but water WITH a meal works better for me.

  18. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Love the Zero water you get in the supermarket esp manadrin & lemon/lime YUMMY All Natural & $2.29 a bottle Have one every night think I am addicted to water!! Think I will buy some of that Stevia & put it in water to make my own
    I would just eat the jellys as is and scrap the sticky bits on the side

    Mary H

  19. I like the darker stripes !!! AM sure this isn't helping you at all as we are all saying something different !
    I only ever eat off a bread plate because it makes me feel like I am not having smaller portions. Maybe get someone else to dish up for you - someone who knows how big your portions should be ? Do you feel full part way through your dinner - can you put the rest away for lunch the next day ?
    I hope you find a solution !
    Have the best day !

  20. You have to watch the protein bars and the brands as some are high in fat - which is great for "some" diets but not great for others.

    I have a stick blender and have a couple of cups of milk, a banana, nutmeg, vanilla essence. Blend it up - like a smoothie but with not much in it. Trust me, fills you up! You can add yoghurt too if you wanna.


    Kate 444

  21. Anonymous4:28 PM

    Dare I write this? Oh well, here goes nothing! Preparing for a FANGING but that's life!

    It's a FACT that Diet Coke and other diet drinks dehydrate you. And it's very easy to mistake thirst for hunger. I was chronically dehydrated when I drank it, and since I have stopped and drank water instead I have not eaten as much. So maybe for your health you could match your DC for water and go 50/50? Now Chris, we all know you loathe being told what to do and I know you have some strange loyalty and love for DC but it might be what is causing a lot of your health concerns.


    cranks xxxxxxx

  22. Anonymous6:04 PM


    Diet drinks don't dehydrate is sugary drinks that do that...and if you have a lot of caffeine, and as there is NOT much caffeine in coke drinks, ie.. one cup of coffee is equal to a large bottle of coke in caffeine content...


  23. Well.... Now that you are a little bit lighter, you might consider doing some gentle exercise? It would speed up your weight loss and be a good incentive to eat less as you will (probably) be feeling better.

    You might know that I am NOT a very good one with exercise, so I hardly have the right to give advice, but I do know that when I do hit the gym I *never* regret it.


  24. Diana8:02 PM

    I have lost 60kg kept off for 3 yrs. now, and there is few suggestions I have
    1) it appears you have been cutting back on your lunch/changing it yogurt with muesli is too sugar dense will cause hypo in afternoon and cause you to be more hungry for dinner. I would suggest A heavier lunch which includes protein. such as ham or tuna or chicken salad potato with ham and vegetables.
    2) Diet coke while doesn't dehydrate you has artificial sugar which is high quantities can cause poison like symptoms and diet coke cause your stomach to release insulin and thus you have potential to have hypo and more importantly you stomach starts digesting making you hungry. Water is the only thing that goes into stomach and doesn't cause this reaction.

  25. What about some afternoon tea, a piece of fruit or boiled egg, even an hour before dinner and the water before you eat and I have been adding a big hand full of mixed salad leaves to my plate along with whatever we serve up for dinner. Some days are easier than others, you're going great!

  26. terri s1:01 AM

    I love the darker stripe. A reversible table cloth if you have enough fabric and then could be switched over for a change. Also does she have windows in her kitchen; it would make a pretty valance.

  27. I think you need a ultrasonic gamma ray gun calibrated to the resonant frequency of the glass dish to make the jello come out.

    8311 ncybrpe

  28. Wow, you are awesome! You are always busy doing something. I think though this has to be the first post without Dante in it for a while!! Ha ha! :)

  29. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Maybe you don't HAVE to drink anything else in that volume. But if you are serious about your new way of eating you have to start drinking more water. Your body needs it. You say you "struggle", well who doesn't? You say you are stubborn - so you don't want to give your body what it needs? You don't think DC has contributed to any of your current health problems? Put your health first and at LEAST drink 50% water, 50% DC

  30. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Oh, I forgot to write it was me in that last comment!



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