Monday, April 01, 2013


A big THANK YOU for your lovely comments yesterday about the changes in me face since December.
As I said, I really couldn't see it myself until I did the comparisons from month to month!

Yesterday I noticed something else too!
I always put my phone in me bra... slip it in the top near me arm.  Anyway, twice yesterday I LOST the darn thing!  Couldn't understand why it wasn't in me bra?  Until I realised it WAS... only it had slipped right down to the bottom.  Something tells me either me bra is growing... or me boobies are shrinking!

OMG I so want the boobies to shrink.  I am TOTALLY over boobs.  I no longer care that they will end up like sad, saggy things I have to ravel up in me bra!  *Smiles*, I just want them SMALLER.

Last night I got two more blocks finished too:

ABOVE: two bag blocks.  The one on the left is actually prettier than it looks there, and the one on the right is GORGEOUS!  The hook is a bit ikkk, must do a few practise ones I think.

ABOVE:  We saw quite a bit of Keera over the weekend... (and isn't Stew looking yummy?)

ABOVE:  You would NEVER guess she was teething eh?  lol  She is just the most adorable baby.

ABOVE: The parents of our OTHER adorable Auckland Baby.  Steve gives Bex a hard life... it's something to do with the boobies AGAIN!  He's always trying to have a grope... or kiss.  *MEN*

ABOVE:  Can't miss Dante out!  Here he is with his fingers jammed in his gob... he is totally focused on his mouth right now.  I am starting to think he might be left handed.... as he is putting his left hand in his mouth more often than not.  Time will tell.

Today?  Off to Spotlight again... just want a bit more braid.  Bex wants to get a few more fat quarters (small fabric pieces).  
Then I think Stew and I are babysitting Dante while Steve and Bex go to the supermarket, they are cooking dinner tonight and want some 'special' ingredients.  Could be interesting...


JOAN:  my 'diet' is not really a 'diet' because I do not ban any food at all.
I eat smaller portions, I try to make sensible choices all week and I allow myself ONE MEAL a week which can be anything I desire.  Like Pizza, or Ice Cream!

The biggest change for me has been no snacking, no silly stuff like chips/dips/lollies/chocolate/cake etc.

But, PORTION CONTROL is the biggest change.  I bought myself a really lovely dinner plate, which is about half the size of the 'normal' dinner plate, and my evening meal goes on it.
And it's not allowed to be piled up two feet high!

Hunger pangs?  Yes I do get them, but I just ignore them,  because they mean I am no longer stuffing me gob with rubbish!

Bread?  Yes, but in moderation.  I don't plan my menu's for the day... I just eat what we have in the fridge/pantry.

I don't eat too much sushi, maybe once a week.  If you eat too much of anything, you will soon start to dislike it.
I HATE TUNA!  I ate it every day at one point years ago.  Can't bear it now. 

Stew and the kids are going out soon, while I have opted to stay home and sew.  I no longer feel the need to go out at weekends/long weekends, I'd much rather just stay home. 

I've been sewing for 6 hours! Hell didn't even notice how long I had sat sewing.  Oh well... I was happy... and I got 5 more blocks finished!

ABOVE:  hard to believe they took 6 hours to do!     I have gotten better with sewing the hooks... my first one looked heinous! 
Time to take a break, once again my eyes have lost focus ... everything in blurry!

Dinner tonight is presented by Steve and Bex... I think the family is getting a fish dish of some sort.  I've opted out of fish... so they are giving me a chicken schnitzel instead.

I'm not overly fussed on eating fish.  We had fish for lunch/dinner heaps when I was growing up... my Dad was a prolific fisherman, so we had to eat it.  

The only stuff out of the sea I still like to eat is scallops, crayfish, prawn, crab, squid and mussels.  

I'm rather tired now... so me feet are going up and I'm gunna watch some mindless TV, as long as I can get Stew to change the channel!  He has watched sport all weekend... every chance he got in fact.

BELLA:  the stairs are PERFECT... and they look lovely.  I am hanging out (waiting) until Wednesday when the kids are back at school so I can wash the entire new flooring.  I love it!  The laminate is slightly darker and has more wood detail then our old laminate, so it's just lovely. 

End of Day:  Productive.  Fun. Chocolate and Easter Hot Cross Bun free.
Felt like gnawing me own arm a few times this afternoon... but I survived.  Dinner was lovely by the way, I love couscous.  I'd not had any before so it was quite nice trying something new.
nite nite


  1. Babies have the most gorgeous glowing skin lucky things, Stew is indeed a handsome man and always looks like the cat got the cream with his gorgeous family, Steve and Bex he is such a hoot, I like the fabric on the the left very me. Ohhhhhh Dante a leftie time will tell Samuel always used his left hand but is indeed a rightie, although can do most things lefthanded just not write.

  2. I love those blocks you are making, very clever. Hey you haven't mentioned Stew - with all this healthy eating in the house has he lost weight too? Just wondering ;)

    Yay for smaller boobies, you KNOW my thoughts about big boobs, hell I got mine chopped off!!

  3. I'm very glad your blog title was numbers 4 & 5 today, not number 2's!! Have a good day :)

  4. Meeep! Those bubba's are so cute, Keera's little nose gets me every time!

  5. Anonymous10:42 AM

    Stew is looking very handsome indeed!
    He is a bit of a spunk ah!
    I wish I had a family like yours Chris,even with all the shit and drama that comes from being in a family.
    Kate in Welly

  6. Anonymous11:30 AM

    You are looking good, your diet is indeed working ,

    I really must do something , how have you come to terms with hunger plans ,?

    Do you eat bread at all,?
    How do you sort your menu out for the day?

    I would love to give your diet a go ..but allergic to fish , so no sushi , which I see you have a lot of

    Hugs to your lovely grandchildren, x and your dogs.x

    Joanx UK

  7. How do the stairs look now that they fixed them?

  8. So proud of you. You are doing such an awesome job.

  9. PS HOW is Griffin's new class going? Please mention sometime, hope all is great. :)

  10. You are looking fantastic!!

    Keera & Dante are both such perfect babies and just very gorgeous:-)

  11. Anonymous9:02 PM

    Thanks for your support as I embark on my FTP! Regarding yesterday's post, there is no point POKING anyone even if they need a POKE because until you are in the right head space weight-loss is going to happen and it most certainly won't be successful long term. You really need to do it for yourself when you are ready. I'm so glad your OFL plan is working for you.

  12. You're a machine once you start your sewing. So glad the floors and stairs turned out well for you.

  13. Anonymous12:43 AM

    Thank you so much for your food info.
    I have some I between type plates,.ie smaller than dinner larger than tea plates , so tomorrow I start , we are out today to a buffet meal

    Hope you had a super Easter.

    Love your applique , I am doing a Dresden plate quilt using all scaps up , need sunshades to look at it .lol

    Joanx UK

  14. The blocks look fun! Glad you had such a nice day just working on your sewing.

  15. I cannot share your opinion on smaller boobs.


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