Sunday, April 14, 2013


Brain is not working!

It's not often I don't have SOMETHING to blabber on about, but today is one of those days.

The only thing on today is grocery shopping.  Which we both vowed NOT to leave till a Sunday, when every other bugger is doing theirs too.

Grrrrr.  I think we will have to go as soon as we can this morning, to avoid the droves.

What else?

I made a patchwork 'bag' to carry my cutting board in a couple of years ago, but now that I'm not going to any patchwork class, I really don't need it.  So, I'm going to chop it up and turn it into runners for our bedroom drawers.

ABOVE:  seems a shame to be chopping it up, but it's just gathering dust in it's present form.

After being on the verge of giving away our blue, water damaged computer desk... I found a place for it.  Yaaaa.  It's now in the spare bedroom.  It fits in there perfectly and will be a handy place for visitors to put their bags etc.

Stew and I are off to do the grocery shopping now.

OK, that's me for now... 


Groceries = DONE.  $690 !  I really don't know where the money goes!  We never buy a single thing we don't need... baffling.  The bill just keeps on going up and up.  That is two weeks worth of groceries, and we 'top' up with fresh fruit and veges during the fortnight too.

It's now almost 2 pm and we are finally having lunch.  The family are having franks on buns and I've made myself a delicious fruit salad.  I squeeze lemon juice on cut banana... OMG if you haven't tried it yet... just humour me and give it a go!  So, so yum.

MRS C:  If we had the room for chickens, and goats, and a cow or two I WOULD!!!  WE don't unfortunately.  And as for the vege garden... well we have tried to grow veges here with very limited success.  I might try getting Stew to make me some raised wooden planters up the back of our little section where the sun shines most of the day.  Maybe that would work?

CAROL:  I have thought about Online Grocery Shopping... but although I loathe grocery shopping, it always helps to actually be in the store so you don't forget stuff, and we can take advantage of any 'specials' etc.  And the other positive I suppose (if I have to admit to one!) is that it's an hour or so with just Stew and me together!

KATE:  When we get home, we are VERY LUCKY to have four more pairs of hands to put it all away.  We all go for it and it's usually all done in 10 minutes flat.  


Stew and I are babysitting Dante right now.  Steve and Bex have taken the kids down to the park to feed ducks.  He just sent me a photo but it's all blurry, so I've asked him to take more.  Stew said they went down to Weymouth, which is by the harbour.  

ABOVE:  I love watching a baby sleep.

ABOVE:  Brylee's room with the smaller bed.  I've got another thing to do with her room tomorrow... I want to try and fit her drawers in the wardrobe, then she will have more room.

ABOVE:  the Spare Bedroom now.  It's rather nice.

Did I say the kids had gone to feed ducks?  I was wrong:

ABOVE:  It was geese and swans.

And that does not look like the harbour either... it's a pond in Wattle Downs.

ABOVE: I'm glad I didn't go now!  Geese can get really stroppy and bite you.   Gimme ducks any day.

Dinner tonight was marinated lamb chops, mushroom pasta, potatoes and veges... all cooked by Steve.  It was a particularly delicious meal too.  Thanks Steve.

While Steve (with Bex's help) got dinner ready, I got Dante to sleep.  He was grizzly ... it always happens at dinnertime!

ABOVE: a totally crap photo of me and my chins... rather funny looking at Dante though.  He's sound asleep!  I've still got the touch.

End of Day:  an awesome day.  We all got some rest and relaxation... and a few jobs done too.
nite nite.


  1. Can totally relate to you on the groceries thing. We spend about $200 a week just on the two of us - and there are no gourmet treats in our shopping. My husband is a real health nut - so we spend a small fortune on fresh fruit and vegetables each week. Fruit salad with lemon juice is so yummy! I've taken to having a fresh fruit salad (with a base of the Watties tropical fruit salad in juice) and Fresh and Fruity's Dreamy Lemon yoghurt for breakfast - the flavours are so good!

  2. Crazy prices! You should have a henhouse and a couple of goats and a veggie garden if the grocers are gonna be like that. Give Griffin and Brylee something to do, right? :)

  3. Chris, I know you don't like doing food shopping at the best of times, but have you ever thought of doing online grocery shopping? Once you spend over a certain amount you don't get charged a delivery fee.
    Just a thought.


  4. Our bill has gone up too - with 2.5 of us it's normally around $250 sometimes up to $300! That's pretty much a fortnight but with fresh fruit and veges on top and the odd milk/bread/forgotten things, it's getting higher and higher. I find trying to be healthy is expensive too! All the bad crap is generally cheaper at the supermarket...

    :) I hate putting the stuff away once we're home. That's the suckiest.

    One more week until the holidays! Unbelievable that it's gone so fast...

    Be good


  5. Yikes, $690!! Still, that is 4 adults, plus 2 growing kids less than $350 per week. I don't mind doing the shopping but like Katie444, hate putting it away. Usually Siobhan does it.

  6. Also Keera and Lacy visit and theres the dogs too, I spend $120 a week I buy specials this includes meat fruit veges and cleaning product, I also buy reduced fair and seasonal I am a very frugal shopper believe me, but I have pointed this out before $690 divided by 6 is $115 per person or $57.50 per person per week so there is 31 meals per person Brekkie Lunch Dinner and snacks x2 PER DAY you are spending less than $2 per person per meal AVERAGED out you do VERY WEL!!!! even if you spent another $120 on fruit and veges thats still around $2.50 - $3 per person per meal per day!! CAN you tell I like figures!!!

  7. Oh, I am with you on the geese front - give me ducks to feed any day!! I too love watching a baby sleep - something so peaceful about it!
    Sounds like you did spend a bit but I love the way Blondie1 has broken it down! We spend about $180.00 per week for 2 adults, 1 child and now 1 kitten!

  8. 2 adults & 2 teenage boys in our house and the main shop is $250 - $300 then there is fruit, bread & milk topped up during the week. The main shop includes 2 bottles of wine, but we don't buy any lunches or takeaways.......all food is eaten at home!

  9. Oh look ma, no hands hehehe love the photo of Dante on your lap "planking" hehehe


  10. Haha, love Dante sleeping, he is like a cat :-). Steve it seems is turning out to be quite the chef.

  11. I love the photo of you and Dante. Happy grandma and sleeping sweet.


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