Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Right, here's the treasure I found yesterday at the Hospice Shop:

 ABOVE: Jeans for Brylee, $1.  I may need to lengthen them fairly soon... but not bad for a buck.

ABOVE: Two lengths of thin polar fleece, perfect for sheets on Dante's cot, a big length of Navy Blue fabric... which I think will become a tablecloth, a cool NZ tea towel and two glass dishes.  The little one is a smaller twin of a glass dish I've already got, same grape pattern.

ABOVE: Lastly, this chunky thermos flask.  Perfect for taking a soup or stew to work for either Stew or Steve. 

Steve is 26 today... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Steve, we all hope you have a lovely day.  I do believe Bex will be baking a cake today. 

Something else exciting... in a weird way!  I just got Lab Forms in the mail from my Dr, to have my 3 monthly blood/piddle tests to see how my blood sugar levels are, along with kidney function and so on.  I am hoping like hell that my new Onward For Life Plan will result in  much better results than last time.  

I already know that my blood pressure is much, much better than last time I was checked.

I will go to the Lab sometime this morning, before we go to Manukau Mall for a wander.


Well... for the first time in my entire life I was looking forward to having a blood test!

I went down to the Lab at 8 am.
Waited about half and hour and got into a room with a technician.
She looked at me arms... I told her where my one and only viable vein was... but she couldn't find it so decided to try one of the small ones on the outer side of my inner elbow.  I know... outer/inner...confusing.

ANYWAY, she tried with a very fine needle... couldn't get it in the vein, so tried again.  Failed again.

So she decided she needed to get the 'Boss' to do it, as she wasn't supposed to try again after the first attempt.  Derrr, she had already tried twice.

So... off to Stella's room I went.  She looked, she found me good vein, and boom... out came me blood.  Hurt a bit ... but not as bad as one always anticipates.  

Then she did this:

ABOVE:  Apparently she does this to all her clients!  Very cute.

So, instead of worrying about having ONE needle, I got three.  That sucked.

Now my entire arm has packed a sad:

ABOVE:  my left arm has gone white and stone cold, while my right arm is 'normal'.  I'm a weird person.

I'm probably going to go and make me bed now.  Haven't done a thing so far today!  In an hour or so we will head off for the Mall...

JO: that cake was just as yummy the next day!

It's been a busy morning/midday.

After the blood test I picked up Bex and kids and we went down to the mall.
Bex had an appointment for an hour, so while she was away, the kids and I had lunch and a wander around the mall.  Dante went to sleep, so he was a breeze to look after.

We then met up with Bex and went to the supermarket, where we got a few things for dinner.  It's going to be my 'evil' meal tonight instead of Friday.  I can't miss out on birthday cake can I?

I am also cooking the Pina Colada Cake again, because, SERIOUSLY, it is one of the most amazingly yummy cakes I've ever had.

Jo:  I hope you do make it!

ABOVE:  Thanks for sticking three needles in me people... bruises are forming!

FROGGY: what a good idea for those jeans!

One Crabby Mother/Grandmother.  Brylee is going to bed at 9, Griffin at 10 and Dante at 7.  They have all made too much noise today.

Kelly and Rena visited for a while this afternoon.  They went back to Lacy's for dinner.  I am expecting them all to visit tomorrow.

End of Day:  well we have had a lovely dinner and cakes... and the kids got to stay up as they were QUIET... and I forgot.  They must like that, I forget stuff like that all the time!
We have had an awesome thunder/lightening storm all evening!  I love storms.  Almost time to head off to bed.  I love this weather, it's so nice and cool now.
nite nite


  1. Good luck on your tests!

    Happy Birthday Steve!

  2. Happy Birthday Steve. Your first as a Dad too.

    Chris, I had to read the last bit a couple of times - usually when you get those forms you hate it & try & put off the tests. Looking forward to seeing these latest results.

  3. I thinnk you're your own best customer.
    1913 eductmu

  4. Apparantly Pak n Save Sylvia Park has butter for 99 cents for a 409g block ig Bex needs some for her cake.

  5. Happy Birthday Steve! Hope you have a great day with your fabulous family!!!

    And good luck Chris for your piddle test - can't wait to hear about the results :)

  6. Good luck with the tests Chris. You are doing great with your healthy living plan and should hopefully see good rests with the tests

  7. Anonymous12:23 PM


    With your hand turning white like that you might have Raynauds ? my friend has it her hands and fingers go white...especially when it is cold...

    Happy birthday to Steve! I like the cakes you and Bex cook I might have to come over...from Oz!



  8. Hey Chris - you know that Pina oOlada cake you made the other day... was there any left to be eaten the next day? And if there was, did it taste better or worse? Reason I ask, is that we are going away tomorrow, and I was going to make it today to take with us, but don't want to do that if it is going to be shit tomorrow!
    Does that make sense??

  9. Steve shares hid birthday with me and my fiance. Happy birthday Steve!!

  10. Happy Birthday to Steve I am like you in the bloods dept a big sook and the finest needle and only one spot too I show them and make them do it only from one spot I ALWAYS always come out bruised and battered!!

  11. Anonymous2:29 PM

    Happy Birthday Steve!!!

    Good luck on the tests.

    When I get cold my veins are hard to find. I remember one doctor dragging me out the back, filling up the sink with hot water & dumping me in up to my elbows for 10 minutes to encourage their visibility!!!

    My fingers go white when they get cold; never had my whole hand do it!!

  12. Happy birthday Steve!

    you know, instead of lengthening those jeans, cuff them and make 3/4 pants instead - they'll last her longer!


  13. Happy birthday, Steve. What a fabulous year you've had.

    You have shy veins. Insist on being bled by an experienced tech.

  14. Hope you had a lovely night and enjoyed your "night off" food wise...
    counting down the sleeps til i am in Auckland.... 203 sleeps to go!!!

  15. Happy birthday wishes to Steve!

  16. A very Happy Birthday to Steve. Good luck with the results.

  17. You find the best deals!

    Those bruises...OUCH! I hope the test results come out great - I bet they will.

  18. Another thing you could do with the jeans..


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