Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Last night, all I was looking forward to was dessert!

Steve cooked our main meal, and I have to say... it was amazing.

ABOVE: This was a chicken, bacon and mushroom cabonara... he made it from scratch. I only had a very small serving as I wanted room for dessert... I wish I'd had more now, it was that nice.


ABOVE: on the left, Bex's sponge.  Right, my pavlova.

Bex's sponge was really lovely, and so was my pavlova.  I gave myself a modest slice of each, thinking I could go back for seconds if I wanted.    I didn't want 2nds!  I was so full I couldn't eat it all.

Just a little info:  The banana was cut,  then had lemon juice drizzled all over it.  Sounds weird.  But OMG it was so nice!  I am doing that again when I have banana on something.  Or even just on it's own, it was that nice. 

The praline has pistachio nuts in it.  It's pretty much just toffee with nuts.  Nice, but not worth the effort really, though it did look pretty.

Now... some cute photos also taken yesterday:

ABOVE: Dante's feet are no longer safe from Teddy...

ABOVE: not that Dante seemed to mind.  He did get a kick or two in Teddy's face.

Dante has just graduated to full blown laughing,  he's so adorable!

I had him laughing his head off... and then Bex took him... and he stopped laughing.  She was not impressed.  *smiles*

Bex dyed her hair yesterday, but I've not got a good photo yet.  I will post one asap.

Today we are going out.  I want to get another pair of those coloured tights... and something else?  Oh yeah, now I remember!

My camera card is full.  I need to get it copied to disc so I can safely delete and reuse me card. 


ABOVE: Mission accomplished.  I got more tights, another bra and a dress for next summer... and kept within me self imposed budget too.
Trying to save towards next summer... but there's so many sales on right now I can't resist!

Home, and we have eggs boiling to have on a sandwich.  
Lacy and Bex are feeding their babies, then it will be quiet time... all going well.

ABOVE:  This is how I look today... and I must look DIFFERENT cos two people who know me  asked me if I was going to work, cos I looked all glammed up!  Weird.  I think it's the bun!  It must make me look more 'professional'?  Or maybe the matching jewellery?  Either way, I'm going to take it as a compliment and smile all day.  

I feel like smiling more and more now.  Just not for photos!  

OH and before I forget... I am going commando at the moment!  It's cos me knickers keep falling off me bum ... see Tracy?   I did tell everyone... lol.
Just so ya know, I am wearing tights, so me butt isn't totally naked.

A quiet afternoon has been had.  Now I have to pull finger and think of something for dinner... *sigh*
After our lunch, I'm not in the least bit hungry!
Suppose the family will be though... dumm dee doo....

End of Day:  well, another lovely day.  The days are getting cooler and I'm just loving it!
nite nite


  1. Looks like the baby ate too much as well..
    izzednes 6919

  2. haha love that he has his tongue out in that pic. Silly dog!

  3. Oh my god IM SOOOOOO coming to your house for dinner that looked nice ALL OF IT!!!!

  4. I love pavlova! I have made it many times. I put strawberries, blueberries and kiwi on mine. One time I put passion fruit and that was great too. Yours looks amazing.
    Dante is so cute. I love it when kids get their belly laughs going.

  5. Ohhhhh that sponge looks devine! I LOVE sponge! The pav looks fabulous too but not a huge fan of pav much to my familes disgust (they all disown me when pav is around)!
    LOL @ going comando! That will be me soon if I don't get new underwear! LOL
    I think you are looking really smart and professional in the photo!

  6. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Oh you make me laugh Chris!! Knickerless indeed!!!

    Dinner & Desert look lovely!!!!

    You are probably making more of an effort on your appearance because you feel better about yourself!!!! People notice!! :0)

  7. Anonymous12:21 AM


    You look really lovely! congratulations on the weight loss !

    Cheers Peta


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