Wednesday, May 01, 2013


First up for today, how about a little video of Dante laughing at Steve:

ABOVE:  Real laughs!  Delightful to hear. 

9.45 this morning, I have an appointment to see the Diabetes Nurse at our Dr's clinic.  I am hoping that my results will reflect how hard I am working to turn all the negatives around.
Blood Pressure - I already know it is coming down well.

Now I want good Cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels and my kidney function improving too.  It's probably a big ask to expect all of them to show an improvement after only 83 days on my new ONWARD FOR LIFE PLAN.   But I can dream.

After my appointment, I will pick up Lacy and Keera and come home to do a quick update to tell ya all how me results are.
Then we will all be piling into me car and heading over to Devonport for a picnic and shopping.  Well... there is only one place I want to go in Devonport, and that's Cushla's Village Fabric Shop ... Of course!  
I've been there before, but not for a while... so it's about time I reckon.

So, for now... I'll bugger off and be back later with results.  Cross ya fingers and toes ...


Nearly time to go.  Feeling strangely nervous.  I am going to be gutted if the results are not good. 

Well.... three months ago my blood pressure was 110/150.  TODAY: 114/76 !!!  The best result I have EVER had.
My blood sugars and now in the mid to LOW range... EXCELLENT!
Cholesterol?  UP.  Clearly diet is not going to improve that, so I am starting on some medication to bring it down.
And we know my weight is coming down... so I AM THRILLED TO BITS.

Off for a picnic in Devonport now...

HOME AGAIN... and I forgot to mention my Kidney Function result:  which was AWESOME too!  All NORMAL .... I am loving that word:  NORMAL.  Yaaaaa!!!

Right, here's some photos from our Day Trip:

 ABOVE:  Keera in a darling wee dress with matching bloomers... $4 at the Hospice Shop!

ABOVE:  Happy sisters. 

ABOVE:  Lacy and the kids.

 ABOVE: Bex and Dante enjoying the fresh air.  I bought the little green buggy this morning as we had no room in the car for the baby's prams.  It was super cheap, and will come in handy when we have all the seats occupied on future trips.

ABOVE:  Lunch by the seaside.  I really love Devonport.  It has a few lovely shops that you don't see in the malls.

ABOVE X's THREE:  people in trees.

ABOVE:  for $10 a head, you can take a leisurely trip around the waterfront on the horse drawn carriage.  We didn't.  $50 is better spent on fabric!

 ABOVE:  Auckland City today.  

ABOVE:  the Harbour Bridge.  To the right is Devonport Naval Base.

ABOVE:  finally.... fabrics I bought today.  Going to an independant fabric shop is so neat, they stock fabric you will never see in Spotlight.  Next time we are going to Gordonton (near Hamilton) as there's an amazing fabric shop there too. 

ABOVE:  two more things that managed to get bought by me.  Cute wee pottle and an iron cookbook stand.  
Today was fun.  Tiring, but fun.  Lots of incidental exercise was had, and I didn't eat a thing I shouldn't.  

"I'm on a roll".... and it's not stopping until I am happy with myself, both mind and body.

SHONA:  why YES, yes I am!

TRACY:  it was in one of the little knick knack shops down near Village Shoes.  Was not expensive either.  I love it! 

LYNDA:  the little buggy was $44.  Cholesterol medication... send me an email with info.

End of Day: another awesome day, love days like this.  Good news and picnics by the sea.
nite nite


  1. Anonymous7:12 AM

    What an awesome way to start the day - watching a baby laugh haha. So precious. Kj

  2. Its all crossed Chris! I'm off to Rotorua for the afternoon. My sister in the UK sent my 17yo son 4 tickets to go white water rafting for his birthday, so I'm taxi to him and 3 of his mates! Might have to fill in 2 1/2 hours by mooching around the shops...... ;-)

  3. Good luck, I have a feeling you are going to get good news from your doctor. �� Krissy

  4. Fingers tightly crossed for you

  5. Good luck I hope you get great news!

  6. Looking forward to hearing what the results are! Have a feeling they're going to be good ;)

  7. Good luck my friend! I am sure they are going to be good results!! Will have to watch the video when I get home tonight...

  8. Lacy and Keera9:51 AM

    oh that video was so dam cute :-)

  9. I have every confidence that your bloods will reflect the amazing changes you're making.

    Go girl.

  10. Congratulations - go you! Well done.


  11. Fantastic result Chris. Well Done. don't go too crazy at Cushlas.!!

  12. Luv the video very cute, Glad the results were awesome . Have a nice time at devonport nice day for it and of course enjoy cushla's i havent been there for years.

  13. Congrats on the great results. It has to feel so good to see your efforts pay off.

  14. Congrats Chris! That is awesome,you should be so proud of yourself,you are doing so well!!

  15. Fabulous results for you Chris!! I am so pleased for you! And isn't it a great feeling to get a great BP reading?? I know I felt awesome when I got told mine had come down to similar to yours!

  16. Of course they were going to be good!!! You have been doing so well there was no reason for them not to be. Well done.

  17. Congrats on the results!!! Awesome work :0)

  18. Lovely video of Dnate and Steve, Keeras little dress is so cute. I MISS AKLD so much and thise shots made me happy and sad all at the same time Hmmmmmmmm did I ever say I lived not far fromt he naval base as a single female NOT a GOOD IDEA!!!! lol GREAT results well done.

  19. Well done on the blood work results. I came off my cholesterol medication after about 10 years (change of diet) at the same time I was told I had diabetes ( no pills for that yet.) However I am more likely to have an increase in dosage for high blood pressure than a reduction no matter what I do, so have accepted what the Dr said 23 years ago that some people just have it and I put up with it. Hence I am very envious of your results.

  20. Anonymous5:15 PM

    Congratulations! also great pics of all the children and the scenery it is lovely to be able to see Auckland etc...from over here in Aussie!



  21. I love the cookbook stand. I have been looking for a decent, reasonably priced one for ages. I have a crappy flimsy one at the moment. Where did you get that one from :-)

  22. Aren't you just awesome!!! (You can answer YES! to that)

  23. I love that pushchair - I have a light one but that one is lovely. How much was super cheap?

    Well done on the results - I am super happy for you. Please think twice about the cholesterol medication though - when you lose weight, your cholesterol goes up because you are burning body fat. I could let you know more about this is you are interested.

    What a lovely day you all had, wonderful. Oh and that is a gorgeous little pink outfit Keera has on for $4 !!!!!

  24. Loved seeing video of Dante laughing. Keera is growing up fast and looks beautiful in her little outfit.

    And you! Well done Chris - so proud of you!!!

  25. That video is gorgeous!! And OMG - I simply LOVE Keera's outfit and for only $4!!! She is so adorable!!!
    Looks like you all had a fabulous day out over in Devonport!!!

  26. Great results, good on you for turning things around. Laughing Dante is too cute and great pics from your day out, love days like that, all the family look well and happy.

  27. You didn't mention if they checked good and bad cholesterol. You can have high cholesterol but if it's the good one you don't need medication. Make sure they checked both before you start on meds. Please. :) xx

  28. Awesome results Chris .... well done! Looks like you had a lovely outing today. The wee video of Dante is so cute!

  29. Love the video, and the pictures!
    per bysisty

  30. Well done on all those results and yes your chol one could be higher at the moment because of food changes but eventually that will change without meds. Be cautious when taking them as there are lots of reasons why not to take them especially if you are a woman. Would be interested to know what the actual readings were.....HDL, LDL, Triigl, and Total Chol. To see how different they are from mine lol :)
    Looks like beautiful weather in Auckland from those gorgeous photos :)

  31. Lovely baby.. I like it.


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