Monday, April 29, 2013


Sewing makes me happy, so that's what I will do today.
I have a few jobs lined up for the kids, that should keep them occupied for a while.

I don't think I can stand bored kids today!

As my Mum's birthday is looming (May 14th), I want to get her presents FINISHED today.  She is getting Mug Rugs and a runner, which I cut out and 'composed' last night:

ABOVE: a really crap photo, my camera is still being a shit.  Once it's finished I will get a better photo.  I expect the quilting etc to take all day!  I'm going to put a Rod Casing at the top of the runner, just in case Mum wants to hang it on a wall instead of using it as a Runner.

ABOVE:  Bex made these two Mug Rugs the other day and I must say I am really IMPRESSED with how fast she has learnt to do the different techniques (quilting, binding etc). Her Mug Rugs are just lovely.  She has an 'eye' for colours and design.

Lacy sent me some photos of Keera's latest accomplishment:

ABOVE:  Yep, she's trying to escape from her Exersaucer ... (it's like a baby walker, but with no wheels).  Lacy will have to keep an eye on her, she's a right little minx! 

Last for now, we have Miss Molly, the smallest little girl from Coco's last litter.  Molly lives with her family in Taranaki, and her Mum (Tracy) often sends me little updates or photos.  
On the weekend Tracy's Mum gave Miss Molly a bone to chew on...:

ABOVE:  !!!  That bone is bigger than Molly!  I wonder if she's still chewing on it?   OMG I better not let Teddy and Coco see this, they never get bones like that.  Doesn't Molly look a lot like Coco?  Clearly she has taken after her Mother.

Righty-ho... time to get a move on and start the day. 


Bit excited.
I have an appointment to see the Diabetes Nurse on Wednesday morning.  That's when I will find out the results of my latest blood tests.  Can't wait!

Would you believe it is almost 10.30 in the morning and Brylee and Griffin are only just getting out of bed!!!   BLISS.  So nice and quiet up till now.

Well... it's quiet no more!  Lacy and Keera are here.  And Keera is anything but quiet... come to think of it, Lacy is freakin LOUD too.

Is it just me, or is no one getting any comments today?  It's very disconcerting... I feel like no one likes me today!  ???

Thanks Paula... I feel a bit better now! lol
The sewing is going as well as can be expected, working with a little machine that goes so SLOW I already feel like kicking it!

Lacy and Bex have bundled the kids out the door ... they are all walking down to our local dairy for tin foil.

Tin Foil:  to streak Bex's hair.  Well, at least they are keeping themselves amused.

ABOVE:  since both dogs went to the groomers last week... BOTH of them have been itching and scratching and gnawing themselves.  So... I had to go out today and buy some new cones for both of them.  Coco has gnawed her rump and tail overnight something rotten!  Now they will both have to be bloody cone heads for a few weeks.  Grrrrr.  I reckon they picked up fleas from the groomers?  Or they used the wrong shampoo on them.  Actually, it can't be fleas as they both had Frontline on them only a 4 weeks ago.

 ABOVE:  Both babies in Bex's pram.  It's the first time they have used the toddler seat.  Keera seemed to enjoy it.

 ABOVE:  Dante trying to figure out just what that was in front of him!

 ABOVE:  Both happy...

 ABOVE: off they go... I had about 25 minutes of sheer, blissful silence!

ABOVE:  two silly, giggly TARTS.  They have put PURPLE in their hair!  
No way am I letting either of them near my hair.  I shudder at the thought!

I just got to the point of sewing the binding on the Runner.... ONLY... I didn't make the binding wide enough, so I have to unpick the whole damn thing and cut more bindings.  Bugger, Damn and Blast.

End of Day:  well it WAS a much nicer day today.  I finally got the runner finished, so can post it and the Mug Rugs (Fabric Coasters) off to my Mum.  It will take at least a week to get to her in Australia, so it won't be late for her Birthday this year!
nite nite


  1. Anonymous1:26 PM

    I love the mug rugs lol and go hammy with the bone sooooo cute love bexs from the house

  2. ** Sneaks in to wave and say "Hi Chris"** (Shhh ... don't tell anyone, cos I'm at work - but wouldn't want you feeling unloved!)

    I hope you're enjoying your sewing!

  3. This mug rugs business is a new concept to me. Are they like cloth coasters?

    That bone is HUGE! I laughed when I read that Teddy and Coco better not see. Molly is so cute. Much like me - that was dad's nickname for me when I was growing up. :D

  4. I left home at 9 & my two were still in bed. Siobhan was asleep & I woke Samyson up because he is working at the school for the next 3 days. I have no doubt that when I get home Siobhan will still be in her PJ's.

  5. Leigh2:36 PM

    Lots of sewing machines have a speed control on the machine itself. It's usually a 'slider' on the front of the machine, between the tension knob, and the pictures of the stitches. Check that it is on it full speed. I had a friend who had had her machine for years before she noticed the slider and always complained about her machine going slow!

  6. wow that's one crazy kumakazi Keera is!! lol

  7. Penny3:13 PM

    Hi Chris, still reading every day just trying to work too! Hope the kids behave and leave you to sew in peace. Love Penny xo

  8. Don't worry, Chris, I updated my blog finally and only have one comment :-)

    Like SOL, I laughed at the dog bone. She's right, our dad did call her Molly. Molly Duka. Don't know where that came from though, just something that was.

    I love the idea of runners and mug rugs. I use runners all the time. But I only own one hand made one, made my Khris (from Sew Prim Khris). I love it terribly! Maybe if I can ever find the time I'll have a go at making my own some day :-)


  9. Hey! Thanks for the comments! Just so ya know, I read your blog every day I get near internet (often several times a day) I just don't always comment, cause I don't really have anything constructive to contribute usually :-) Just know that I've been there :-)

    So. My foot. I have had several people say they have had heel spurs and that they went away. There are several courses of treatment, such as orthotics, exercises, and stuff like that. However, when I spoke to the surgeon, he said that my spur was actually growing at the base of my Achilles tendon just to the left, and the actual spur was interfering with the tendon. So he had to lift the tendon and scrape away some bone. He said that as I had had it for a year with no improvement, it was never going to get better. The actual tendon was also experiencing micro tears, from wear and tear (cause I've been fat all my life too). So the best option was surgery. However, the one I have under my heel, which shows up nicely on the xray, does not bother me (unless that's what is giving me holy hell now, but I don't think so). I am not going to do anything with it at all unless I REALLY need to.

    I chose surgery for this other one as the pain was quite unbearable sometimes (comes and goes) and it was not going to improve.

    If you do, make sure you have a good support system in place because you literally can't put any weight on it for some time. So you need a walking frame, can't get in and out of the shower unless you have the frame, need a commode chair in the shower, and can't go to the toilet unless you can put the frame in front of you. You can't cook, can't even stand there and make a sandwich. And if you do manage that, you can't bring it to the table to eat it because your hands are occupied. And forget a nice cup of tea unless someone else brings it for you.

    So, if you have that (and you do with Bex and the rest of them) then consider it. Once you get the boot you can use it to balance and crutches become easier although the frame is still a good fall back for support.

    Research it very well, and try every other option first. And I am not sure what the other thing you mentioned is, I haven't heard of that. So I can't help with that one. But speak to your doctor, and go see the specialist the doc recommends. Then talk it out with the family and make sure you have the support system. At the end of the day it's got to be better than trying to live in pain. Mine is good when I'm not using my foot all the time. Each day starts fine but as I use the foot through the day it hurts more and more as the day goes on. I found the referral for the physio today so I think I'll make an app and go see them to see if that's what the problem is.

    And good luck! xxx

  10. I so LOVE the rooster things you are making your Mom. I adore roosters!!!
    The kids are getting so big! What a blessing that you are being able to watch them grow.
    God Bless~

  11. oh nice mug rugs and runner, nice that a bit of peace and quiet was had, Dante and Keera look dinky as in those seats. hmmm little kids bored eh, big kids bored so hair dyeing haha...

  12. Can't wait for photos of the purple hair! Yay! How groovy.

    Kate 444

  13. Can't believe it's 8pm and I have only just found the time to read my favourite blogs!!!
    Love the bone that Molly got!!
    LOL @ Kerra escaping from the exersasucer! Stephan's nephew did that and after a couple of times, they gave up using it :)
    Yay for 25 mins of peace and quiet for you! Bet that doesn't happen very often for you with such a full house.
    Can't wait to see photos of the big girls with their purple hair!!
    Oh the mug rugs are fabulous! I love them!

  14. Love the pic of the two "giggly tarts" ....

  15. Looks like you had one busy weekend. Great photos of the girls and kids. Good luck with the Nurse looking forward to hearing all about it. Take care.

  16. Love the picture of the girls, they look so happy and like they are having a lot of fun.

    I'd say no more time in that saucer for Keera, scary!


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