Friday, April 05, 2013


Last night, just on dusk, we got a visitor.  He made our two dogs go MENTAL!  Teddy and Coco yowled and howled and whimpered and we had no idea what they were going on about!

Until Stew went down to the front door to see what they were agitated about:

ABOVE:  well would ya look at that?  We have a larger version of our two... right at the front door.  He (well, it looked like a he) just wandered around our driveway, wagged his tail at Ted and Coco... and seemed friendly.  But I wasn't letting our two come face to face with him, just in case someone decided to be not friendly!  More likely to be our Teddy than the other dog.

ABOVE:  Stew and I went out, and Stew got sniffed at.  Then Stew looked at his tag and found he lived just opposite us.

ABOVE: So, Stew walked him home.  The owners didn't even know he had left home.  Oh well... no damage done.  Their dog seemed to be a bit older than our two... and way bigger!  I'm sure he was a Shih Tzu.

Yes I know!  Onions.  Dehydrated onions to be precise.  I've not had any for years and years.  Couldn't find a shop that sold it ... so I finally got crabby and rung around.  Found a bloke in Christchurch who put me onto a place here in Auckland.  They HAVE dehydrated onions... and I'm going there this morning to get me some.
I love dehydrated onions!  No more tears.  No more storage issues.  No more rotten onions.  

ABOVE:  that's what they look like.  I did for a moment think of doing my own, but hell... that would mean peeling and chopping them myself, and that would defeat the purpose of why I want to BUY dehydrated onions eh?  lol

Griffin used a computer last year to type out his stories etc, and then printed them off.  Yesterday he came home and said the school had bought him one of these:

ABOVE: It's a learning aide for kids like Griffin... and I am just so thrilled to bits that the school have done this for him.  
For sure it would not have happened if he'd been in the other class, with Mr 'X' as his teacher.
I must let the school know how thrilled I am that they have taken this step to help Griffin.

The NEO2 enables him to type out his work, see it, correct mistakes, then he just plugs it into the class computer and prints it out.  Awesome. I am now thinking of getting him one for at home too.  Probably should have got one years ago me thinks. *sigh*

Right... off to start the day... go out and about... got to buy onions and maybe some more colourful tights!


Found the shop first thing this morning, and bought the dehydrated onions:

ABOVE:  the man had 7 bags on the shelf, so I left him with 1... cos I'm nice like that.  lol

ABOVE:  after buying the onions, we went over to Botany Mall... which was just up the road.  Farmers were having a sale (who isn't now days?) and we got some more clothes for Dante.  He's growing so fast!

Now that we are home, I think we have to watch Home and Away before thinking of anything else... like sewing.

THE PINK BRA.  Is mine.  Funny girls!  I wanted to try an Ahh Bra!  Hell... I could fit Dante in one boob!  Sorta.
I've got it on right now, and it's quite nice I must say.

I just had a nap.  As much as one can with Brylee and Griffin home.  They tried to be quiet, but for them that is almost impossible.  So I just lay on the couch and relaxed with me dogs.  
At least they were quiet.

The dried onions... well I just chuck them in when I'm making a stew or whatever.  They need to be added to something that has a good amount of water to rehydrate them.  As for quantities?  Hell I just grab a handful or two... I ain't one to measure shit.

Oh and cos I spent over $50 in Farmers, they gave me that picture frame.  That will end up as a gift for someone this coming Christmas.

End of Day:  well the end of another week... and I for one am happy about that.  I get to sleep in I hope.  Daylight saving ends this weekend too... so it is clearly the end of summer... just wish it was still not that hot outside!
nite nite.


  1. Never heard of dehydrated onions before, fascinating!! Our local indian spice shop sells dried onions, but they taste like they are fried first, not the best idea when trying to lose weight. Dehydrated seems a much better way to go, nice

  2. HEYYY!!! We have an Alpha Smart as well! :) These things are actually not very expensive, but they are just like a word processor program on your computer without all the distractions of the internet.

    Happy typing, Griffin!

  3. Why not look at getting an iPad for home?
    They are not as expensive as they used to be. You can use it during the day (blog, surf the net, take photos - all from the 1 small thing), and Griffin for school work. When he is using it you could just turn the internet connection off. But there are also lots of great app that would help him too.

    There are a lot of schools that now use iPads in the classroom, and are standard equipment.

  4. I never thought of buying dehydrated onions THEY say once you cut an onion fresh it starts habouring bacteria and onions are a big source of upset tummies!!! That typing machine what an awesome idea. Glad Griffin is happier in new class how is his exercising regime going?

  5. I got some dehydrated onions from Gilmours a loooong time ago and they are awesome for chucking into casseroles etc. Super duper. Trouble is it was a catering sized bag so I still have half a bag! You should've said - could've given you some.

    Stu's looking good - you can see he's lost weight. You should have a couple photo shoot so we can see you two together. :)

    Have a super weekend... I think I have the inlaws coming. Such fun.



  6. I do hope th epink BRA isn't for Dante snorts sorry couldn't help that? How do you use the dehydrated onions? soak them first or just chuck them in? and in what quantity? thanks

  7. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Is Dante growing boobs?
    What a cute wee dog the visitor was. I am sure he was just wanting to be friends.
    Mary H

  8. Are you going to put poor Dante in that pink bra?!! (Sorry, I could resist. Hehehe... )
    So nice that you have a school who is open to working with the kids' needs. You are lucky.
    Have been following your progress on your live changing eating habits. You are doing so well! You inspired me- I have lost a few pounds simply by portion control. Thanks for your inspiration.

  9. Dante needs a bra?

    LOL, couldn't resist!!!

  10. Does the Aah bra keep everything ummm supported? I have looked at them but can't see how they can keep the boobs up & secure without the engineering feats of my usual bras.

  11. I will swap you some hot for some of our cold. Being rather large I hate it too hot always saying I never feel cold. This year has been so different as I am cold day and night. We just had the coldest March in 50 yrs. I long to get in my garden and tidy it up etc. yesterday it snowed for the majority of the day and today we are forecast more snow. Somewhere in the world must be the perfect place to live, please let me know if you know where!!!

  12. I want to see a picture of Dante in one bra boob.

    readesi 568

  13. christine6:11 AM

    So funny! The little Doggy visitor. I can not believe how much it looks like YOUR dogs. Looks like Teddy is out of his cone.I bet he is happy about that!

  14. I make my mother in law's recipe for potato salad and it called for "minced dried onions". They work out really well.


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