Saturday, March 31, 2012


So... here we have a few little videos of Griffin on the rope course yesterday:

And to follow, a couple of photos of an awesome ear ring holder I bought yesterday:

 ABOVE:  Neat eh?  It spins around too.

ABOVE:  Coco was not impressed once she had sniffed it and it wasn't food.  lol

TODAY:  well I for one am going to sit on me butt and read... blogs!  Usual story... life is just busy and I have not been reading many.  Sorry and all that... hope to catch up with lots of you today...


Change of plans for the morning.  I am grooming the dogs so I can put the bark collar back on Teddy.   While his hair is long the bark collar does not make contact with his skin, so doesn't work.
And my god, I need it to work!  He has been SO BAD lately with barking!  I am ready to slit his bloody throat... he's been driving me nuts.  
I'm sure the bark collar is a better option than slitting his throat ... yes?

Two hours later.... both dogs groomed, bathed and kicked outside.  My turn for the shower now... as I'm sopping wet and smell like a dog too now.  I wash the dogs in the shower, which means I get all wet too.  Yaaaa.

After a nice chicken sandwich for lunch, Stew and I did the grocery shopping... while Bex took care of Brylee and Griffin... she took them to the school playground.  It is so much easier to do the shopping without kids.

I'm still feeling rotten in the tummy... serve me right!  Friggin fatty fish 'n' chips last night!  

End of Day:  and I did nothing I had planned on doing at all!  Virtually no blog reading .... felt ill all day and just couldn't settle to it.
Maybe tomorrow?
ON TRACK:  yes... but only cos I felt sick!
nite nite.


  1. Oh I like that earring holder, very nice!

  2. Great share! You really knows what's best to share to make us enjoy this site. I like this blog. African Mango

  3. Wow,Griffin is a brave boy! I would be too chicken to do that...
    love the earring holder-my daughter needs one of those..she has tons of earrings scattered about!

  4. Trust Griffin to wriggle all the way down in the last one! He looks like he is having the time of his life. Can you please tell him well done from me (if that is not too weird since he hasn't met me) for doing the boot camp and for his brave antics yesterday?

    Enjoy the blog reading - I have been too busy too and must get on mine with an update.

    Love Penny xo

  5. I thought boys were suppose to be made of snails and puppy dog tails
    instead of 'Monkeys"? Well, he gets around like one?

    Love the earring holder - that is nice that you can see what you are looking for.

    The dogs always look so pretty when you groom them-mine need that too.

  6. I love the new earring holder and we have a dog that is washed in the bath he loves it and sits patiently and is we don't even get wet he is the size of a dalmation. very good...

  7. That earring holder would make a n excellent gift, I must find one!

  8. I would love to go down a zipline, but they don't have one in our city. There's one an hour away, but they charge an arm and a leg.


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