Wednesday, March 28, 2012


BUT... it's not a whizz bang fancy smancy iPhone... or anything like that.
It's just a 'normal' modest one ... cos at the end of the day that is all I need.
I would have loved to get an iPhone... but what would be the point? 
I don't access the internet with me phone, I have no need to.

ABOVE: So.... I got a Nokia 300.  It still has the capability of accessing the 'net if I want to, and I even have internet 'time' on my Telecom Plan. But I probably won't use it.
Oh and yeah... it does have a touch screen, so I'm using a 'semi-fancy' phone!  lol

One thing I did get was double the free talk time  I used to have.  Hmmmm... must remember to actually USE the free talk time.  90% of the time I forget and only ever use me mobile for text's.

ABOVE:  I took this photo with the new phone's camera, it's not excellent, but way better than me old one.

TODAY:  off to Hospice Shop for me stint behind the counter.  And to find treasure.  We loves treasure!  lol

ABOVE: son Russell sent me this photo late last night.  Cute, sorta!  I'm positive Sienna was only playing with the can.  *smiles*... Sienna is WALKING a few steps now! She is only 10 months old... talk about doing well.


Hospice was rather busy again today.  I never felt less like being there today too.. I'm really tired after all the re-arranging in the house the past two days.

 ABOVE:  today's treasure:  two brand new, hand made blankets, a Tupperware lunchbox, wooden toy?massager thingee and some tights for Brylee.

ABOVE:  and this awesome, freaking totally cook glass jar!  I loves it.  I have no earthly USE for it... but I loves it!

ANNE: mate... 90% of my purchases are for my kids or Grandkids!  The blankets are for future babies... the jar... well that is mine!  Maybe!  I may yet fill it with something cute and use it as a gift?  Ya never know.

End of Day:  another busy day... which is good cos it means a good night's sleep!
ON TRACK: yes.  And just who is
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Like your new phone! It's always fun to buy new techy stuff. At least for me it is!! Hope Sienna doesn't cut her finger poking it in the can hole. They are sharp! Have a good week! ...debbie

  2. Haha sienna will be walking to the CAN!!!! hehe cute photo

  3. She is a beautiful baby! looks like she has your eyes!


  4. Congrats on your new phone! It looks nice...mine is absolutely pre-historic! I don't have anything fancy on mine at all...half the time I don't even turn it on! :o|

    Wow, Sienna is growing leaps and bounds. She's beautiful, and I think she has your eyes!



  5. i have a basic phone with texting and telephone capabilities. Hubs and kids have the smart phones and iPhone. I find that out of all our mobile phones, mine - the most basic one is the most reliable when it comes to getting a connection. The iPhone is the worst. Even when I'm standing next to the iPhone, I could possibly not get a connection. Now you have the smart phone, you can get WhatsApp.

  6. You could fill the jar with $2 coins when full you should have enough for a trip to Aussie :)

  7. O I LOVE your "Anything Jar"! Opens up the whole world to you!

    Sienna sure is cute and growing like a weed.

    Isn't it funny how "house-work" can be a REAL killer. LOL

  8. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Agree with Jackie, that jar is screaming out to be feed loose change, then you can save up to buy anything! WOMBAT

  9. I don't even own a cell phone!

  10. That looks like my jar I gave to the Salvation Army shop!!

  11. OMG - where do you keep all your purchases??

  12. I hope you like your new phone. I got rid of a Nokia for my Samsung.

  13. Love the phone, LOVE LOVE LOVE the jar! great finds at the store too... am exhausted, I find I love my grand kids to death ... until late at night and one has woken the other throwing a pissy fit... then I want to drop kick them both to the curb! Love ya!

  14. I'm exhausted just hearing about you rearranging things. You deserve a break.


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