Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Yesterday I decided to groom the dogs ears and tails.... cos as they are both in cones right now their poor ears get super knotted so fast!

Teddy is easy to groom.. he's totally docile and literally lets me do anything to him.... I'm the BOSS.
Coco on the other hand is a nightmare to groom!
She struggles and cowers the whole time! I think she's had a bad grooming experience at some point.  She shakes so badly sometimes it takes all my calming efforts and soft voice to get her to calm down.  Poor girl.  And it doesn't help that she thinks SHE'S the BOSS!

Anyway, I got this cute photo of the two of them after I'd done their groom:

ABOVE:  poor buggers, exhausted from being groomed by me!  And all I did was their ears and tail!

ABOVE: I got flowers yesterday!  Pretty.

TODAY: Bex is on my case to go and get my blood test done!  So... I think she is dragging me down there first thing this morning, and then we are taking Teddy and Coco for a walk in the gardens.  I might just take me camera....


ABOVE: proof I actually did it!
And now... I sure in hell don't feel like going walkies with the dogs now.
I am feeling hungover STILL!  What the hell is with that?
Feeling so ikkkkk.... and heartburn like you wouldn't believe!  
I'm going out to buy me some Losec.... that stuff is magic for heartburn.

I dragged Bex out shopping... as I needed to get some presents for birthday's coming up.
Found just the right thing (I hope!) for a certain daughter who is turning 30 soon!  I'm not really doing presents for my 'big' kids anymore, but 30 is a big number!
I think I will just do the 30/40/50 etc birthdays with my big kids now.  There are so many wee grandkids it's getting that we have to buy presents all year round!  It's a costly exercise having a large family.

We shopped for 3 hours!  That is EXERCISE people!!!
We had lunch in the mall.... and about half an hour later.... I threw it all up.  Such a waste of good food!
My tummy is still revolting over the wine I think.

Anyway, it's time to just sit and relax ... give me poor feet a break...

 ABOVE:  two totally gorgeous glasses we got from Spotlight of all places!  I love love love them... sadly I could only afford two today.... *sniff*

ABOVE:  SCORE  of the day... an appointment diary from Smiggle... for $2!  And a bathroom thingee for me bathroom from a Bathroom shop.  Needed it, saw it, got it.

I love shopping!  lol

Hard to stay awake this afternoon... so tired!  Feeling heaps better now though... thank goodness.
Stew came home early today... which was nice.


End of Day:  aside from STILL being hungover, it was OK.
ON TRACK: not really... but throwing up lunch must have helped... lol !
nite nite.


  1. Teddy and Coco look so sweet laying there in the chair together. I remember a time when Teddy wanted nothing to do with her.... :o)

    Lovely flowers. And Bex is right...you need to get that done, Chris. I hate to go to the doctor, too, but it's sometimes necessary. We want you to be healthy!



  2. Well done on the blood test! and good luck with the results!
    Enjoy your day - relax put ya feet up- recover from your weekend.
    But above all have an awesome day!

  3. Teddy and Coco look so knackered but contented, gorgeous gorgeous flowers pretty colour too.

    Dehydrated maybe from alcohol or alcoholic poisoning? Don't do that again in a hurry OHHHHHHH your blood test MIGHT come back HIGH alcohol haha.... funny

  4. They look precious with their haircut and bucket heads.

    I'm with you on the hangover still Chris. Let's both never drink like that again. Only a tipple every so often:)

  5. Oh, I really like the picture of the dogs. So sweet. I think I missed the post about why you are getting blood work done. Hope everything is good!

  6. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Just watched on the news about a couple in america who just had their 19th kid! All single, natural births! Imagine all the birthday presents in that family! WOMBAT

  7. I had a doctor visit today too & I had a meltdown so you have my compassion.

    Silly goose - next time just go take a hammer to your big toe -you will get over that faster & with more sympathy. LOL

    Wait till I get my "happy pills" back in my system & I will behave myself once again. :-)

  8. Ah, sometimes it would be so much easier if we just had pets instead of children.

    The dogs look so cute! I love shopping too, especially if done with someone else's money!


  9. Glad you enjoyed your shopping. I thought of you when I went into an op-shop today and got some second hand things! Bargains! I will post them shortly. xxx

  10. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Hi Chris
    Make your you take good care of yourself....Stress isn't any good
    for your health.
    btw..... your an awesome wife, mother, grandmother and friend.
    Michelle x

  11. when will you get results??

  12. Glad you got your blood tests done. Nice that you got to shop. I'd die if I shopped for 3 hours. I am not a shopper at all and hate to go! The pups look very pretty. did you get their itchies cleared up? You try Benedryl?? ...debbie


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