Tuesday, March 06, 2012


I enjoyed my little walk in the Gardens so much yesterday, I've decided to do it again today!

Maybe I will take some more nice photos.... or at least try to.

I have found that when you try to 'compose' a photo too much, it sucks.

That really nice one yesterday of the lavender..... I just shoved me camera into the bush, tilted it up and pushed the shutter!

Can you imagine the fun I could have if I got an underwater camera?   lol
Hell... I could take some really funky ones... of bubbles...

OR ducks bums!  hee hee

Today is Weight Watchers.  Stew and I are going to weigh at home for now... neither of us is doing that well, and we are just throwing money out the window going to WW right now.
We will follow the WW's programme, and cut our carbs down as much as we can, and keep an eye on each others weights... and chart it, just like we would at WW.

Originally I felt really happy with the WW group I was going to... but now... we are both finding it a real fag having to stand in a long queue to weigh in, then sit and listen to the same old spiel... it's just not what we want to be doing.

AND, ya know what?  I was finding it really STRESSFUL going again!  Being accountable is all very well, unless it stresses you out!

And let's get real.   I don't want any more stress in my life!
I think I will do much better on my own, with Stew's help...  just sit back and watch... I will prove it to ya!

Before I say 'ONWARD'..... I was asked to put this on todays post:

cranky has left a new comment on your post "BUG HUNTING I GO...": 

So Lynda are you a vegetarian like me? If not how do you feel about animals being born, caged, managed, force fed, rounded up, transported and slaughtered? There's not a hell of a lot of difference... 

NICE point Cranky.


I have a photo of what I did this morning... for 3 hours:

ABOVE:  I kinda went shopping?  For 3 hours.... great exercise!!!  And I bought a few gifts for Christmas.... so I can't show ya them.... but I can show you my new cutting mats!  Very pretty eh?

After that I went over to Animates cos we needed dog food (pellets, not live things).... lol.

And I ended up buying LIVE THINGS for the frogs:

ABOVE:  see the little wormy things?  They are called 'Mealworms' and apparently frogs love them.   I'm still waiting for the flies to hatch... dum dee doooooo..... if they don't, they go back to the shop for a new pot.

As for right now... I'm starving!  It's half past 1 in the afternoon and I have not eaten yet today....

So... I'm looking at me frogs... and because I saw one on top of the back wall last night, I thought I better check behind the wall and the glass... and bugger me!  There's a frog right down the bottom between the two walls.... so I had to empty the ENTIRE Terrarium to get him out.
Oh well, it gave me a chance to do a check on everyone.... and all present and accounted for.  We only have one tadpole left to morph into a frog now.


End of Day:  just been yakking with me Mother for over an hour!  So much for getting dinner ready.  It has to be soup tonight now!
ON TRACK:  yes.... been easy today.
nite nite.


  1. A lot of people I know are using a new program called "Lose it" apparently they have phone apps and/or you can do it on the computer. It's free! Might be something new to try to keep you motivated.

  2. Fantastic news about weighing at home - I think it will work better for you :) Also getting out to that lovely park for walks is a fantastic idea for you. I hope you and Stew do really well with it!!

    Oh and of course I eat meat but we buy mainly free range/organic. I do the best I can to make good choices - I just can't watch insects or things being eaten, makes me feel really yuk!

  3. I love the Auckland Botanic Gardens, you can spend ages wandering around them. I look forward to todays photos.

  4. I know you are doing awesome and will continue to do so no matter WHAT program you are on. Keep posting those photos; I really enjoy them even if I don't comment every post. :)

  5. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Is the stick insect still at the WW meetings? WOMBAT


    Haha about the bugs when I was crawling 43 years ago my mum had to VACCUM real quick as I used to eat all the flies on the windowsills NOW THATS GROSS!!!! I also used to eat the raw gravy steak and mum would find hunks of meat with all the blood sucked out in my mouth I WAS A GROSS child believe me.

    Attracted to grossneess dirt and mud and BLOOD! I still am in a vampirish sort of way!

    I LOVE LOVE the lavender shots and the spiky plant thats so cool.

  7. Hi Chris, I'm not sure if you're still doing the cards, but as your photos are so lovely, why not use them on some cards?

    On the WW front, I totally agree with you about the meetings. Great if you get something out of them, and occasionally I would, but not worth the $. Once you have the initial information it's so much easier to follow on your own.

  8. Sorry if my point was a bit too strong Lynda but the point I was trying to make was that the caged animals that are killed for meat eaters to eat have little choice in their fate too.

    Organic means nothing - but free range does. It's a good start, but still - all it means is they get to wander about a bit before they are shoved into cages and slaughtered. All the adrenaline in their body as they panic in the yards before they are killed is in the meat you eat. I rarely mention any of this to meat eaters but the tone of your comment meant I had to respond. All good banter on DCR!

  9. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Good for you Chris, you have enough "experts" here to keep you accountable... all of us here will congratulate you on your weekly reported weigh-ins or give you pearls of wisdom when there has been no loss!

    I found paying for meetings made me accountable, it made me think twice about having a treat as I didn't want to pay and not have a loss. It motivated me, but I suspect your blog readers make you think twice about cheating as you own up to most things here.

    Well done to Cranky.... interestingly that even the free-range animals have to be "slaughtered" just that they had a little more space to live in while being pumped with steroids - you know steroids are "organic". In fact all hormones are organic! Organic is just another label used by marketing companies. Crickey crude oil is organic, doesn't make it good to cook with!

  10. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Yum mealworms!! Do they eat aphids?
    Another DCR hot topic
    Must admit I cannot look at a live crayfish in a restaurant tank & eat it

  11. I agree about ww's chris its just not doing it for me either i was doing better on my own but my daughter needs the accountability so will carry on with her till april.

  12. Hubby sometimes puts the flies container in the hot water cupboard to help things along - the warmth in there I think helps with the hatching.
    I must remember to tell him about the meal worms.
    Love the cutting mats.
    You can do this journey - slow and steady! will achieve the results
    Good luck

  13. I'm concerned about you ditching WW. I know that meeting is a drag, but maybe you could find a better meeting, WW online, or another slimmers group all together? Even utilase the FB support group i created?
    I just worry that you will slip backwards. Sorry if i sound like a doom sayer :o/

    Love the duck pic!

  14. shopping is the best exercise there is haha. Good luck with your ww at home- you can do it!

  15. Great exercise choice Chris...and love the cutting mats

  16. Good luck, the two of you can do it.

  17. I love the WW Program too...but felt the same way about the same ol' same ol' and spending the money...I planned on staying on track too...Oh well....I am up 15 pounds!!!!!!!! NOT COOL!!!! It is my fault...I LOVE FOOD!!!! Good Luck with EVERYTHING on your plate!!!!!!!!! That includes your stress.....take care friend!


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