Saturday, March 17, 2012


Where to start?

Lacy was supposed to meet me yesterday at the Radiology clinic for her 'emergency' scan.

- So I picked up the kids from school and dropped them off at Stew's office, so I didn't have to take them with me.

- I got there in plenty of time.

- 2.40pm, and it's her appointment time, but she hasn't arrived.

- 2.45 I get a text from her.  Can I come and pick her up from some where up the road?

- I ring her to find out what the hell is going on?

- Ummm....  the cops stopped her, and because the car she is driving is UN-WARRANTED and UN-REGISTERED, they are going to confiscate it for 28 days.
AND... she is driving while DISQUALIFIED... so she got a ticket for that too!  She THOUGHT she could drive because the Courts returned her Driver's License.... even though she is disqualified for 2 years.  She just thought... Oh, they sent my license back... I can drive.  Yipeee.

- So, the radiology receptionist is having a spak cos they are fully booked, but she is nice enough to direct me to where Lacy is... so I go and get her from the side of the road and take her back to the Radiology Clinic for her scan.

ABOVE: Lacy and the cop, who is writing out the tickets... cop car over to the right.  Yaaaa.

- We finally get into the scan room 40 minutes LATE.

- The radiologist looks at Lacy's form... and says 
"Why are you here?"

- Apparently Lacy misheard her midwife ... her midwife said she was concerned about the baby's size and Lacy needed a growth scan at 28 weeks... and she told Lacy to go and 'book it NOW'.

- Lacy heard 'book it NOW'... so went and booked it for NOW.  Like YESTERDAY.... When the midwife meant book it now,  for when you are 28 weeks pregnant!!!

- So... I went over there for NOTHING.

- And I had to then take Lacy back to where she is living right now (a motorcamp cabin), then pick up the kids and get home on a Friday night in grid-locked traffic.

- That took over 1 and a half hours in stinking hot weather.... when it usually takes 25 minutes.

Can you IMAGINE how bloody pissed off I was?


Today I am going to devote to reading blogs and catching up on what everyone's been up to.
No one better bother me either, cos seriously, I am just so crabby right now it's not safe to be around me.  I am even over myself!

During my walk yesterday my back started giving me some pain... it's always in the same place.. half way down, more on the right side. So, when I got home it was really killing me, so I took some painkillers and it was 'bearable' for the rest of the day... but only just.

OMG, this morning I am in so much pain!!! I can't even breathe without stabbing pain in my back... it's muscular I think?  But, so over it!  It hurts without even moving... shoot me now!

When I stood up after writing the above, my back pain went to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL... reduced me to tears and made me scream in pain... so off to the Doctor we went immediately.
She is thinking the same as me, something muscular... ???  Anyway, I have a whole barrage of pain pills now, and an appointment for a back x-ray and to see an orthopedic specialist ... oh yaaaa.

As I get this pain EVERY TIME I go for a good walk... it is worth getting to the bottom of it.

I asked about my blood test results too.
I have Diabetes it would appear.  Have to see the Doctor during the week to go over options to get it under control.  Yaaaaa again.  (said ever so crabbily)

SO... HOW IS YOUR DAY GOING?  I hope it's better than mine.

It is NOT my gallbladder!  I know exactly how a gallstone attack feels cos I got them years ago and after only 3 attacks I got me gallbladder out!  It is a similar pain to what I am experiencing now... but without the crushing chest feeling to go with the stabbing pain!

LIZZIE:  thanks, and I will be doing whatever my Dr recommends for sure.

I. love. painkillers.  I feel human again, and my crabbiness has eased.  Back pain is the pitts.

End of Day:  well it's been a kinda crappy day... so tomorrow can only be better!
ON TRACK: yep.
nite nite.


  1. Bless you to pieces, Chris. You really have your hands full....and you know what? You are an AWESOME mom to do this for your kid(s). Taking some "me time" for yourself is just what you need!



  2. Hugs. What a stink day.

    How far is lacy from 28 weeks?

    I would expect her to have a small baby. It's quite normal for someone with her background and it doesn't mean anything bad. I was healthy and all my babies were under 7 lb. Can't remember details now but small babies can be good. I guess they are concerned that regular growth is taking place.

    Hope you can have a better day today in spite of gloomy weather.


  3. I wonder if this pain gets worse with stress?? Because you might just be under a little of that right now?? :(

  4. Anonymous9:08 AM

    try nuromel it's a combination of nurofen and panadol - works well.


  5. What a bugger about the scan but throw in the fines and tickets double bugger! I hope your back pain eases up MAYBE a spa would help?

  6. What a waste of a day. Still, it means that the midwife is not worried about the baby. Both of mine were small and are both perfectly healthy. Maybe Lacy should have someone with her at her apointments so she doesn't misunderstand what she is told.

  7. OH MY STINKIN' STARS!!!!!!! What a day!!!!!!!!!!!! Your back pain worries me...have you had your gallbladder checked? That sounds like the pain I had before I had to have surgery.......please take it easy my friend......put your feet up and drink a diet coke!!!!!

  8. It sounds like a gallbladder issue to me too... which would explain the reflux too. So sorry Chris, you have had one heck of a bad week. Things can only get better.

  9. Yikes, Chris. All I can do is hope for something good to happen for you.....I guess relief from the back pain would be good enough for now. So sorry about the diabetes diagnosis. I hope the doctor will give you some good options to control it that won't be too much trouble.

  10. So sorry to hear about you driving all over Auckland - that would drive us bonkers, especially in yesterday's weather. That is so frustrating, and it sounds like an expensive mistake for Lacy re the tickets.

    Your back: I'm glad they are looking into it, because if walking is to be your exercise of choice (mine too, I might add) then it would help if it didn't cause pain for you.

    I'm sorry too about the diabetes result - that is bad news. Caroline above is right - surely things can't get worse?

    Take care Chris, from Penny xo

  11. Welcome to my world. You have two options for getting diabetes under control.

    a) Eat what the diabetes association says ie, wheat and carbs (they say about 50g every meal) and go on Metmorfin for insulin.

    b) Cut out your carbs like me to approx 15g per meal and have your blood return to absolutely normal with no medication.

    I know which choice I made :) No one gains weight without being insulin resistant and that most often, left unchecked, makes you diabetic. Doctors unfortunately just don't prescribe the low carb approach, God knows why. There is this crazy notion that you need carbs but there are so many in the green vegetables you eat plus kumera, pumpkin etc.

    I had been wondering for a long time about whether you were indeed diabetic because you had all the symptoms. Good luck :)

  12. awwwww poor you, got a daughter who could sympathise with your back pain she has 28 xrays over 3 days and they have told her she has a burst disc...its no fun hope you have a great weekend all the same :)

  13. Lizzie1:13 PM

    No offence to Lynda above, but Chris - please follow medical advice (GP/specialist/nutritionist) for your diabetes and no one else. Your medical team will know your particular medical circumstances and what may work for one won't work for another.

    I was put on metformin a few years ago and had shocking side effects - and am now on a slow release version (diabex xr) which is very effective in reducing/eliminating side effects.

  14. @ Lizzie.. of course I meant for Chris to follow her doctor's advice :) At the end of the day though, it is up to us to do the best for our health. I am astounded at diabetics who eat sweets, puddings, bread etc (like my sister!!) and use the medication to make it alright. You still have all that sugar damaging your body and the long term side effects can be bad.

    I know it is early days Chris and you know all about this anyway because of Stew.

  15. I need a little "education"-over here they take your license until the problem is fixed. When you can drive you get your license back?

    I am terribly sorry about your back- I can well relate & it is horrible. I hope your xray shows something you can work with?

  16. If it makes you feel any better I am having a crap day as well and for no reason really. I have screamed like a lunatic at almost every other car on the road, snapped at the kids & cried hysterically whilst washing the dishes. I am feeling fat & very sorry for myself.

  17. Until the end of the second trimester all babies are approximately the same size. It's only after that that growth drops off, which is when they begin doing growth scans. At least that is what the sonographer/radiologist told me. I am pregnant with our second and as our first was just over 5lb they are monitoring this one for growth. I have just had the first growth scan at 24 weeks.

    Sounds a crap day all round for you. Hope it improves.

  18. Doesn't your car have airconditioning?

  19. oh dear!!! Please have a nice relaxing day tomorrow!!

    I had a very small, very unhealthy baby (5lb12o at full term). I had sooooooooooooo many scans in my last trimester while they kept on eye on here. The health system for maternity can be shocking, but when you need it its there, as long as you do what you're told. Good luck to Lacy!

    You're under a lot of stress, make sure you find good ways to cope with it. else it will blow up...and thats not nice to do!

  20. Anonymous3:26 AM

    It appears that you had one hell of a day!! So sorry to learn of your back problems. Maybe it's a disk problem?? Have no idea. X-ray should tell you tho'. Also am sorry to hear you have Diabetes. Do you have 1 or 2? I have 2, the lesser of the two. Take one pill a day. Check my sugar at 7 am and 9:30 pm. You'll do fine. No more bread, or anything white - well, a limited amount lets say! Hang in there!! Don't drive if your taking the pain pills!! ...debbie

  21. Oh how terrible for you Chris. I had bad back pain before. It's so debilitating. Thank goodness for pain pills. Sorry about the diabetes too. Take care.

  22. Diana4:48 PM

    Hey, I think you may want look at the pain been referred pain from your stomach. You get pain like gallbladder when nerves at top end stomach are getting inflcited. and you ahve said about heart burn etc and what happen after wine. I relaly think you need endscope, as you may have ulcers or barrets oesophagus.
    p.s. Am a registered Nurse, who actually went through pain for 2 yrs with dr saying it was muscular when it finally was discovered it was my stomach i had to have a gastroplasty.Moral of story may be worth getting investigated.

  23. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Jeepers Lacy!
    Sort your shit out for your babies sake at least!
    Living in a caravan park??? WTF?..Driving while you are not meant too??...then misunderstanding your midwife? Shit lady get it together and grow up!
    Sorry Chris but god she makes me angry!

  24. Anonymous1:42 AM

    Dam I hate readin all a can say is WOW super mom to the rescue AGAIN


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