Friday, March 30, 2012


I'm sure I have mentioned Griffin has been doing a fitness 'Bootcamp' at school over this school term ... so, his P.E. teacher has arranged a 'reward' for all the kids who have done the Bootcamp, and we are going this morning.

It's a trip to the new 'Rocket Ropes' course out by the Airport.  
The kids do not know where they are going, just that it's a surprise!
I bet they are all rapt with it.

ABOVE: these are a couple of the courses they might be doing.  I don't know which one(s) the kids will be doing, but it looks like fun!  So long as ya don't mind heights, swaying bridges and the like.
Suffice to say... I WON'T be joining in!  I hope they have a coffee shop so I can sit and just watch!  *smiles*  OH yes... I am going!  So is Bex.  

Bex arrived last night, and is staying for the weekend again.  She was very impressed with all the re-arranging I had done too.
Steve even has a 'walk in wardrobe' down in the garage!  I must take a photo later to show you!

In the meantime, here's a photo of a wee gift Bex found for me in a Hamilton Op Shop!  I think she has caught my 'bug' for bargins ....

ABOVE: how freaking cute is he???  I love him.  Now I just have to find somewhere to put him....


HI HONEY.. we're home!   And we have had a really nice day!  The kids had an absolute ball at the rope course... photos:

 ABOVE:  getting harnessed up... Bex helping Griffin.

ABOVE:  one of the instructors demonstrating how to attatch your safety rope...  Griffin is his 'model'...

 ABOVE:  all the bootcamp kids.  Griffin is the twit in the middle with his arms in the air.  He was a bit hyped up.

ABOVE: one of the 4-5 goats that were inside the course enclosure.  Me thinks they are used as lawnmowers!  This one butted Griffin.

ABOVE: this was the course our kids went on.  It looked rather scary.... but believe me, the other one was even higher!

Below: Griffin on the course.  He went really well, and only ALMOST unclipped himself completely once.  I nearly shit myself when he went to undo BOTH safety clips while way up high!  Luckily he stopped when I yelled at him!  It was a long way down.

ABOVE:  I was actually quite proud of how well he did!  And he loved it so much.  I wish it wasn't quite so expensive to go... cos I could see us taking the kids often if it was more affordable.  
I will post a few little videos of Griffin on the rope course tomorrow too.

Once we had dropped the kids back to school, Bex and I went to Manukau Mall, had a wander around and lunch, then got home in time for a little relax before the kids get home from school.

End of Day: a really neat day today... enjoyed it immensely.  
ON TRACK:  well no... but heading back that way.
nite nite.


  1. Wow, that rope course looks amazing...and high! LOL! But I bet the kids will LOVE it. And I'd be with you...sitting and enjoying my cup of tea while watching all the kids have fun.

    That fish is thoughtful of Bex to get him for you. I think if she and Steve get married, you are going to have a fun partner with whom to go thrifting! :o)

    Have a wonderful weekend.



  2. Anonymous7:12 AM

    the kids will love it. My daughter had a girl guides trip there. Next door is Butterfly Creek with a nice cafe.


  3. That fish is bloody awesome, Bex has good tastes :)

  4. Putting Steve downstairs also gives them a little privacy. It's a good move.

    Love the fish! Is it just an ornament or does it have another purpose? Would look great on the wall...

  5. That looks like such a great place for kids! We have places around us with zip lines and such, but nothing like that. Glad he had such a great time.

  6. What a cool reward for the Bootcamp kids & a way to give them heaps of confidence.

    There are a few similar things around, there is a high ropes course in Birkenhead & one done thru trees in Kumeu. Running & jumping may not be Griffins thing but he obviously thrived on htis type of activity.

  7. Bex is a treasure...........

  8. What a wonderful day was had by ALL! Griffin really did a Wonderful job! What a wonderful experience for him. I am terrified of heights so he has my admiration!

    Of course I love the fishie! He is a real keeper! It will be cute to see how your use him.(and he was the Right color) LOL

    That Bex is not only beautiful, but so neat. Me thinks she is a Keeper!

  9. Wow good on Griffin he looks like he really enjoyed himself, and he is getting taller again!

  10. What a great achievement for Griffon. He looks like he was having a great time as well. Sorry I haven't visited in a bit. I've been really busy starting up my business. I now have an Etsy site up and running. You can visit it here at . Hope all is going well with you. In only one short week my family will be in Disneyland! We decided to surprise the kids, so they don't know as we plan on telling them on the way to the airport!

  11. nite,nite chris. glad u had a great day. that rope course looks awesome

  12. Um yea I would have shit myself too haha! I can barely watch the kids play on the playground equipment in the park.


  14. Looks like a lot of fun, but I think my oldest girl would be too scare.


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