Saturday, March 24, 2012


Today we will all be piling into the Highlander and going to Kelly and Rena's combined Birthday Party in Hamilton.

I'm quite looking forward to it.  We haven't been to Hamilton for a while.

I am totally chuffed with my re-arranged kitchen cupboards by the way!  I've got heaps of room for all me bits 'n' bobs now!  I am amazed at how much 'stuff' I have!  The only thing I have to do now is NOT GET MAD when I can't find anything!  lol

When we get back from Hamilton, I hope to actually get some sewing done!  I have been saying that for ages, and it never happens?  I don't know why!

ABOVE:  see this?  I really, really want to make this too!  It's a Melly & Me pattern, not available yet sadly.  But... I am going to be on the look out for fabric like that! It's gorgeous.  I even like it in orange!  But blue would be better.... ha ha ha!

ABOVE:  and how cute is this?  Copied it off someone's Facebook page!  Yep, I'm a thief.  

Right... time to get moving... want to get a few things done around the house before we head off....


Well... we drove to Hamilton, had a 'party' type lunch, watched Rena open some presents and ... came home again.   4 hours out of the day!
Now I want to go downstairs and tidy up the card making area... and the sewing area so I can do some sewing.
At last.

Got a few photos of today:

ABOVE:  on the left the Card Steve and Bex made, on the right, mine. 

 ABOVE:  the turtle painting Bex made for Kelly.  Kelly loved it.

ABOVE:  see?  She loved the painting.  Stew and I gave her the large glass bottle with flowers in it, on the table.  

ABOVE: the other birthday girl, Rena.  I think she was having a good time, but getting tired by the time we left.

Now... before I go downstairs, I'm off to do something with hard boiled eggs for dinner.

ABOVE: it LOOKS easy eh?  It ain't.  I did three, two eggs split when I pressed the pencil on to the top.  One MIGHT come out right.  *sigh*... at least I tried.

End of Day:  we watched 'My Sisters Keeper' movie tonight.  I had read the book, so found the movie not so good.  It had a totally different ending from the book too... which was confusing.... but at least the movie had a nicer ending than the book.
ON TRACK: nah, I had some chocolate!
nite nite.


  1. Have a fantastic trip @ drive safely.

  2. Cupboard clearing is quite an achievement and yes FINDING thins can make you a bit cross, I love the BAG but finish YOUR other things first, have a lovely time in Hamilton today, I'm shifting firewood yay thriling.

  3. Oh I do LOVE that bag!! It's gorgeous! Have a fun filled family day in Hamilton! Hope the party goes well :)

  4. Love the bag, and I hope you have a wonderful time!

  5. Aren't families wonderful -when everybody plays nice. LOL
    That little Kelly is so cute -I can sure see you in her.

    Little Rena has the cutest eyes - I think you were right -they look tired Birthdays must be hard on her.

    That backpack is really neat - I Love the birds on it.

    LOL - trouble finding things in your new kitchen????? LOL

  6. I'm intrigued by the boiled egg project - you will tell or show us the results, won't you?

    Glad Hamilton went well, the cards and presents look great.

    Penny xo

  7. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Love the Birdie backpack and I'm not a fan of orange either. much prefer blue but that backpack looks very cool.

    Isn't Bex a clever wee thing, I can see her making you one with blue sky and blue water background with either googlie eyed fish or frogs... hope that does not ruin a surprise from her to you in the future!

  8. Kelly looks like her Mommy!!! Rena is beautiful with gorgeous eyes that do look tired. Bless her heart..
    That egg is cute but seems like a lot of work...LOL
    Wow, those cards are nice!!!

    God Bless~

  9. Love the painting that is awesome, and that egg thing looks so cool might have to give it a try one day :)

  10. That egg thing look cool. I think the eggs have to be hot. Maybe if you boiled them, peeled them, then put them back in the hot water for a few seconds, it would be easier..

  11. Anonymous2:24 AM

    What a nice day!! I love Birthday Parties. It's fun to see the birthdayee open the presents! The cards everyone made were pretty cute!! Sorry the egg thingie didn't work...Bummer. Like you said! "At least you tried!". Have a good weekend. or what's left! ...debbie

  12. I remember being totally pissed off with the ending of the book. The movie is more realistic but it was annoying that they changed it.


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