Thursday, March 22, 2012


TODAY:  a very normal Thursday is expected.

Once I've made the lunches and seen everyone out the front door...

I will go down to the garage, get on the treadmill, followed by the exercycle.  That will be a good start to the day.

Then... I'll do some housework... pop down the road to get cash to pay the Speld Teacher....

Pick up Griffin and take him to his lesson.

SEE?  Normal day.

I was browsing through pictures on Facebook and saw these:

ABOVE: how gorgeous is that!  Mother love eh.

ABOVE:  good words.  I am fairly sure I have a GREAT HEART when it comes to family.  Well... I would like to think so anyway.

At the Hospice Shop yesterday one of the other Volunteers was folding fitted sheets...and she did an amazing job!
They looked perfect.  I mentioned that I didn't fold them like that... cos I got so frustrated trying to make them all lovely and flat... and I showed her how I did mine:

ABOVE: YEP.... I screw them up in a ball and shove them in the back of the linen cupboard!  It's not like there is a 'sheet policeman' coming to check me linen cupboard is perfect eh?  lol

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Granddaughter Rena, she is 4 today.

CRANKY:  insightful... much.  Spot on.

Right, better get a move on.... stuff to do...

Well, this morning is kinda going to plan.
But one extra 'job' was taking Steve down to the Dr's cos he's still feeling ikkk.  
All good, he's got his medical note for work... he can laze the day away and get over it.
Washed the bathrooms and laundry floors... next up....vacuming.
Far out I'm so lucky.

So... I thought it was going to rain again, got all cloudy, so I threw the washing in the dryer... and while I was out... the freaking sun came out again.  Stupid, stupid weather.  SO sick of it!

Wonder how many times I've said that in the past few months?
Too many me thinks.

OOOO ... blogger has added another thingee to the compose line up!  'Normal, Minor Heading etc'.  Wonder how that works?

End of Day:  well I cooked nacho's for dinner... and I have to say it... I didn't like it!  I used to LOVE nacho's... now I don't!  That's weird.  But I  think my taste buds have changed lately.  Food is just not my 'be all and end all' anymore.  Maybe I am finally learning to eat to live, not live to eat?
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:28 AM

    you fold fitted sheets like me - must get some tips off your co-worker.


  2. so funny! my husband folds them perfectly now he gets the job!

  3. Leigh8:35 AM

    Yes you need to do some step by step photos of sheet folding :-) so we can all do them nice too.

    PS re books yesterday I suggest you buy some books for Griffin. Kids do like re-reading and also knowing that this book is theirs. Sometimes it's the little things like this that really help when a child is a reluctant reader (My job is school librarian)

  4. Anyone who can fold a fitted sheet like that is gifted...I mean your co-worker's:)

  5. I'm happy to say that I fold them like your co-worker. My Mother showed my how and I had to practice until they were folded correctly!!

  6. Happy Birthday Rena! Wow, time flies. Hope it's a great year for her.

    Love that bird photo-- it made me smile.

    ANd sheets... i yiyi-- Mine never look "martha Stewart perfect". Not ever. No matter how hard I try. Oh well.

    xo j

  7. Well I have to confess I'm a Martha Stewart sheet folder always have been fitted sheets are a doddle really. Surprise surprise its raining here!

  8. I learned how from my friend that I worked for for 4 years. Her husband had been in the navy so he learned & then passed it on to her (she was a perfectionist) and I learned from her to please her. At home - it depends on what mood I am in???

    Happy Birthday to Rena!
    O - LOVED your bird picture -those colors are so beautiful & of course 'Mother love" is always wonderful .

  9. Ha... that fits in with my quote today... "If you chose to eat to live, you can die young at a very old age"

    Good on you :)

  10. Apparently there is a YouTube video showing how to fold them perfectly, but I never seem to find the time to watch it.......

  11. Did you take that bird picture? That is a contest winner!
    I stole your "How I folded them" picture.




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