Saturday, March 03, 2012


ABOVE:  so.... New Zealand is in for a wild Saturday... we are expecting a "Weather Bomb" to hit ...
We can 'expect' possible power outages, airport closures and wave surges, gale force winds and heavy rain.

Yaaaa, I love a good storm!  I just hope no one is hurt and property damage is minimal.

I think we will be staying home today!
No point tempting fate eh?

So... what to do on a stormy day, stuck inside?

Hmmmm,  might just do some sewing.

Or watch movies!  Whatever we do... it will be nice I'm sure.
BUT, I'm stuffed if I'm doing masses of housework!  I'm friggin sick of housework.

Hopefully Steve is having a nice time, he's in Hamilton with Bex... awww ain't love grand?  lol


Looks like the worst of the weather happened overnight.  It's a fine day here today!  Pfffft.  So much for that.
I was really looking forward to a storm too.

Just walked past Griffin's room... his bed is stripped and there's towels and a bowl on the floor... hmmmm, what did I miss in the night?
Seems he's still sick!
Lucky me, I slept through it.... Stew tended to him... what a man!

 ABOVE:  Lunch.  Was nice too... with jam and cream.

I had one large scone on the bottom rack, so once the top rack was cooked, I put it on the top... and kinda forgot about it!
Remembered it about half an hour later:

ABOVE:  anyone want a rock scone?  lol

NOT the first time I've done that.

We are watching 'The Bridesmaids'.... it's hysterical!  I've only watched it about 10 times, and I still love it!
Stew has not seen it at all, and while it's a chick flick, he seems to be enjoying it.

HELLOOoooo.... anyone out there?  It's so quiet around here, I am feeling no love!
Just been getting bombarded with ANONYMOUS comments... all advertising type spam.... so over it!  I used to get 2-3 spam type comments a day, but NOW?  Averaging around 20 a day!  Not nice. Wish I knew who was sending them?  

End of Day:  well it's been a rather so-so day, got bugger all done really.  Just a bit of housework.
ON TRACK:  sort of!  
nite nite.


  1. We have had a wild night here and the wind thank god our volunteers had a reprieve we are not venturing out at all.

  2. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Glad the super storm missed you. Bob just called, they closed their 2 offices in Kentucky because there is to be a super storm here with tornadoes and hail and lots of rain. Hope it misses us! ...debbie

  3. Same here a bit of wind and that's about it ......

  4. Poor wee Griffin.
    This weather is all over the place today. Less bomb & more shotgun one minute windy & wet then windy & sunny then wet then sunny.

    Enjoy your day at home.

  5. Sorry to hear that Griffin still isn't 100% ... I hope he's better soon.

  6. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Hi Chris.. Ive been reading your blog for a few years and this is my first comment. As your not feeling the love today I thought say hi... So Hi:) from the not so sunny gold coast. We have had soooooooo much rain today and like you not much of a summer. I have family arriving from Taupo next week so fingers crossed it's awesome weather. Belinda

  7. Poor kid, that's a long time to be sick!

    Glad you made it through the storm ok. Guess our East coast has been getting hit hard.

  8. I burn the last batch of cookies like that. They make good hockey pucks, but that's about it.

  9. I had to smile because you brought forth a experience that I have been pondering over the last couple of years.
    The Storms? When I hear of expecting one I know I can feel the excitement rise inside myself! I really don't want anything to do with any because of the danger - but - after you find out it was a bust - you feel kinda "let-down" ?????

    So, when you figure out that crazy human reaction - let me in on it!


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