Sunday, March 25, 2012


Yesterday Steve was browsing a web site and saw an awesome video demonstrating how to EASILY fold a t-shirt... so we decided to give it a go too, this is our little video (It really is quite cool!)  :

ABOVE: How is THAT!  Cool eh?  I think I will be doing it that way from now on for sure.   If Steve can do it,  anyone can.  The trick is making sure you pass your RIGHT hand OVER your left hand in the first manoeuvre, then pull your left hand towards you in the next manoeuvre. 

TODAY:  it is KELLY'S 30th birthday.  She was born in 39 minutes flat!  4 contractions 8 minutes apart, then another contraction 4 minutes later... then 3 minutes later... she was born!  I only just made it to the hospital in time.... no doctor or midwife in attendance, just a little trainee nurse who delivered Kelly in the 'prep room'!  It was awesome.  

Not sure what we are doing today.  I think Bex is heading home sometime today?  


Ha!  for every easy birth story, there is always a horror story too!  I could tell you that birthing Steve was a nightmare.... he was 10 pound 12 ounces afterall... But I won't!    Lets just say... he got stuck.  Caused a lot of damage... hence my 'reconstruction' operation 4 years ago!
I suppose I can thank him for me new va-ja ja!

So... we have had an incredibly lazy sunday!  Both Stew and I had a 'nana nap' this afternoon... not sure if we feel any better for it though.
Time to sort out dinner... I'm doing a bacon cabonara dish... which is a fancy way of saying bacon/onion in a cheesy sauce with pasta!

End of Day: nothing more to add today, it's been quiet.
ON TRACK:  not really!
nite nite.


  1. haha you guys are easily amused with the t shirts ;) I always feel bad for people that work in retail folding shirts up and then we come by and mess them all up looking for the right size!

    If only all births were that easy!

  2. How cool we are going to try that with Samuels 20 T shirts. Samuels birth was anything but roses and chocolates it was long laborious but lovely all the same.

  3. hi Chris I too have watched that t shirt folding clip and found it cool wonder if there is on on folding fitted sheets like u I can never get them tidy in the linen cupboard
    Have a great day chick

    btw the move to Auckland is off if u hadnt worked that out but I am coming up August so will let u know when


  4. I saw that on a Martha Stewart show one day!! Cute huh. I'm pretty anal with folding, like things perfect. I even fold my fitted sheets nice :)

  5. Anonymous10:47 AM

    I saw this on TV about a year ago and tried it and got mad. I couldn't do it. Never tried it again. Will try it because you explained it MUCH better! Will have another go at it the next white load!...debbie

  6. saw that ages ago loved it... and so unfair to have such a wonderfully easy birthing LOL :)

  7. Holy crap! I'm so going to try that t-shirt trick. I hope I get it right.

  8. Happy birthday Kelly!

  9. Jealous of a 30 minute labour. Not jealous of a broken va jay jay.

    I got one of those t shirt folders like Sheldon uses on The Big Bang Theory. The fold very flat!

  10. T-shirt trick looks impossible. I watched it over and over and still don't get it. Ha ha!

  11. Anonymous10:43 PM

    A couple of days off track with your diet. Get back up on the wagon. Weight is important with managing diabetes.

  12. Interesting AND informative! (rolls eyes)

  13. Whoa! I want to try that folding trick! It may take me all day to master it! Ha ha ha!

  14. That's neat. I should try that the next time I do laundry.


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