Sunday, April 01, 2012


 I wish what I have been getting was just HEARTBURN... then these:

Would be working!
But.. it's not just heartburn.  It's really bad acid reflux.
Today I'm going to do some reading on the subject.... to see what I can do to prevent having another attack... cos it really is awful!

It might be as simple as being very careful what I eat at night, and QUANTITIES.  Portion control has been really good on a whole, but on Friday night I had far too much greasy fish from the fish 'n' chip shop.  I didn't even have any chips come to think of it!  I gave a few from my plate to Teddy and Coco, and tipped the rest in the bin.  
So I can only presume the fish batter made my tummy sick?

Once jobs are done this morning I am going to try and do some blog reading, but if it doesn't happen today, it certainly will tomorrow ... as I will be home alone with nothing much to do!
Kids will be at school, the guys will be at work and Bex will be back in Hamilton.  So... nothing to stop me blobbing out and blog reading!

ABOVE:  hee hee... I am making her earn her keep! 


I have this horrible feeling my Diet Coke is not helping with the acid reflux.  I really struggled to drink it yesterday.  THIS IS BAD.   
If I can't drink Diet Coke, what the hell am I going to do????   It's ALL I drink!

I decided, in my INFINITE wisdom... to re-arrange the frog terrarium AGAIN.  Only this time I took everything out, cleaned it all... rinsed the gravel... bla bla bla... and then put it all back, but this time I added a patch of grass.  I am sure the frogs will love having some grass instead of just all gravel and rocks.  AND I just put a small container of water in, instead of having water all through it, with a hollowed out area as a pond.  
It means the water can be changed much easier, and we don't end up with a terrible smell of racid water.  Was ikky.

Stew is being a darling and mowing the lawns... and now I should sort out lunch. 
Bex is down the road visiting Steve at work... I think it's his lunch hour too.

JUDITH:  it's not me gallbladder as I had that out about 10 years ago after I suffered 3 gall stone attacks... which were SHOCKING!  Thought I was having a heart attack!  

Tummy is a bit more settled today... I've tried to cut right back on the Diet Coke.  And I will go and buy some decaffeinated Diet Coke later too.  I know it's still Diet Coke, but maybe it will be better than the 'normal'?

End of Day:  made a few good decisions about 'stuff' tonight.  Feeling much better now.  I am sure my tummy is not helped by being crabby!
ON TRACK:  why yes!
nite nite


  1. I hope you find the answer to the acid sounds really awful. I would give you advice if I had any, but I'm sure you'll get plenty :)

  2. Anonymous8:16 AM

    I have advanced acid reflux and here's some tips straight from my doctor:

    1. No eating for five hours before bed.
    2. No tight clothes around your midsection.
    3. Sleep on at least two pillows so that your upper body is sloping downward.
    4. Medications such as Losec are a PREVENTATIVE, so they won't work if you try taking them after you have reflux. They should be taken every day, 1/2 hour before dinner, to prevent reflux. They take at least one week to take effect.
    5. Eliminate caffeine from your diet.
    6. Other triggers might be citrus fruit, alcohol, chocolate, and tomatoes. You'll have to experiment to see what your triggers are and eliminate them from your diet.

  3. I have chronic acid reflux due to a hiatus hernia. I have to take a losec type medication everyday but as soon as I overeat or eat fatty food I still get DREADFUL acid reflux.

    I am now down to the minimmum dose of mecidation you can have because carbohydrates are one of the biggest causes of reflux. They ferment in your gut causing the pushing up of food and air ie, reflux. When people get rid of the carbs they usually also get rid of reflux. Not for me fully though as I said I have a hernia.

    Perhaps you do to? I had to have an endoscopy to detect it. Fried food is a biggy for me and also too much cream.

    You do need to find something else to drink, even if you hate it for awhile. Diet coke is so bad for you on every level you can imagine - it tricks your brain into thinking sweet food is coming its way every time you drink it (making diabetes more likely). The caffiene is dreadful for you constantly. It is just a horrible poison to have on a regular basis - it also encourages fluid retention, which I think you suffer from?

    Surely there is something good that you can drink?

  4. There is a caffeine free diet coke, you can buy I do hope your tummy settles today, I have just worked 12 days in a row and my first day off IM SLOBBING!

  5. You might remember I don't a lot of diet Coke as well, (but not as much as you I think) and I've been wondering recently if it's not doing me *any* favours.

    It's just all chemicals. How great could it be?

    Don't people was down their driveways with the bloody stuff to get rid of petrol and oil stains from their cars????

    Maybe have a day off it (hard I know!) and see how you go, or just reduce the amount?

    Not to mention, I always feel so guilty about the amount of plastic bottles and the environment.

  6. I totally understand the grief about diet coke......I LOVE IT and I can't seem to do anything WITHOUT IT!!!! But I tried to give it up because I felt kinda far...I am not feeling anybetter and did have one this different from having one ALL DAY LONG....EVERYDAY!!!! I hope you start feeling better very soon and I love your dresser to the left of the vacuum queen....LOVE IT......I have been such a bad blog reader lately...I am doing good to keep my promise posting everyday....but somedays barely keeping head above water hahahaha xoxoxoxox

  7. Chris, could your symptoms be related to your gallbladder? Sounds most unpleasant.

    I love the earring holder, just the sort of thing I need - I must look out for something similar. Mine are all tangled together in a bowl which doesn't do them much good

  8. Oh jeez, Chris. That does not sound fun.. especially if the post above is correct and the elimination of caffeine is required. Do you have Caffeine Free Diet Coke? It's not hard to get used to but the lack of caffeine kinda defeats the purpose :-(

    Hang in there and feel good. xo jj

  9. I get reflux very badly. One of the biggest contributors is weight. Another is gassy drinks and spicey foods. Plus, eating less than two hours before bed. I still get it even after knowing all that. My doctor put me on medication to take which helps immensely. I even have a burning sensation at the corners of my mouth most mornings from the stomach acid coming into my mouth while I'm asleep and me drooling it out (charming, yes??). Talk to your doctor and get some real medication to help. Nothing else works for me.

  10. Acid reflux is evil. My husband used to suffer from it and had to really change-up his diet. He had to eliminate caffeine and carbonated beverages. Good luck:)

  11. Hey Chris! So sorry to hear you're having tummy issues. Jeff has terrible acid reflux and is on a prescription med for it. He has to take it every day....if he even misses one day, he suffers terribly!

    Ha ha...making Bex work for her keep...good for you. And I'm sure she really doesn't mind! :o)

    Feel better, my friend!



  12. Diet Coke gives me reflux...why dont you try cutting back? :( Poor Chris, I know how hard it is to have the food you love do evil things to you!

  13. One thing I don't get so no advice offered, I am drinking more caffeine free diet coke only at night at the moment to see if it helps me sleep better :) first glass I thought yukkk but not to bad now lol

  14. Sounds like you are getting some Really good tips.

    O , I had that nasty stuff too and I try to be careful about eating at night .

    I also found a product at the health food store called Hearthburn Free. I had to take it every other day for two weeks. It really helped me because I did not have it again for a year.

    When it came back I took another round of it and now it is going on 3 years.

    For other times when I simply make a boo-boo - you will think this is very strange , but a girlfriend taught me this a gazillion years ago - about 2 tablespoons of baking soda & the same amount of vinegar -it will bubble -at the same time add about the same amount of water to cut the vinegar from taking your head off - guzzle it down & you would be amazed at how it helps. The idea with the water is to dilute the vinegar. After you do it a bit - you get the hang of how this or that you prefer it.

  15. I sympathise with you, I have no answers, Im not a doctor, if I had the answer I'd share....I suffer from it, but yet I dont eat bread or high carb food, so go I said I have no answers...only sympathy!

  16. It's all the grease from the fried fish. You're gall bladder is what helps break it all down. Without one it goes straight to your intestines. I have to stay away from greasy food because it makes me sick too.


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