Friday, March 16, 2012


Way back when we bought in this suburb, I thought it would be ideal for walking around.
But I have found over the last three years that is  not so.

This suburb was predominantly built on the northern slope of a hill.   It's HILLY, steep in many places, and I HATE WALKING ON HILLS. 

 ABOVE: this photo is taken on the ridge of the hill... this is the southern slope looking towards the Bombay hills....

ABOVE: this is the Northern slope, my suburb.

 ABOVE: more of my suburb, my home is in this photo.

BUT... I have just realised something!
IF I walk down the hill all the way to Manurewa, not sure how far that is, but it's a good walk... I can catch a BUS back up the hill!
This was not a possibility until recently when the council introduced a new bus route specifically for our suburb.  Prior to that, there was no bus that came around our suburb at all.

So, today I am going to walk down the hill, and bus back.  
FINALLY, a walk I can do that won't kill me!

I should be able to do this walk on Mon/Tues and Friday every week.  (well ok, not next Monday as I have to attend an IEP for Griffin) 

Off to put me sneakers on.

Later on today I am going over to Henderson to attend Lacy's scan.  Fingers crossed her Muppet is OK.  There is serious concern over Muppet's size... and Lacy's overall health.

CHRISTY:  her MIDWIVES are concerned, if the scan shows there is something to be really concerned about, I'm sure her Doctor will be informed ... and it will go from there what's to be done.

To all who are worried about me and my stress levels:  relax!  I am going to 'walk away' from it all for as long as necessary and only deal with what I HAVE TO.


I DID IT!  I walked down to Manurewa ... it only took me 35 minutes too.  I will continue to do that walk until my fitness level improves, then I can add a bit more on.
The bus left Manurewa at 10.05, so I know I have about 20 minutes 'spare' that I can add on to my walk and still catch the bus in time.
Very happy about that.  The walk was 3.3 kms long too.

Time to do a bit of housework, get meat out of the freezer for dinner, bla bla bla.

I left home at 12 midday to pick up the kids and drop them off at Stew's office so I didn't have to take them with me.
It is now 5pm and I've just got home again.

There was NO SCAN today.
I will be having a TOTAL RANT about THAT tomorrow. 

For now all I want to do is sit here and get over having to drive around for hours in the heat and grid-locked traffic.  My temper is at boiling point.

Stew got home half and hour early and is cooking dinner for me. What a honey... see, he's only an arsehole 5% of the time really.  *smiles*

End of Day:  another crap day.  I liked the morning though.
ON TRACK:  yes.  No bad eating due to crap day.
nite nite.


  1. Oh, I hope everything goes well with baby and mommy. By the way, I'm so jealous of the beauty of where you live. I live in a HOT desert that has almost no green. :P

  2. Those hills where you live are nothing. It would only take you a week or two to get fit enough to walk them. For goodness sake I am older than you and walk from here up to the top of One Tree Hill!!

    Oh and your stress is out of control. You react at an extraordinary level to things around you. When someone says something (as Stew did yesterday) listen. Take on board why he said it. You are so busy stressing that you need to stop and hear yourself.

    I learned this lesson a few years ago - to stop being defensive about every comment and start to realise and understand what point was being made about my behaviour.

    You need to let go of your family more. They are all adults and don't need your input or opinion any longer. You are there to love and support. Oh and your results will be there today :) They only take three days max. Monday will be fine though and I'm sure they will be normal. If they are just take that as a new starting point to make sure they never get bad!!

  3. Good for you chris enjoy your walk and i hope the scan goes well fingers crossed.

  4. Hope all goes well with the scan.

    That's a great solution about walking in your hilly suburb Chris! You'll know when you're ready to start walking up the hill as well. Start small and see where you end up! Whether you are going up or down the hill, you are still moving your body. Which is a good thing. Good thing for the mind as well:)

  5. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Go and sit on the naughty chair Chris
    Well done on the walk Fantastic start
    Have you got one of those step thingys?
    Hope all goes well with baby
    Mary H

  6. Catching the bus back is absolutely brilliant! Good for you! Walking will relieve stress and you'll have that time to yourself.

  7. The walking plan sounds great and you did the distance at a pretty good clip it sounds like. I hope you can keep it up....god for everything.
    I hope the news from the scan is good.

  8. One more thought re the walking. Why not walk UP the hill as far as you are comfortable. Don't push it, just go slow. Then it is all downhill home!! That is surely easy enough to manage :)

  9. Anonymous2:19 PM

    WHo cares if its all downhill, its still exercise! Dont forget to take your camera on your walks! WOMBAT

  10. beautiful! Worth the hills to see the view!

  11. Congrats. Bigtime on your WAlk-what a wonderful Idea to catch the bus back! Just watch -by next Summer they will call you "The Streak"!!!!!!!!! LOL

    O MAN ! I love calling the baby The Muppet-that is awesome!
    You are one NEATO GAL!

  12. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Good on ya. More than I'm doing and it will do you good mentally and physically too! Kate (

  13. Well done on the walk and thats a good idea go up hill every 2nd day and walk home downhill, watch for shin splints.......

  14. Your suburb looks very pretty Chris :)

  15. In Singapore we walk up a flight of steps from my floor 3rd floor to the top 17th floor. Then we take the lift down. If we survive, we walk up again. It seems the doctors here don't want us to walk down long flight of steps for exercise. UP is okay tho'.

  16. What a gorgeous gorgeous view......and your neighbor hood is beautiful too.......good luck on your walking and that your little grandbaby continues to grow healthy and strong....

  17. Great news regarding the new bus route!! Boy! how lucky is THAT!! Photos were pretty! Hope the grandkiddo will be fine. Hopefully the skan will resolve any questions and fears. ...debbie


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