Saturday, March 10, 2012


SO, we have Kelly and Rena here.
Bex arrived last night too.
Amanda, Andrew and Emily are due today.

And we are off to watch Mike play netball at some point this morning.

But first up... I'm going down the road for me fasting blood test.  I am not looking forward to that.... I hate needles.
But it's a necessary evil.
I want to make sure I am not getting or have diabetes.


I chickened out.
And I stayed in bed.... listening to all the activity in the house.  And all I could think about was how much I wanted to stay in bed all day!
I didn't sleep well at all... was thirsty all night but just couldn't force myself to get out of bed and have a drink!
Stupid I know.

I will get my blood test on Monday, once everyone has gone home again!  Well... everyone but Bex. She's staying until Wednesday.  

Steve is at work today... so Bex is hanging out with us, along with everyone else! 

ABOVE:  I don't think Emily is impressed.... but a mobile baby meant OUT OF THE LOUNGE time for her!  There is very little 'damage' that she can do in the family room!  lol

Nearly lunchtime here ... and I've already got dinner on!  A nice beef stew ... slowly cooking... oooo it smells nice.
Stew, Bex, Brylee and Griffin have gone to watch Mike's first netball game this morning... I hope to catch one of this afternoon's games.

ABOVE:  Mike is in the red and black... this shows his feet on the ground...

ABOVE: and this shot shows how high he jumped!   

 ABOVE: he got it!

ABOVE:  Some proud mother shots of Mike jumping!  Man he can jump!!!

I nearly ruined our dinner.... kinda forgot to turn the element off when we went out to watch Mike's game.... luckily we were not out long, so $30 worth of beef NOT ruined.

End of Day:  evening was so-so... we played cards... drank a few wines etc.
ON TRACK:  yes
nite nite.


  1. Be brave! You might get a good nurse who does it without you feeling it at all...


  2. I am sure your HbA1c will be normal. You have been doing lowish carbs while on WW so that will probably mean a normal result. This blood test is for the last couple of months eating. Always keep in mind that it can change quickly as mine did (normal to pre diabetic in less than a year).

    The thing is you can prevent diabetes but once you have it you can't reverse damage.

    Have fun with all the kids !!

  3. And with a little exercise and your low carb you can keep it at bay, have a lovely day with all your kids and grandkids and visitors.

  4. Anonymous11:56 AM

    THats one of the signs of diabetes, thirstiness! YOu really should be drinking a lot of water, not living on diet coke! WOMBAT

  5. Anonymous4:09 PM

    That's a great idea putting up the little half wall to keep baby in a safe place!! ...debbie

  6. I'm terrified of blood tests too...had to force myself into them while pregnant. It sucks!!!

  7. springs in his feet!

  8. Oh my gosh chris mike must have springs in those legs....white men can jump lol
    hope you enjoy your family weekend

  9. Wow, Mike can really jump high!

    Glad you have rescheduled for Monday. It's just nice to have an answer. Then it's either something you need to manage or you don't! I'll be thinking of you.

  10. OMG, he must have springs in his shoes. I wish I could jump like that.
    Krissy (Singapore)

  11. Jane Wogg1:24 AM

    more piccies of mike please.

  12. I'm glad that you'll be getting everything checked out by your doctor. I know you'll feel better just for knowing how things are. And it's okay you didn't go today...but be sure to go on Monday! :o)

    Wow, that Mike can really jump. He must be part kangaroo! Hope his team does well and wins all their games.

    Enjoy all the family...I'm sure you'll all have a great time together!



  13. whoa, that boy can jump. Thats freakishly unreal to see him that far off the ground.


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