Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The top half of the North Island (New Zealand, me home) is getting battered by rain ... yesterday and today.
Yaaaa, like we need any more rain!
This has been the wettest 'summer' in decades.

ABOVE: our lovely weatherman, Jim Hickey... pointing out the obvious!  We gunna get rain... lots of rain.  The very top of the North Island got flooded yesterday... wonder if we will today?  Well... WE won't get flooded cos we up a hill eh!

Talking of today:  might just go out... we need more spa pool chemicals, and I want to post a Birthday Card to a grandkid.  Not sure what else I will get up to today... I do intend to do me exercise at some point too.


Been out and about.... got the pool chemicals, did some shopping, came home and had lunch, then Steve arrived home feeling ill.

So, it's a quiet day.  The rain has stopped... so hopefully it is fine for a few days now.

Got a phone call from me Dr, she just wants me to work on me diet/exercise for the next 3 months, then have another diabetes test.  IF it comes back high again, then we will sit down and discuss options apparently.

Feeling blah.  Bored shitless.  But don't want to do anything about it.  *sigh*

I got on the scales... thought I should.  Showed a GAIN of 2 kilos.  Yaaaa, that just makes me feel more pissed off.

I just hit 'Delete All Readers' on me blog.  Just feeling so crabby, don't want to bring anyone else down.
I'm a dismal failure at the diet.
And it affects me badly EVERY DAY.... and makes me hate myself.
When I feel like that, I just want to curl up in a ball and just be alone.
Knowing hundreds of people read my blog sometimes freaks me out.
so, just for a little while today, I want to feel alone.

It's a bit like saying "I'm not home" ?

WHOOPS!  didn't last long.  Started to get emails from readers wondering what was happening?  Sorry, just ignore me, just having a hissy fit.

LYNDA: poor choice of words on my part.  You go to Settings and choose who can read your blog.  I just chose 'Author' for a little while!

I have come to the conclusion that I am completely and UTTERLY sick to death of everything I eat.  It's all boring.  No new tastes.
So.... I'm going to haul out some recipe books and try and make our food more interesting, a bit different?  Just want to enjoy eating ... not feel like it's such a drag.

End of Day:  just had a lovely spa with Stew and Griffin.  Well... as lovely as it can be with a friggin 10 year old jumping around!  Ants in his pants that boy!
Someone saw Griffin at Stew's work the other day and said "Wow, doesn't he look like you?" to  Stew.  *snigger*  Clearly she didn't know he is Stew's Grandson... and there is no biological link either!  Stew didn't bother to correct her.  It does make us smile though... cos he is our son in every way the matters.
ON TRACK: nope.  Blew it today.
nite nite.


  1. It's been raining here all week. Freaking tired of it! The sun is out right now but I'm stuck in a windowless room at work :(

  2. Rain & more rain here in Sydney too. Only consolation is it's warm.
    Hugs :)

  3. You seem to be doing very well with your eating recently (well done!). When is your next weigh-in?

  4. Don't have the rain but have the gale force winds. I'm sure the rain will come

  5. I hear you Chris - sick of the rain and despite having lots to do I am not that motivated today!

    I am pleased the doctor is giving you some time re the diabetes diagnosis. Not knowing what your exact results are I guess she knows what she is doing and thinks the result might come down again with a bit of concentrated effort? That's got to be good?

    Hope Steve feels better soon and you get motivated to do something interesting.

    Penny xo

  6. Hi Chris,

    With respect to your wanting to feel alone, now is when you need all the positive vibes you can get.
    Sending lots to you.
    I don't know what else to do to help.

  7. So sorry you're feeling down. I hope Stew feels better quickly. Hang in there on the weight issue, just because it's not going so well right now doesn't mean it isn't going to get better.

  8. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Whew! Tried for a good 10 minutes logging in and out! Ha!! Chin up. It's the weather making everyone feel crabby. That's my theory anyway.

    Kate (kittie444@hotmail.com)

  9. What the heck is "delete all readers"...how do you do that?

    No diet advice, I know you'll shoot me down in flames :)

  10. Righto Missy Hissy Fit get your sneakers on and WALK around looking for me MARMITE then you will feel better NO TRULY I hope you are feeling better tonite and have a wee tipple tomorrow is a new day! albeit windy rainy!!!!

  11. Onwards & upwards mate. You know you have all of us to support you.

  12. Hugs, kiddo. I know where you're coming from. And no wonder you feel like this. Read back through your blog - youve had a tough time of late.


  13. Chris, It doesn't matter if you only loose 300 or 400g per week, I have lost 13kg, I didn't think I would ever do it, I joined a site "My fitness pal" I count calories (it's not as bad as you think). You can do it, I just think you don't need the pressure that strict dieting can put on us. I have my own ideas on loosing weight that others would not agree with, if you need my help and support I am here. I believe that you should cut out nothing that you like, even have a tipple once a week. I don't believe in denying any food, this is the least stressed I have ever been while loosing weight and I think it is because I am doing my own thing. take care Maggie xxx

  14. That big ol' red thing on your TV looks like a lotta storms! I am ready for some hard rain!

  15. Hi Chris,

    Hope the sun will shine for you tomorrow if not soon. It's been cloudy and raining every day here too. The weather can really get one down. I've been fighting the blues a little myself. Just believing things will get better is what gets me thru' the days and the weeks. I hear you on wanting to be alone. I isolate myself too much. That's my issue. Once in a while I force myself to go and meet people.

  16. wow, your weather stinks!

    we're hitting mid 70's here all week, and its barely spring here!

  17. Hi Chris,

    Hope you are feeling better. I am sure it is just the weather getting you down. Please send some rain here to the UK, we are in a drought situation now and it is only March. Hosepipe ban starts April 1st!! The world weather has gone mad me thinks! Take care and keep smiling
    Chris x

  18. We always get a lot of rain this time of the year. Now we're even getting a little snow because it's so cold out.

  19. Oh me too, I am so over the wet and the wind! But fortunately I have a treadmill and a cross-trainer so I can still exercise. I struggle to use them as I prefer to go outside but after 2 mornings of no exercise I got on the treadmill this morning, put on my favorite music and jumped on.... was pleased I did it afterwards. You only need to do 10 minutes - if you do that 3 times that is the daily quota TICKED!!!

    I know it is not easy but little by little you know you can do it.


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