Thursday, March 29, 2012


Who doesn't?
Virtually all our mail now days is bills.  And on the very rare occasion, we get a parcel!

I got one yesterday:

ABOVE:  from my Mother.  A cute lightweight cardigan thingee, some felt for crafts, 2 bundles of fat quarters, two recipes for low cal (diabetic friendly) fruit cakes and some mould making things for the kids to use in the coming holidays.  She is apparently sending me a couple more parcels in the next few days too.  

TODAY:  well.... I have a small list of jobs to do around the house, then it's off to school to pick up Griffin and take him to his Speld lesson.
Funnily, it's the only time I get to read a book nowdays!  If you consider the Kindle a 'book'!

After Speld, it will be home to do some more housework, prepare dinner etc ....


LUNCHES:  SICK OF SALAD OR STIRFRY.  Ideas people, cos I am thinking PIES.  

Have not lost a pound in over a month.  Not been trying to be honest.  Just OVER being on a bloody diet.  Like, who the hell cares anyway?  Even with the Diabetes Type 2 diagnosis, I just can't seem to care.
When there is lots of stress/tension in me life... instead of putting me off food, it does the opposite. PIES... thinking PIES.... 

I drove/and or walked past no less than 5 Hot Bread shops this morning... the smell of pies was right in me face... and I didn't buy one (or two).  I feel good about that, today at least. 
As I needed cash to pay the Speld teacher, I went down to Manurewa to the bank.  After standing in a queue for about 10 minutes, my turn finally came.  And I'd left me bloody ATM card at home hadn't I?
So.. I trudge back to the car park, drive home, get the freakin ATM card... and go back to Manurewa, past all those Hot Bread Shops AGAIN... and I gets me money.  Grrrrrrr.

And I've hung out two loads of washing, made beds, tidied bathrooms, tidied the front door area, and now... I'm taking a wee break until I need to go get Griffin.

Keep lunch ideas coming... but without the processed carbs OK?  I ain't 'doing' processed carbs ... well not much anyway.  Hell, I've even been leaving me one miserable potato on the plate!  The dogs like it.

Speld... usual midday... I sat in the car and read while Griffin had his lesson. On the way home we stopped at the Pet shop and bought more flies... and in the supermarket I finally found Bran Flakes for the Mealworms to feed on.  

When we got home I changed the mealworms old bran for nice new bran...what a mission sifting out all those worms!  I ended up with a seething mass in me strainer... looked creepy.  And they are not like 'worms' either, more like caterpillars!  They cling to your fingers... freaks me out!   I don't like bugs that cling.   *shudder*

Got another parcel from me Mother too today.  But I haven't even opened it yet!  Too busy with me bugs. lol
Off to open it now.

ABOVE:  stuff for ME!  A huge packet of card, and some more fat quarters!  And I'm sure it cost more for the postage than the items she sent, cos it is heavy!  I feel spoilt today.  Which is nice.  

I am not sure why my Mother has sent me parcels!  It's the first time I have had a gift from her in a few years now!  We have been getting on like we used to years ago lately, so maybe that's it.... she feels 'kindly' towards me at the moment?  dunno... but I ain't knocking it, that's for sure.  It's nice to feel like she cares.

End of Day:  a nice day.... and now Bex is here again ... so that's nice too.
ON TRACK?  ducking me head... nope.
nite nite.


  1. How nice! I'd love to get a random package of goodies like that :)

  2. Make a nice pie filling, savoury mince or creamy chicken, stick it in a bowl & put a bit of mashed spud or kumera on the top - no pastry so lower in fat.

    It was nice of your Mum to send a parcel.

    Forget about the numbers on the scales for a bit & just focus on good healthy food and getting a bit of movement - your rearranging the house & walks down the hill are a great start. Next time maybe look at walking home up the hill & see how your back handles it. I assure you you will be a sweaty red faced blotchy puffing mess but once you can actually breathe again you will feel heaps better for it.

  3. Re: lunches, I'm not sure if you are a fan of smoked salmon (I love it), but I get some of that, some low-fat crackers, or you could use wraps or bread, than spread some low-fat cream cheese and top with some capers. So yum. You could jazz it up with a sprig of dill and a squeeze of lemon...

  4. I know you'll probably get ANNOYING comments from those who mean well which will piss you off...but...I just wanted to give you this link. It's a very interesting movie...

    *don't yell at me*

    Love ya!!!


  5. Maybe if you think about getting healthy so you can be around for a long time for all your grandkids. I know if I had kids or grandkids I would want to be around as long as possible. I'm 64 so I think it's too late for me to have any kids which I think is one of the reasons I so love that you share your family with us. I like to pretend that you are my cousin and I'm keeping up with my family. You need to stay healthy for a long, long time so I can continue to read about my pretend family!

  6. Anonymous11:27 AM

    What about pita bread/wrap bread pizzas? Healthy and you can put on and vary as many toppings as you want! WOMBAT

  7. know what you mean about a pie.

    I've got around some of those times with eggs and bacon, frittata, bacon and anything like tomatoes or mushrooms. I'm off grains pretty much so have to think differently especially when I want QUICK!. Eggs are always good but not everyone can eat them.


  8. Anonymous11:42 AM

    I love spicy chicken or beef in lettce wraps dipped in Asian peanut sauce. No carbs and super tasty!

  9. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Hi Chris,

    What about veges in a muffin tin or ramekin, topped with egg with a little milk, sweet chilli sauce or tomato relish mixed in, and baked in the oven? Or an omelette?

    I know what you mean about lack of motivation - where is mine? Buggered if I know!

    Penny xo

  10. Leigh1:10 PM

    why wait in a queue to get money? Use the ATM. Most banks actually charge a fee for using a real teller but don't for the ATM

  11. If you can, try to watch that movie Cranky suggested - it is only free until 31st March though. It is not promoting any specific foods just healthy foods and it might shift your thinking a little.

    About lunch, why don't you make up some yummy mince, however you like it. I like mine with veges in. Have a bowl of that at lunch time!! Seriously any main meal you can think of - make extra dinner and heat at lunch time, we do that too. Don't put yourself through the salad every day thing because it does get rather "diet" like.

  12. Oh and I should have said... good girl for avoiding the processed carbs :)

  13. One thing i sometimes have for a quick and easy lunch is tinned tuna, diced tomato and cucumber. First discovered it by throwing a tin of tuna into leftovers salad. My Dh loves pies too - anything with pastry top and bottom and no he does NOT need it either.

  14. What about making one of the wraps that I make out of LSA. The recipe is dead easy and takes about 3 mins.

  15. Hungry for Change really is a good movie. It has moments of extremism but the basic message is about finding a personally sustainable way of eating the food that makes you feel best. So that it becomes about choice and not deprivation. I'm all for that:)

  16. Your packages are so neat- I could not help but notice that the cardigan thingy - was the perfect color ! Makes us both happy. LOL

    I know where you are coming from on the pies - DH and I both have been craving sweets . I know they are bad for us -but I guess the worse they are - the more we crave them.

    I had to laugh at your atm card adventure - isn't being HUMAN so much fun -sometimes! LOL

    Speaking of your bugs- how are the froggies doing?????

  17. Anonymous6:42 PM

    Wow what cool stuff from your mum! How groovy - so jealous...

    Enjoy it!

    Kate (

  18. Anonymous8:04 PM

    you deserve to be spoilt - good on your Mum for sending you parcels.


  19. Nice of your mum to send you some cool stuff.... What was the occasion?

  20. Anonymous8:24 PM

    oh and i just had a luxury flake and some red licorice. but I could also eat a pie!


  21. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh nice parcels from your mum how thoughtful, we have packed the PACK and are on the countdown 7 more sleeps!! whoop whoop

  22. I love getting parcels too ... what a nice surprise getting two from your Mum :)

    Re the lunch ideas, my current favourite is a salmon roulade - the roulade part being made up with three beaten eggs (like an omelette - but without the milk), and when cooked, I add some cream cheese, salmon, parsley, and sometimes a few veges - then roll up and slice. Yum!! Another idea might be an omelette.

  23. Maybe your mum feels bad about the CALENDER!!

  24. Who does love a surprise. Please try to stop stressing and concentrate on healthy choices. Take care.

  25. Go to a website called skinnytaste, she has fabulous recipes, been making a bunch of her stuff.

    I like to have soup for lunch. I need to make a big batch again (although sick of the cabbage one). Soup, maybe a salad or just veggies on the side. Or I just have leftovers from dinner most days. I've been bad and not made a good dinner the last few days though.


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