Friday, March 09, 2012


Mike arrived in Auckland yesterday for the National Netball Tournament... so we get to see him for a few days.  Yaaaa.

Knowing us, we will be down at the courts cheering for his team over the weekend.  It will make a nice change for sure.  He's carrying an injury in his hip, so hopefully he lasts the weekend and isn't subbed off.

ABOVE: Coco, Mike, Griffin, Stew, Brylee, Steve and Teddy.  

Poor Coco and Teddy are in cones now... I'm sure they are itchy due to something in the air.  They DON'T have fleas.   

I am dedicating this morning to blog reading.... then I will do some housework.... and get Brylee's room ready for Kelly and Rena.  They are coming up tonight for the weekend.
AND Bex is coming up for a LONG weekend too. 

So... full house!   Mike is not staying here sadly.  He's staying with his team mates in a motel over near the airport.  But I am sure we will see him a few times over the weekend.

THANKS LYNDA!  Though I have remembered...

ABOVE:  reminders like this are hard to ignore... lol!
So, no blog hopping for me right now... gotta get me face on ... then when I get back I need to tidy the house, make beds for visitors etc.
Amanda, Andrew and Emily are coming tomorrow as well now.  Gunna be busy!

Back from the Dr's... and my blood pressure is EXCELLENT!!!  I was a bit surprised by that, but very happy.
I have to get a blood test for diabetes, on an empty stomach, so will go in tomorrow morning first thing.
They don't do the 2-3 hour test anymore... just one blood test a month for 3 months to check the levels of HbA1c.  I am also getting my cholesterol level checked too.
So... covering all the bases.

I had a Nana nap this afternoon.  Had a headache.  It's gone now which is good.

A HUGE Congrats to one of my BFF Chris Davies down in Palmerston North, who has finally got herself a full time job after trying to find one for over a year!  I'm so happy for her.

End of Day:  and I'm drinking wine to help celebrate Chris D's new job! 
I made hamburgers for dinner... I had them too... WITHOUT the bread buns.  Go me!
ON TRACK:  well if ya don't count the wine... yes.
nite nite.


  1. Steve and Mike look so much alike! I hope you have a great weekend with your full house!

  2. Woohoo nothing better than family Mike and his team will be defending their title? Go team! Be a rowdy weekend at your house then...

  3. Wishing you a great happy weekend surrounded by family......I know we will be too. lol
    Big hugs :)

  4. Weren't you going to the doctor today? ... don't forget!!

  5. Great weekend with all the family, well some of them anyway - have an awesome weekend :)

  6. Great news about the BP. Fingers crossed the rest of the result are as positive.

    Have a fantastic weekend with your family and good luck to Mikes team for the netball.

  7. Glad to hear the blood pressure is good and all the best with the test tomorrow.

  8. Congrats on the good blood pressure. That is good news to get. Enjoy the busy weekend and don't let anyone do anything that raised your blood pressure :)

  9. Hope Mike does well in his tournament. Lovely family you have there !! Good luck with the tests, you will be fine!! :-)

  10. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Good news about the blood pressure! Sounds like you have an awesome weekend with all the visitors - enjoy! Look forward to reading all about it, and so glad your sister responded positively to your private message - phew!!

  11. Leigh8:27 PM
    Try some of this soap on teddy and coco I have heard good things about it.

  12. Have a great time this weekend with a full house.


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