Thursday, March 08, 2012


Life certainly seems to have settled into the familiar routine again... today Griffin goes to his Speld lesson... which means I get to kill time by reading on me Kindle while he has his lesson.

Daugher No# 2 is OK for now... resting lots I hope and not taking any risks.  Fingers crossed that continues and grandbaby number 9 stays where she is until July.

Been discussing baby names with Lacy:  
He wants Jody
She wants Shyla
I love HALO... yes Laura... I got the idea from your darling wee granddaughter!

Somehow I think baby might be named Shyla!  lol
But all of that doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things ... right now all I care about is that she does not come too early.

I've been thinking a lot about my diet lately.
Before now I have not been focused on the 'long term' implications of being overweight... health wise.
Now that my Mum has diabetes, like my Dad ... I am starting to seriously re-think my motives for wanting to lose weight.
I've always said it was so I would be fitter and healthier... but most likely what really mattered most was how I felt about how I LOOKED first and foremost!
Yes, that sounds vain... I know!  But it's true.
The other benefits of being a 'normal' weight were like wonderful  'side effects' ... BUT NOT ANYMORE.
I am really thinking about the likely implications of being overweight, and all of a sudden... it worries me!

So, just as well I'm going to the Dr's tomorrow.  I want to discuss all sorts of things.  I want a diabetes test, my blood pressure tested, my overall health checked... the WORKS!
AND I will be ringing to find out my results too!
I won't wait to hear NOTHING. 

So, with all that being said... I'll bugger off and do some freakin housework before I have to pick up Griffin....

Oh and I just remembered... I've got flies hatching in the frog terrarium!  Yaaa... food for the frogs!  Now ... go and eat YOUR breakfast..... *lol*


This morning I decided to go and visit another OP SHOP in Manurewa, it's actually just across the road from the Hospice Shop, but I had never been in it.
So, it's a similar size to ours, and their prices are reasonable.
I actually managed to find something to buy too!  Funny that.

ABOVE: I found this adorable wee dress and warm jumper for Lacy's baby.   I don't know why I'm buying all this stuff cos I'm sure Amanda can pass down a few of Emily's clothes to her!
Maybe?   I know the girls are not getting on right now... but hey, that can change.  They are sisters afterall.  

Back from Griffin's speld lesson... feeling tired for no apparent reason.  
Going to try and 'grow' me own flies too... just put a couple of flies in a container with food and water, and crushed weetbix... fingers crossed they make eggs ?
It can't be THAT HARD surely???

Can I throttle me kids?  Seriously, sometimes they argue so much I just want to bang their heads together.  I've got a headache now.

Stew just got home from work and said "Happy Birthday" to Coco!  She is 2 today!  I had forgotten.  DOH.

End of Day:  expecting Mike to visit us tonight.  He's in Auckland for the national netball tournament.
ON TRACK: nope, blew it tonight.  Stressed out.
nite nite.


  1. Ah... today I ate my brekkie FIRST before logging on!


  2. Hey there is a guy called Jimmy Moore and he has a podcast on iTunes called The Livin' La Vida Low Carb Show. He has heaps of doctors and people with expertise on his show who he interviews and while listening to these podcasts I have learned so much about health and how a healthy diet is so important. He regularly talks about diabetes and how it can be turned around with diet. Not all his guests eat low carb but the general feel is "whole grains" are rat poison. I listen to his podcasts while walking or running and I definitely better informed about these areas.

    I like Halo, quite unusual too@

  3. Glad Lacy is doing ok!

    My neighbor has a Chylee (shy-lee).

    On day too of "Lose It". It's kind of nice to only think about calories and nothing else. Going good so far!

  4. Hello there...finally figured out how to log back into my old and no longer used email account, so could get onto blogger.

    Congrats on the new soon to be gdaughter....give her a stern talking too and insist that she stays there till July! I rather like the name'Halo' as's unusual. Oh...already ate brekkie...and lunch..LOL

  5. If Samuel was a girl he was going to be Olivia May Violet M.... he is thrilled with that name (Errrr not!) haha

  6. Good the flies are hatching! Picturing you catching bugs made me laugh! I have two aquatic turtles and they eat mealworms too and other dried food.

    Love the name Halo too. Very sweet name.

  7. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Christ how big is this baby going to be!!
    Just saying

  8. On 2nd thoughts just realised they will be for a little older baby.

  9. Good luck at the doctor- and good for you for taking power over your health!

  10. Love that flower dress material!!
    Good on you for pondering on the healthy lifestyle. Getting healthy is the goal. Getting to the end of each day, and being proud of yourself :o)

  11. My friends Mom always said... "I brought you into this world, I can take you out.. Much faster!"
    Of course she was joking.. maybe

  12. Sounds like life is busy for you! Good luck with everything at the doctors! For the record I think I prefer Shyla the most! I hope your doing well.

  13. Good luck with your DR appointment. Hope all goes well with baby #9.


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