Wednesday, March 07, 2012



Seriously, they won't give me any more of me 'night night' pills until I see the Doctor. Me 'night night' pills are anti depressants that help me sleep through the blasted hot flushes.
And they do work... so I want more.

Because my blood pressure was high last time they took it, I have to have another blood pressure test before they will give me any more pills.   Pains in the butt.

BUT WAIT...there is more !  My mother rang me yesterday to let me know she has just been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes..... her blood sugar level was up to 22 !!!   HUGE number!
No wonder she wasn't feeling well.
So, now that she has been diagnosed, added to the fact that my father was also a Type 2 Diabetic... I think it would be PRUDENT for me to be checked for it too.  
Being overweight just adds to my risk of getting it ..... *sigh*

AND.... STESS isn't good for ya blood pressure either eh?
Cos I feel quite stressed out at the moment.  I feel tense whenever the phone rings, or I get a text.  Worried about No 2 daughter.  She's having a few problems with her pregnancy.
Problems I had warned her about HEAPS... but her Doctor and Midwife clearly discounted my fears.  It will be on their heads if something goes wrong now!

As I will be working at the Hospice Shop today, it is going to be easy to pop upstairs to my Doctors rooms and make an appointment.


ABOVE:  today's treasures.  The hospice shop is having a half price sale on all clothes this week... so we were BUSY as today!  Almost non stop.
It's great being that busy though... time flies!

AND I remembered to duck upstairs and make my Dr's appointment for friday too.  I couldn't get an appointment with any of my preferred Doctors, so I'm seeing yet another new one... *sigh*.
Still trying to get 'continuity of care' there... ain't happening though.

End of Day:  well it's been a quiet afternoon around here.... more rain this evening... oh yaaa.
At least it hasn't been as wet here as parts of New South Wales in Australia... those poor buggers need boats to get around, not cars!
ON TRACK:  yes, though I did have a sausage roll at lunch time... and it gave me heartburn for the rest of the day.  Ikkk.
nite nite.


  1. Sorry to hear you are stresed at the moment Chris - not a good thing to be. All the best - I am sure you will charm them for ya pills!, My sugars were border line last week for diabetes - I have to take another in 3 months and then see what happens!
    Fingers crossed all is well with daughter number two and your grandbaby thats brewing.
    Things are quieting down soon so lets try for another catch up

  2. What??? I thought everything was great with the pregnancy!! I would be upset too!

  3. Good luck at the doctors! Also hope your daughter is ok.

  4. GL at the doctors. Hope everything goes ok with DD and the baby!

  5. Good luck with the doctor - because my glucose tolerance test came back normal he said I was OK - um, so I pointed out my other results and agreed that the GT test does not really mean much now and that indeed I was pre-diabetic. So frustrating.

    Walking is great for high blood pressure - get out to that lovely park and wander more often, it will help!!

  6. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Gee I hope you don't get any bad news from the quack, wishing you a pleasant & happy day today ;-)

  7. I do hope you day improves and hospice is always full of bargins and surprises Well THERE is your kick in the butt to knuckle down and focus eh Diabetes and high blood pressure with stress POWDER KEG take time to smell the roses and drink tea lay in the hammock and relax. Or destress in the spa (how long can you stay in without it being detrimental to your health?! Could you put essential oils in a spa?

  8. Anonymous9:08 AM

    It is a pain in the butt to have to go back. They just do that to get another fee from you before they give you a scrip. Sorry about your mom being diagnosed with D2. But she'll get regulated and be fine. ....debbie

  9. I am so sorry that you are stressed - life seems to have a lot of that going round.

    I have Type 2 Diabetics too- but I am so very lucky I have managed it with diet & exercise & herbs.

    I remember when the doctor diagnosed me & she said that she had a young patient who told her that whenever his sugar would go up he would go outdoors & run around his house a couple of times to burn up that extra sugar & since he WAS young that helped him manage his. I keep that memory & do try to pull off that walk up my hill -I Hate it, but it helps with many different things & I can sure tell it when I do not pull it off.

    Each of our walks through this life are different, so I am rooting for you , no matter what path feels right for you.

  10. Hope all goes okay at doctors...fingers crossed for daughter that all turns out okay!

  11. Will be thinking about you going to the Doctors! Hope it goes okay. Both for you and your daughter.

  12. How did you go at the drs

    Hope all is well

    Will be praying for preggo daughter xx

  13. I like that pic, "all stressed out and no one to choke"
    Hope you get all those meds sorted.

  14. Both of my parents have recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes as well. I am not yet--but close. Try to destress as best you can. I can give you some counselling tips if you like. So sorry to hear about the pregnancy problems. Hoping that all gets sorted! Please let me know if I can help in anyway. Would be glad too! Thinking positively (counting blessings) is a great way to get to sleep even if they are silly like--I love our water, or my dog is so cute. It helps. Hope things are better soon! :-)

  15. sausage roll = dipstick
    and Im liking webbsway.
    there is my two cents

  16. I am keeping my fingers crossed everything will be okay with your daughter and that sweet is hard NOT to worry about our children.....
    bless your heart.......I HATE GOING TO THE DRS. TOO!!!! This last week that is what I have been doing too......I hope they get you all straightened out and that you don't have diabetes......PLEASE TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF MY FRIEND!


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