Friday, March 02, 2012


Steve has caught my bug!
AND NO, not the tummy bug... my 'CAN'T RESIST A BARGIN BUG!'...

ABOVE:  see?  He is now coming home with stuff from his workplace... things that he just could not resist!  He's brought a few things home for me before... but this is his.  Very pretty.

Last night, Stew and I went to the mall... and we bought this suitcase:

ABOVE:  we didn't actually NEED another suitcase, but it was on sale, and a great price considering we got $70 off!  At least we won't lose it in a hurry... lol.

Today:  hmmm... I've not got any firm plans yet.
Probably do some housework..... how thrilling!

I don't know what the top thing is for... and it's Steve's ... not mine.
The new suitcase won't be getting any serious work for ages.  

I decided to give myself a work out... so I did the grocery shopping!
THAT is a work out ... believe me!
Lugging it all out of the car and up the steps nearly knackered me.
I am taking a minute to gather my will power before trying to put it all away!

End of Day:   I didn't feel like my usual 'tipple' tonight, so I sent Stew down to the shop for some of me favourite wine... Henkell Trocken... it's a white sparkly wine, semi dry, not too fruity.  It's about the only one I like.
I've had two glasses and on to me third, must admit I'm getting a bit tiddly! hee hee.  Stew might just get lucky!  MIGHT being the operative word.  If I have much more I will no doubt flake out and be dead to the world till tomorrow! Then he will not be lucky.
ON TRACK: hell NO!  I'm having a ball.
nite nite


  1. I just brought that suitcase as well!!! Was fab on my recent trip to welly...could spot it easily.

  2. Love the suitcase and its colour!!!
    Have a great day

  3. I love the suitcase, it will be easy to spot on the conveyor amongst all the others. I think you should go on a quick weekend away - just to umm "test" the suitcase.

  4. Is that pretty blue object for Saki? Like your pink suitcase. Mine are all red. I love red....debbie

  5. Love the case all you need now is the trip :)

  6. sew-sez1:39 PM

    what is the top thing that steve got you?

  7. I think Happy Days is on to something? Is it for saki?
    Love the color - it is quiet the "eye candy"!

    Your pretty -bright suitcase is so neat- I agree wit will sure help you to locate it! It is large enough to hold a nice amount & it looks like it would be lightweight?

    I hope you both enjoy your new toys.

  8. The bag looks awesome as do the drinking glasses. You're really doing a great job this year at just getting everything together. wowwww. :)

  9. Lovely lovely blue set not only does he have your shopping bug, it is nice looking too so he has great taste.

  10. I have the bug really bad this week as I buy things for my photography business!

  11. Love the bag! But it is my fav colour. I would say could I borrow it, but I probably wouldn't want to give it back. :-) Thanks for the laugh. I needed it. BTW--I count housework (when I work hard) as activity points on WW. Lugging groceries ought to count too!

  12. I know what you mean about buying groceries, loading them in the car, taking them into the house and THEN... having to still put it all away. It's a big job!


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