Friday, March 23, 2012


After feeling a bit blah all week, I am hoping to do something enjoyable today.

I want to sew.

I have masses of UFO's to work on... so I will do a few today I hope.

Steve is still home ... he's got some sort of tummy bug/virus.  I think Bex arrived last night ? ... but it was after we went to bed!
She is here for a couple of days.

ABOVE:  I could grab a box... each one holds at least one UFO... 

ABOVE:  OR I could do some more work on my blue quilt?  Hmmmm, decisions... WOW... I forgot how gorgeous my blue Dresden plate blocks were!  (well... I think they are!)


Soooo... I had a dream last night, where I bought a two door pantry unit and rearranged me kitchen cupboards.
And when I remembered it this morning I decided that is what I wanted to do.
So, we went to Mitre 10 to check out the prices there.. the two door units there were $259, but they had a shop soiled one for $166... I thought YES... what a good price!  But first... we decided to go to Bunnings to check out their prices before buying the shop soiled one for $166.

Bunnings had the exact same one, BRAND NEW... for $78!
We didn't go back to Mitre 10!

ABOVE:  now instead of sewing, I'm waiting for me new pantry unit to be assembled so I can re-arrange me kitchen cupboards!  Steve is supposed to be resting (cos he's got the 'man sickness')... lol!  You home.. you work too!
I love how Bex has got the right attitude... watching her man work!  I've even got a whip I can lend to her.  *snigger*

And if you can see it... YES my tablecloth is ripped.  I just ain't got around to mending it yet.  Mending, like ironing, is the pits.

ABOVE: OMG ... I'm finding crap I didn't even know I had!  And I haven't even started on the 'baking cupboard' yet.  I hope none of it has got little crawley things in it!

5 hours later... no weavils.  But I'm STILL  doing the kitchen cupboards!  Steve bought me a kebab for lunch, so I stopped to eat that, otherwise... I've been in the kitchen doing the re-arrange!  I can't believe how long it is taking.
What was I thinking?

I am all hot and sticky now, feel gross!
And NO... I don't mind that NO BUGGER has said 'Hi' for hours in the form of a comment... nope.. NOT AT ALL.  *sniff*

Yaaa!  A few comments... now I don't feel so bloody NEGLECTED!  lol

Bex and Steve decided to make a card for Kelly (we going to her 30th Birthday party tomorrow, it's combined with her daughter Rena's 4th)... so they made a card.  So then I got the 'guilts' ... so I made one too.

Can't show ya or she might see them before tomorrow... but I will post a photo tomorrow night of them.

OMG, I've got corned beef cooking in the crock pot... it smells devine.  Yet I'm not even hungry. What a bugger.

End of Day: and dinner was just lovely!  Bex made a mustard sauce, I made my cheese sauce and everyone was happy.
Quiet evening.  I had the lounge to myself as no one wanted to watch Coronation Street with me!    LOL.... shame that.
ON TRACK:  yes.
nite nite.


  1. They are gorgeous! Have fun :)

  2. It's a good day to sew. Have fun. It's time you did something that's just for you.

    I think I have a weird tummy upset. Still feel 'off' this morning is a way that's not usual for me. Wonder what's going round. What's more I haven
    t been anywhere to pick up anything.

    Love the rain .... good excuse to look through UFOs or start something new!


  3. Anonymous9:19 AM

    I love the blue blocks CHris - you are inspiring me with all I will be allowed to do after I complete my current major project! And I will be allowed to come and meet you in real life!

    Can't wait.

    Penny xo

  4. mmmmI hope I didn't pass the pantry cleaning bug to you...I did mine yesterday!

  5. You crack me up!! oh, and HI xxx

  6. Anonymous3:20 PM

    You are giving me the guilts about my cupboards now Stop it
    Mary H

  7. A cupboard clean up is always good. There are gems to find!

    I love that you ended up doing something you dreamed about. Or maybe you dreamed about something you wanted to do! Either way, it's put something in motion.

  8. LOL - I LOVE all of that SEWING you got accomplished! LOL

    It's a good thing we females are allowed to be fickle & change our minds in the twinkle of an eye. LOL

    But , I know you will be thrilled once you get your kitchen back together once again. LOL

  9. Here I am.......Hi Chris. You are a brave lady cleaning out those cupboards!!! I know how long it takes me and I have that to look forward to when I get home. Must admit mine aren't too bad but like you need to re arrange some.
    Beautiful day here in Oz so am off to sit outside :)
    Have fun :)

  10. You have such a beautiful home! How does it stay so neat and clean with all those people in it?
    I love the blue blocks. My dream quilt would be one of those. Just gorgeous!!
    You, Miss Chris, amaze me!!!

    God Bless~

  11. The dresden quilt looks stunning I want to flash up my boudoir(bedroom) and when I am in AKLD I could squeeze that into my shopping I hope u rest up cause this is my list, MOST urgent Work pants, pants,handbag, wallet, earrings, perfume (Opium satin body oil it's the only one I can wear!), shoes, sneakers I probably only have enough $ for the pants, and the perfume and maybe shoes all the rest is my wish list!!!! And I have to save REALhard for the rest....

  12. My pantry, kitchen cupboards & drawers all need sorting, decluttering & cleaning but I just keep putting it off. Good on you for getting stuck in.

  13. Corned Beef in the Crock Pot......
    That sounds like a good idea to me!

  14. Nice quilt patterns. I need to organize a few things around my place. Good for you getting it all straightened away.

  15. Squee! You are such an awesome shopper. :)


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