Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I am putting my hand up and owning it.  I forget things.  More often than not, it's an appointment.

If it ain't something I do regularly, I simply forget it.

Brylee had a dental appointment last week... and I forgot it.  So, the new appointment is THIS MORNING at 8.15 am.  Shit, another early start to the day.

I don't think I will forget this one.  Bex has already text'd me ... Steve set an alarm on me phone... and I am making it today's blog title!

Surely I can't forget it now?

Brylee has an adult molar coming through ABOVE the baby one ... so today the baby one gets yanked out.  Rather her than me!  Hopefully it doesn't hurt too much.

And I hope she can still go to school!  

ABOVE:  the guys last night, moving all the gym equipment from the garage up into the lounge/family rooms.  Steve is off work today, so he's going to help me re-arrange the bedrooms ... Griffin is moving into Steve's room and Steve is moving downstairs.  Griffin's room is becoming the gym.  I think that's all I have planned for today !

So... me phone alarm went off at 8am this morning... so I check it, and Steve had put this on as the 'alarm message':  "Dentist dumbass" ! CHARMING I'm sure!
Clearly I did not forget today.  Brylee did well... no problems at all.  Now I just have to hope she doesn't bite her lip or inner cheek while she's numb.

Waiting... waiting.... for Steve to wake up so we can get on with the bedrooms move around....  it's 10 am... surely he has had enough sleep???

ALSO WAITING.... for a certain DAUGHTER to re-friend me on Facebook.  Cos nothing is gunna change in that situation until she contacts me... YOU do the nasty, YOU fix it.
I may have made a mistake in what I did (even though YOU said you were OK with it) .... but you just made it 100% worse with YOUR ensuing behaviour in my house, on Facebook and blog.  Being POLITE never hurt anyone last time I looked.
Just remember... when you blank someone... IF something dreadful happens... YOU have to live with how you left things between you.  
Just ask my sister.  Relations between her and my brother Vern were non-existent ... and he died before she had a chance to rectify that.  She lives with that every day.  And that ain't 'HYPOTHETICAL'.

'They' say any exercise that makes you out of breath and hot and sweaty is GOOD eh?

ABOVE:  well CLEARLY I'm getting lots of 'exercise' today! Cos... I'm all hot and sweaty right now...

 ABOVE:  the new 'gym room'....
And, Steve suggested we put the two single beds downstairs, and put the other Queen in Griffin's room.... and that will work out much better when we have couples sleep over. Well done STEVE, I always knew there was a brain in there!

ABOVE: the two beds downstairs.  Looks good to me.


TRACY B:  really?  I didn't think I looked scary!  Oh well... maybe I am.... lol.
WOMBAT: there was sweat.... it was running down me back into me knickers!  AND under that freaking fringe!

End of Day:  too knackered to cook tonight, so we all went out to Carl's Junior for a burger ... and chips.  Yep... chips.  I wanted some, and NOTHING is that bad in moderation.  Right?  *smiles*   First chips in about 2 weeks, so ain't gunna get all anal about it either.
ON TRACK:  maybeeee not.
nite nite.


  1. Sounds like a lot to keep you busy! Around here if you miss an appt they send you a bill!

  2. I've noticed that you really like to move things around. It seems as if you just recently did another re-arrangement. I wish I had half the energy you put into all that moving things around!

  3. Now thats a great idea Oh I do hate missed appointments especially the not so regular ones Samuel had an adult tooth like that and had the baby one removed so the adult one had rooom IT was easy as. He was about 11.

  4. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Don't scare me like that after lunch
    Wondered who it was!!
    Mary H

  5. Well, I see from all of this work that your back must have co-operated with you when you started your day! That's great!

    Gosh, Brylee sure was a brave lassie! I did bit my jaw when I was little -so I remember that well. She was a"smart-cookie"!

  6. Tracy Bridgeland6:20 PM

    That's a rather scary photo of you!! Nearly jumped out of me skin. Once I figured it was you, I managed another look with one eye shut and the other one squinting!! I suffer from a bad heart.... don't do that to me!

  7. If the other big bed is down in the garage too, that will mean that families visiting can all stay together too! Nice one!

    Does it get drafty down there??

  8. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Can't see a bead of sweat on you! WOMBAT

  9. Anonymous10:23 PM

    Stay on the wagon. Do not let your day dictate your meal/dinner decision. It will not help your weight loss or diabetes. pac.bn

  10. if we don't write it down none remebers anything in this house!!!

  11. I always put reminders on my phone calendar..

  12. I have to set everything up in my calendar on my phone or else I forget. You are one busy bee. Take care.

  13. Chris,I wish I had half your energy. I have so many things that I want to move around and rearrange, and I just wind up leaving them where they are.

    Sorry I have been out of the loop - lots of little things going on here. We'll have to chat again on instant messaging again soon. :)


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