Monday, March 19, 2012


I was lucky enough yesterday to have a Skype conversation with our eldest son's partner, Tess.
Tess and Russell live in Kambalda, which is a mining town near Kalgoorlie in Australia.

Tess is 20 weeks pregnant with her third baby and her doctor says she has a BIG baby on board...

ABOVE:  Tess's belly at 20 weeks! Impressive!!
Now, as Lacy was here last night, I managed to get a photo of HER belly too.  Lacy is 24 weeks pregnant:

ABOVE:  I reckon she has popped out a lot in the last week or so!  Clearly she is not having a BIG baby... just a little one.

 ABOVE: utterly crap photo, it's hard getting a good one on Skype!  This is Tess, her daughter Haylea on the left, Sienna our granddaughter, and to the right Tess's two nieces ... who live with their Mum and Dad in the same street as Tess and Russell.  Tess and her sister are twins. (and NO, she hasn't got twins in her belly!)

ABOVE:  how cute is our wee girl then?

ABOVE:  Haylea and Sienna.  Looking at me, looking at them!  *smiles*

TODAY:  well... I had planned to go for my walk down to Manurewa... but I have to attend Griffin's IEP at 11 am, so it would be pushing it to go walkies before the appointment.
So, maybe I will go downstairs and do the treadmill/exercycle instead... now there's an idea. 


Another reason to NOT go outside. It's pissing down.  But, I will get out my unbrella and walk down to the school, it's not that far but at least it's getting outside for a little while.

My internet connection was down for about an hour just before... it drives me nuts when that happens.  I have NO idea why it went down either, but I think it was a Telecom problem.

Talking of Telecom, I need to get a new cellphone. Mine keeps turning itself off!  Really frustrating when you go to use it and it's off.  Sometimes I turn it on and in comes a whole row of text's!  Quite funny.  Sorta.

I took the car to school in the end... the rain is coming down SIDEWAYS... I would have ended up dripping wet, sitting in a stuffy office steaming!  Wet clothes + hot flushes... nah, not a good idea.

Lunch time:  hmm, what to have?

End of Day:  well I had a very quiet afternoon!
Did a bit of blogging ... got dinner .... just the usual stuff.
ON TRACK:  yep.  Doing good.  
nite nite.


  1. The kids are too cute even in those photos sienna has sure grown gosh 2 different bellies there for sure I do hope LAcy's baby is alright small birth weights could mean huge health issues.

  2. adorable!
    having a bad day physically here... got sick to my stomach forno reason ended up puking a LITTLE... I am thinking it could be these new meds the dr has put me on.


    must get new phone here too!
    love you!

  3. God wish I could like Lacy preggers lol..... Lovely pics :). Pissing down with rain here too, which means lots of study :).

  4. Babies can grow too big and have developmental issues too, we get too hung up on size at times I think. Hope both babies are doing well.

    Internet issues are rife at our place! Not so much at the moment (touch wood) but definitely have been, and we are paying a lot of money to Telstra for those problems... good luck with the new phone.

    Penny xo

  5. Boy! That little Sienna certainly has GROWN! They sure do not stay little long. I love the two bellies -they are so cute. I just hope both Mom's & babies do good!

    Did I miss the part about how your supper went with Lacy?

  6. One of my daughters had a bump not much bigger than Lacy's at full term and had just under a 7lb baby.

  7. I think there is a plug in that lets you capture a photo on Skype. I know there is one for recording your conversations...

  8. Anonymous3:18 AM

    Yep no sense at all walking in the rain when you have a perfectly fine car sitting in the garage!! lol Hope his IEP went well. ...debbie


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