Monday, March 05, 2012


My main mission today is to find bugs!

I cannot believe it, but there's hardly any bugs on our property!
No slaters, slugs, worms... just praying mantis!
And our frogs need food!  So, I'm going walkabout in the Botanic Gardens to see what I can catch.

It will be EXERCISE too!  Surely?
I just hope I don't get any strange stares from people as I go bug hunting!  lol
Not that I give a shit really.... 

I bought a pot of fly eggs yesterday, but they have not started to hatch yet.... so off I go to find bugs, I'm quite looking forward to it!   I'm weird, I know.


The GREAT BUG HUNTER ... is back.
I swear to God, I saw NONE.  And every rock in that huge garden/park was either concreted in place, or too big to flip.
There were quite a few people around, so I didn't feel comfortable rooting around in the underbrush... might have been a bit CONSPICUOUS
So.   I had a good hour long walk in the park... and I took some nice photos.

ABOVE:  I saw LOTS of bumble bees and regular bees... but as they were nearly as big as me frogs, I decided not to catch any!

ABOVE:  If this was supposed to tell me the time... I didn't figure it out!    It kinda looks like it was around 8-9?

ABOVE:  prickly, but kinda nice.

ABOVE: neat photo ... I think so anyway.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  I was in awe of this plants' structure!  Amazing.  Want one.

ABOVE:  the Botanic Gardens are so big you never know what you are gunna come across!  I had never seen this 'nautical' scene before.  Love it.  

Now that I am home, I better do some housework, got a friend popping in at lunchtime....  floor needs a vacum !


ABOVE: I just watched a battle to the death!  Did you know that Praying Mantis's bite?  And frogs can scream?
Well  ...  they do!
The P.Mantis bit the frog on the leg and the frog screamed... and ran for it.

But .... once the P.Mantis turned his back, the frog pounced... and the rest is history.  
Frog - 1
Praying Mantis - 0

In the photo above you can still see the P.Mantis's head sticking out of the frog's mouth... OH I DO HOPE YOU ARE NOT EATING RIGHT NOW!   lol

Me floors are vacumed AND I washed the kitchen/family room floor and the stairs too.  A good job done.
Go me.

Just said 'Bye' to my dear friend Jacqui and her sweet baby Sofia.... we spent a couple of hours  yakking and having a lovely visit.  Jacqui even supplied lunch, which was yum!  A filled roll and half a piece of apple slice. 
I also forgot to take a photo of Sofia! How remiss of me... but then, baby slept for two hours so there wasn't an opportunity to take photos.  I am sure I will get heaps of her next time they visit!

My camera is almost like a part of me!  I'm sure Emily thinks it's just how my face looks!  Black camera just sits in front of me eyes is all!  lol

LYNDA:    Was it the praying mantis being eaten that 'bugged' you?  Cos I've fed them dozens of flies too....  If you are so upset about the praying mantis being eaten, you should be shedding masses of tears over all dem flies!  *smiles*

Yes, I'm probably evil.

End of Day:  I've had a really nice day... I loved being in the park, and I loved having visitors too.
ON TRACK:  yep!
nite nite.


  1. Hmmm.. reminder not to read your blog while eating breakfast if you're going to talk about fly eggs.... especially while eating scrambled eggs!! eeew.

    Have fun - I'd say it's going to be a nice day considering how nippy it is this morning!


  2. look under wood piles stones etc have fun I ok with bugs just not spiders sometimes like BIG spiders!!

  3. My daughter buys live crickets to feed her son's lizard. I'm going to tell her she needs to go out and catch them. :)

  4. You should buy one of those kids bug catcher toys to catch them in.

  5. I have to say that keeping animals that need to be fed on live beings is absolutely abhorant to me. Revolting does not describe the feeling of knowing you are feeding live creatures in a caged environment. I know in nature this happens but at least every creature gets a fair chance. Sorry Chris, just my opinion.

  6. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Suggestion turn the outside light on tonight & wait for the moth invasion
    Get photos Love that cactus looking plant Spikes bluebell flowers & fruit.Wonder what it is
    I love watching the pm in the garden their eyes are amazing they are real killers esp ants

  7. Oh my goodness. Thanks for the laugh! We've got plenty bugs up here, but I don't know how I could get them to ya.

  8. Love the photos Chris - you take excellent ones. Thanks for sharing them! I have to laugh at the image of Chris the Bug Catcher crawling around in the gardens...


  9. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Can you buy some worms or crickets for them at the pet shop? Love the lavender photo! It would make a great computer wallpaper! WOMBAT

  10. Love your pictures! You certainly have a eye for taking shots!

    Love the frog vs. praying mantis!

    When my boys were younger, they had lizards and we bought crickets to feed to them. We also caught them if we found any.

    Looks like a nice day for you!

  11. Anonymous5:08 PM

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  12. Going on a bug hunt sure is pretty!

  13. I thought that Mary's comment about turning the light on at night OR maybe putting lunch leftovers out on a paper plate to see what it attracts.

    Your pictures are drop -dead beautiful.

  14. The plant with the pink prickers is stunning. I've never seen one like it before.

    And if you're looking for bug, come on over to my house!

    xo jj

  15. We got tons of bugs. Too many if you ask me.

  16. Well your walk took you to a different place in the Gardens than we found the other day. We were there last Weds morning and I thought of you. Would love to have met up but we didn't really have time. Will plan the trip better next time.


  17. So Lynda are you a vegetarian like me? If not how do you feel about animals being born, caged, managed, force fed, rounded up, transported and slaughtered? There's not a hell of a lot of difference...

  18. Anonymous5:10 AM

    Go to a pet store and buy some worms and bugs. They have crickets. Also bait shopps have them too. I can just see you at the Gardens looking for bugs. They probably control the bugs there!! lol ...debbie

  19. Hey Chris! What gorgeous photos you've taken....I love that shot of the lavender and that beautiful blue sky...WOW!

    As far as the bugs may not have a lot of them in your yard because you have so many Praying Mantis....they are wonderful bug catchers and really eat a lot of "bad" bugs that will destroy your flowers and plants. I used to have a lizard and I would go to the pet store and purchase those little bitty crickets for them...they were perfect! But good luck on your next bug hunt!! :o)



  20. I personally LOVED the frog eating the mantis! I did not know they bite so I learned something new today. Also admire your photog skills. I used one of them as my desktop at work! :)

  21. Nice pictures. I would love one of those prickly plants too!

  22. Love your photo' too my camera is ALWAYS with kids run when I pull it out....they are so rude......hahahaha they just know their face will be either on facebook or in my blog now that I am being better about blogging....unusual for me I know...but still trying...that is the only thing I am on track about right diet is in the toilet!!!!!


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