Monday, March 26, 2012


Here's hoping my back behaves itself today!

Cos I am going for my walk down to Manurewa this morning.  If my back misbehaves, I will make the appointment at the hospital for a back x-ray I suppose.  Here's hoping it's ok instead of not.

When I get home.. it will be wash the floors time.  Yep, I'm really looking forward to that.

After that, I'm going downstairs to tidy up the craft area, and maybe do some sewing?
Dunno... just haven't had the urge to sew right now!  I keep saying I'm gunna, then I find something else to do! Weird that.

I know that if I sit down and sew, I will really enjoy it,  so why don't I?

Right, enough blithering.... time to get a move on.
Griffin has to be at school by 8am for BOOTCAMP.... and I have yet to make the lunches... bla bla bla...


Walk... did it, back is a bit sore, but not too bad. So after the walk, I decided to re-arrange the garage a bit:

ABOVE: Three hours so far... and it's still not done.  

Might just stop for some lunch!  

2.30pm:  still going.  Running outta steam though.  The pit stops are getting more frequent ... fingers crossed the littlies can help me a bit when they get home from school.

4PM...FINALLY GOT IT DONE... 6.5 HOURS of sheer hard work!
I am knackered... but it was worth it.
The garage is kinda in 4 Sections:

ABOVE: Section one: my new craft/sewing area... and on the other side: 

 ABOVE: Section two: this is going to be Steve's side. 
Yaaaa.... piggy boy will be in the garage!
lol.... he's not THAT bad.... but at least I can walk through my house without having to close his door cos I can't stand the mess!

ABOVE: Section Three: this end I am going to put the other spare double bed... all the gym equipment is gunna go in the spare bedroom ... somehow!
Even if I end up with the treadmill in my bedroom, I don't mind.  
Section Four: We are going to need this section of the room for storage at some point.

And now that I am totally stuffed, I need to put dinner on.  *sigh*...

End of Day: Really busy day, physically tiring too.  Now they guys are tired too!  They lugged all the gym equipment upstairs for me!
ON TRACK? yes! 
nite nite.


  1. I tried the T-shit folding and after a bit of practice it works - Thank you Steve for finding this neat trick!

  2. Would you believe that the one thing that is always guaranteed to bring on back pain for me is either sweeping the floor -or- washing the floor. That is one reason I got that steam cleaner -it really helps.

    I would almost bet when you get up tomorrow ,after doing all that work in your basement that you will have a sore back-that would be too much "up & down" from the floor.

    I will be hoping that it will not. Maybe your walk losened everything up some to help you accomplish your goals for the day.???

  3. Glad the back is better.
    Good luck with the sorting!

  4. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Good Lordy... no wonder you have a sore back!! I need you at my house... we need organising!

    Kate (

  5. Steve banished to the garage ;) Good to get the exercise equipment where you are more likely to use it though :)

  6. wow what a marathon effort Chris, no wonder your're stuffed !!!

  7. Anonymous8:04 PM

    I'm just wondering where is Stew's space in the garage? **wink, wink**

  8. Oh my that is a mammoth rearrange and I hope your not too sore tomorrow, 10 more sleeps until Samuel goes to Japan.

  9. Anonymous10:52 PM

    Finally, good to see you are on track. You will have got a bit of exercise lugging all that gear in and out of the garage, but every once in a while its good to get help too, especially with the heavy stuff, glad the guys helped.

  10. Anonymous2:54 AM

    You did a great job on the garage. You sure you want all that fitness equipment back in the house??? ...debbie

  11. Moving heavy stuff probably not a good idea when you have sore back. The reorganization looks great BTW. Seems like a very busy and nice weekend. Take care of your back.

  12. Love how you share photos of your projects..makes me want to get off my lazy ass and do something!

  13. Oh my gosh, girl! No wonder your back hurts! It made mine hurt just looking at all you did in one day! I wish I had even a fraction of the energy that you have!!!! :o)



  14. I have back problems all the time. May I need some x-rays, but the doctor never orders x-rays.


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