Sunday, November 27, 2011


we are going out to Swanson to visit Stew's sister and check out her new house... she's had massive renovations done and we are really excited to see the changes.
I have some 'before' photos, which I will post now, then when we get home I will post the 'after' photos.

ABOVE:  front of house, hasn't changed much, new front windows and a door under the carport for access to self contained unit.

ABOVE:  before  ....

ABOVE:  and After.  She has put a vege garden in the front of the deck, and has even been eating salad greens from it already.  Impressed!

BEFORE:   from the kitchen door looking out to the deck... 

ABOVE:  deck area after she moved in.

ABOVE: the downstairs area BEFORE, just one very big room, the laundry, a storage room and the front door with stairs leading up to the main part of the house.

ABOVE:  the downstairs now has a completely seperate, self contained one bedroom unit.  It has a lounge, bedroom, kitchen and laundry/bathroom... with it's own new entrance.

My Sister In Law has retained the existing front door, existing laundry and the storage room is now a spare single bedroom.    

ABOVE:  the kitchen BEFORE:

ABOVE:  the kitchen AFTER. What you can't see to the right is a huge double pantry and on the opposite wall is the fridge and more cupboards.

ABOVE: the dining room BEFORE: ....

ABOVE: and the Dining room AFTER...  Where the metal filing cabinets are (on the right there)  is where she is putting a fireplace soon....she stripped the floors and knocked down the end wall to extend into the existing 3rd bedroom.... 

ABOVE: the 3rd bedroom became the Lounge!    She put French Doors out to the deck from the new Lounge too.... it's a lovely area now.

ABOVE:  the old Master Bedroom BEFORE: ...

ABOVE: the new Master Bedroom.   It's so light and airy... such an improvement.  This room has French Doors out to a HUGE deck too.

ABOVE:  the bathroom upstairs BEFORE: 

ABOVE: the bathroom AFTER.  All new whiteware, cabinets etc.

ABOVE:  this is the 2nd bedroom upstairs,  my SIL is still working on re-painting this room.  It was that dark blue everywhere... quite hideous.

So, we had a really nice visit with Khady, she made us a lovely lunch too.... we spent a nice few hours there. 

Home now and poor Stew is mowing the lawns.. it's really hot today.  Rather him than me!

*sigh*.... now I have to cook dinner.  Spag Bog for dinner tonight.

End of Day:  a nice day ... looking forward to me bed though... was very hot today.
nite nite.


  1. Can't wait to see the afters!

  2. that's actually still a nice place. Cant' wait to see the "after"shots!

  3. Anonymous1:09 PM

    I can't wait. I love before and after photos! (Krissy - SIngapore)

  4. I agree- you guys have such pretty homes and I can't wait to see the newer version. : )

  5. Very cool place, I would love a place to renovate one day :-)

  6. WOW the improvements look amazing!!! Will get in touch with aunty and see when I can go up and spend a weekend with her with Emily.

  7. Lots of work has gone into the house and she should be proud of her vege garden very nice indeed,house will look lovely when finished.

  8. Lots of work has gone into the house and she should be proud of her vege garden very nice indeed,house will look lovely when finished.

  9. Anonymous9:39 PM

    I'm shocked! You didn't like something that was painted your favourite colour! Love watching the transformation of a house after renos. WOMBAT

  10. Khady has done an excellent job. Excellent. Obviously she has no small children or she'd be doing one room at a time. :)

  11. Looks great, she's been working hard!


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