Saturday, November 05, 2011


Although we did NOT have my Mother and her partner here last night, we still had a full house:

ABOVE:  full house, noisy house.  Happy house.

ABOVE:  Emily really liked my beef stew, even though she only got the gravy....

ABOVE:  Rena... gazing up at Granddad.

ABOVE:  Steve thought I was taking far too many photos of Emily....

ABOVE:  These two have a special bond...

ABOVE:  Emily loves the dogs... but they simply won't stay still so she can catch them... funny that.

ABOVE:  she loves being on her feet!  And she is just such a happy baby!  Always smiling, and laughing now!

ABOVE:  Emily.... our little darling.

It's times like this that I feel so sad our other baby granddaughter is so very far away ... and growing up without knowing us.  :(

TODAY:  Kelly and Rena are going home sometime today...and us?  Not sure.  Out for lunch probably. 


Emily woke at 6.30am.  So Stew and I have been up since 6.30am.  We are thrilled about that.  NO really... we are...  tonight Emily is going to bed at 11pm.  Maybe she will sleep in tomorrow?

Before going to bed last night I went to get my necklace and earrings that I'd taken off earlier... and do you think I could find my earrings?  Stew, Griffin and I searched for ages, then gave up.  I was SURE I had left them on the coffee table ...

ABOVE:   after thinking about it for half the night (these are my most favourite earrings!), I concluded someone must have taken them.    So I text'd 'someone' and yep, that tart had my earrings!  And I have proof... last night's photos!   She better bring them back or I'm keeping the baby.!   lol

Lovely lunch had at St Lukes Mall... had a wander around... got me upper lip and chin waxed... did not hurt as much as I thought it would!  Got the red face going on now though... such a good look!  NOT.

Kelly and Rena have just left, Emily is in bed and Stew and I are going to just relax for a little while.  Brylee and Griffin WOULD be outside playing, but as it's keeps showering, they are inside watching tv, playing their PSP's and just behaving nicely.

Emily had a nap,  so did I.  It wasn't long enough.  Coco sat down right beside Emily.  Emily wasn't too sure what to do ... so she licked Coco!  It was so cute.

End of Day:  knackered.  Just fed Emily then bathed her... all ready for bedtime now.  Can't see her lasting till 11pm though, drat.  lol
nite nite.


  1. Awww she's so cute! They are little for such a short amount of time. I can't wait for my niece to be born (hopefully this weekend :))

  2. Emily is so gorgeous what a smile, what a busy house you had, Steve and Emily beautiful, sunny here BUT COLD we off garage saleing soon.

  3. Anonymous9:11 AM


    Your family moves in on sparklies quick! Hope she doesn't take you up on the offer although I bet you would love having baby a bit longer!


  4. Great pictures of Emily...she is a cutie. She will be walking before you know it and then you are really in trouble.
    I've "lost" a few things the way you lost your earrings. I hope you get them back.

  5. Emily is so dang cute!! I love her hair. It's beautiful. What a lucky lil girl she is to have you for her Grandmother. My grands all live a bit away from us, so don't get to see them like I would like to. Rena, is a beauty also!!!!
    Sure hope you get your earrings back soon!! LOL

    God Bless~

  6. Oh and by the way, I bought some of the lipstick. I LOVE it! Stays on all day, and doesn't feel like you are even wearing lipstick. Thanks Chris for the recommendation!!! I usually eat lipstick off in 5 mins!!

    God Bless~

  7. I dunno, sounds like a better deal if you keep the baby and let her have the earrings!


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