Saturday, November 12, 2011


Today I am gunna do bugger all!

Look after Emily of course.
Do some housework.

AND read some blogs!

I have been too busy to do the rounds lately, and I'm not going to beat myself up about it anymore.

I hope to visit everyone who are my 'regular' reads.... even if it's only your most recent post.

so, that's it for now... quite pathetic really... have not even got a photo for today's post yet...


Emily woke up on/off all night.  Did a bit of coughing too.  Then to top it off... she woke at 6am and wanted to get up.  So I got up and gave her a bottle... and she went back to bed for an hour.

Stew got up to her then... he got the crappy nappy.... lol!
I stayed in bed a bit longer, then came out and started me blog reading.  done 2 hours worth and am now taking a break.

We are thinking of going up north somewhere for lunch...  maybe Orewa.   

CLEARLY blogger is having a GLITCH today!  I can't get any photos to load onto me page.  And lots of blogs I visited this morning had the same problem... NO PHOTOS.   So... we wait.  
Blogger has had this problem before... it will come right ...  EVENTUALLY.

We ended up going to Maraetai Beach for lunch, Steve's choice.  We take turns choosing where to go... ya see.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  the cafe' we always go to.  Steve and Stew had lambs fry and bacon on toast.... Ikkkk!  I had fresh as fish with salad and chips... I only had a couple of the chips.  The fish was fantastic!

ABOVE:  two guys doing something a  GIRL could do on her own.... snigger.

ABOVE: yeah, OK... I might just struggle to get it up there though!  Thank goodness for the roof box... with all the seats in use inside the Highlander there is no room for a pram.

ABOVE:  there was not a breath of wind today out at the beach, some brave kids were swimming too... but it's too cold for us!

ABOVE:  cutting hay time.   The paddocks are getting dry now... heading into summer.

ABOVE:  you give a kid lots of toys to play with.... and what does she play with?

ABOVE:  the magazines.  *sigh*

End of Day: Stew cooked an awesome dinner of chicken drumsticks and wedges... really yum.
Watching some sort of movie on the telly tonight, then bed.  Fingers crossed Emily sleeps better tonight.
nite nite.


  1. Emily watching niw thats what I call a nice start to the day.......

  2. I'm sure you'll get at least one cute pic of Emily to post :)

  3. aw, she is ADORABLE. You are very lucky to have all your family around. Mine tend to piss off over seas.... envious? only a little. I think the blogger photo problem is fixed now. Blogger has had a few glitches lately, but I'm not jumping ship just yet. The learning curve involved with shifting the wordpress doesn't excite me.

    Oh PUSHCHAIRS??? Who can ever get one to assemble/disassemble. They are made to drive parents, grandparents and aunties completely nutto. It's a government conspiracy, I think.

  4. Emily is so adorable. My daughter is really into paper and does not care for her toys at all. She also likes the tassels on my hoodie. I give up.

    My husband started a second job and I'm alone with the kids from 6am-9pm three days a week. I am so behind on everything not child-rearing related.

    Oh well.

  5. Ha ha, thats my girl :-)

  6. I think all little kids are the same. My kids used to love playing with handphones, keys and wallets. These could keep them quiet for hours. But I end up having to watch them like a hawk cos they aren't toys....

  7. Awwww, love all the pics!!

    Chris, you can visit our shop at

    Thanks for your interest!!

  8. I really like looking through your pics. It's "peaceable"

  9. Looks like a nice day! Thanks for always commenting on my blog! Sometimes I think you are the only one reading it haha.


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