Sunday, November 13, 2011


Prepare yourself for an overload of Emily!...

ABOVE:  I tell ya, it was this big!....

ABOVE:  ya sure there was no rum in me milk?... 

ABOVE: yeah yeah... you are so funny... 

ABOVE: I'm not so sure about that Grandma...

ABOVE:  Hello... hello?  Just practising for when I get a phone...

ABOVE:  yep, that was hysterical!....

ABOVE:  I look down my nose at you, I do....

ABOVE:  Really?... well I ain't that sure...

ABOVE:  you look at me... I look at you!....

ABOVE:  Of course I have a tongue!...

ABOVE:  Granddad... you a bit silly...

ABOVE:  my GOD, what did ya put in me custard?...

ABOVE:  I am a cheeky imp really! ...

ABOVE:  another tall story.... Listen to ME....

ABOVE:  MEN!   *sigh*...

ABOVE:  trying to be interested... it's all a ruse...

ABOVE:  if I screw me face up like this he stops....  

Today:  don't know yet... expecting Emily's Mum and brothers sometime in the morning... edit: we decided to go out for the whole day, so Amanda isn't coming till dinnertime now. 
Steve is staying home.

*** A BIT OF FUN:  guess which of the above photos is my FAVOURITE,  leave a comment telling me which one... and if you win I will send you a Gift Pack of my cards.  (if more than one person guess's correctly, I will do a draw of all correct guess's)



We had planned on going to Thames for the day, but at the last minute we changed our minds...

ABOVE:  we ended up going on a tiki tour... up to Helensville, then on to Wellsford, down to Warkworth, out to Leigh (had lunch there), stopped for a play on the beach and in the park at Matheson Bay, then home again.
So we did a big circle!   On the map follow the blue line, that's where we went.

Stew is now mowing the lawns, Brylee and Griffin are outside playing and Emily is having a nap... all is good.

End of Day:  a really nice day... Amanda and her boys are here to pick up Emily. Stew and I are looking forward to an uninterrupted sleep tonight... yaaa.
nite nite.

EDIT:  I will tell you which is my favourite photo, and who won tomorrow midday.


  1. Good morning Chris

    Love all the photos but my guess is
    "Hello Hello" :O)

    Michelle x

  2. Oh my god Emily is a one stop show her and Grandad what a hoot, I am picing I'm a cheeky little Imp picture, but it was closely followed by "Men"

  3. Anonymous10:39 AM

    Men. sigh.


  4. You did a good job with the pics grandma! I loved them all!
    My favs "it was this big" and "rum in me milk one" and "grandad your silly"
    ;D they are awesome!
    See you tonite.

  5. toss up between cheeky imp and the phone one!

  6. Gorgeous photos!

    I think the 'I look down my nose at you'.

  7. You did so well catching so many candid type photos ... I'm picking the "my GOD, what did ya put in me custard?..."

  8. Such a cutie! I'm guessing it's the "what did you put in my custard" pic ;)

  9. She's growing up so fast eh. Well it would have to be "men - sigh" followed by it Was this big I tell ya. lol they my fav Any how. A better caption for men sighis oh granddad I'm listening :-)

  10. Hi Chris,

    I'm wondering about the one with Grandad and Coco? But mainly because of the interaction between Grandad and Emily. But I would have picked the phone, the cheeky imp and the tall story one too.

    Hope you are having a fantastic day out - the weather's pretty nice!


  11. Definitely "Granddad, You a bit Silly".

  12. I love all the pics. Since it's a game, I'll pick "you look at me, i look at you" as your fave becos it's my fave. I already own your cards. Would seem so unfair if I win again!

  13. The " you silly grandad one". It was actually really hard to pick she is sooo cute.

  14. my GOD, what did ya put in me custard?...
    That's the one I choose!!!They are all so cute!!

    God Bless~

  15. O Gosh Chris- they are all so perfect and you really "nailed " the comments . They were really the icing on the cake! LOL

  16. awwww she is such a cutie...

    I pick "really?....well I ain't that sure....
    I just love her expression !

  17. Sue from Cyprus7:16 PM

    'Another tall story.... Listen to ME'. They are all so cute, but that's the cutest.
    Hugs,Sue from Cyprus

  18. Changed my mind - it has to be Grandad you are a bit silly...

  19. Amanda, she is looking so healthy and happy and well looked after. Well done, Mum! and you too Chris, so good of you and Stew to babysit. Penny xo

  20. Anonymous9:26 PM

    I love the last one of Emily "if I screw me face up like this he stops....". Is this the one? Such a gorgeous girl.

    Love your blog Chris.

    Leanne R xx

  21. Anonymous6:34 AM

    Love all the photos!! Such a proud Granny you are!!! ...debbie

  22. Love the Men sigh one..... I think that is what it says below.... lol


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