Sunday, November 06, 2011


We were watching 'Gone Fishing' last night... and it was about a charter business up Helensville way called 'Kaipara Cat Charters'... and they were fishing on a Catamaran Fishing Boat... and Stew said "I'm sure that's your Dad's boat"... AND it was!

My Dad had quite a few boats during his life, the last one being Merc Cat... which was sold when my Dad drowned back in 2000.

Merc Cat was his 'Dream Boat'.... she was his baby.  It was so neat to see her on the TV!!!  She's been owned by a few people in the past 11 years... we saw her a couple of years ago up at Tutakaka.... being chartered out of there too.

ABOVE:  there she is.... My Dad and I went to check her out in Coromandel before he bought her... so she has some special memories for me.  I grew up fishing with my Dad ... I miss the fishing.  My Dad?  Have not gone there yet... he died only a year after my younger brother died in a tragic accident in Indonesia.. and also at that time my Mum was battling Cancer... so grieving for my Dad was put on the 'back burner'... it's still there.  I expect it to make an appearance ONE DAY?

ABOVE:  A certain little miss is now crawling... and getting into everything....

ABOVE:  The first time she opened this drawer she put her fingers in and leant on it.. jammed her fingers didn't she?  Cried too.  Did she go and open it again?  Sure did.

ABOVE:  Only this time she got it all the way open and started getting into it... so I GROWLED at her....

ABOVE:  she had never heard me growl before!  Didn't like it much either!  Cried in fact!

ABOVE: yep, growled at her here too....  so she sat there and held her hands and just looked.  hee hee... she's a clever wee baby is our Emily.

TODAY:  hangin' out with the kids, doing some housework, card making.... expecting Amanda and Andrew to pick up baby Emily this afternoon....

FROGGY:  I have the answer for a baby who does not learn 'don't touch'... it's called a play pen!   And if that doesn't work, and it didn't with Griffin... a sheet of 9-ply tied on top of his cot kept him there!  I had to do that with Kelly and Russell too! 
At least if they are in a play pen or in their cot you KNOW where they are and what they are doing when you are too busy to watch them every second.   I am OVER having to go to the bathroom with a baby sitting on my lap!  Been there, done that.

so... we went out to lunch at Albany Mall today, then took the new motorway link to Lincoln Road (West Auckand), hoping to see Stew's sister at her new house and see how the renovations/alterations were going.
But she wasn't there.... luckily for us the painter was passing and saw us there and came in and opened up the house so we could have a gander.  It's looking really lovely inside!

Home now, Emily off to bed, feet up for a minute, then going to continue with the Christmas Cards for a while.

End of Day: Amanda and Andrew just arrived for dinner, then took their baby home.  We won't miss Emily for long... she's coming back on Friday for the weekend again. 
So, best make the most of this week to get those Christmas Cards almost finished!
nite nite.


  1. Awww poor little on with Grandma growling at her lol

    I can't imagine losing so many people so close together :(

  2. That's so cute... look at the face!! Awww... ((cluck cluck))

    Kate (

  3. Oh she is a cutie. They are such little explorers. My youngest grandson will be 1 this month. You just gotta love those babies.

  4. Awwwww that is so cute in a funny sort of way the treasures they can now touch it is all so appealing to a baby.

  5. Little Emily, you need to listen to Grandma!! Awww. So glad she is with you and you can see her all the time. That's neat about your dad's boat still being around. :)

  6. you know, some babies are very quick off the mark, but that was one thing we never got through to Dobby. Don't touch. Had to always have her fingers on everything, no matter what we tried. Grrr!

  7. O Chris,
    What a shock that had to be for you to see his boat and bring back all this flood of memories. She is a LOVELY vessel - I mean Really LOVELY! I would have loved a ride on her!

    I had to chuckle at the baby. It brought back memories of each of mine as they pulled their first drawers open and then pushed them back on their fingers - and that sweet little face as shock hit them . I felt guilty that I had not stopped the lesson-but that evil little critter that sits on the "other should" just wanted to die laughing at that sweet little broken-hearted face. The fact that you caught that on camera is priceless! Talk about the perfect place at the perfect time!! You are a winner , dear friend. : )

  8. oh, Emily is sooo cute. I'm having so much fun looking at her pics. Her eyes are so gorgeous.

  9. Ooh I can't wait for all the PC parents to jump up & down about the play pen & the ply wood :-).

    Emily is such a gorgeous wee thing.

  10. What do you mean, you growled? I think you should just say "NO!" harshly. You don't want to freak the poor girl out!

    When my Dad died there was nothing left of him. It would be neat to see something of his on TV or out and about.


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