Thursday, November 17, 2011


In fact, I found out a few things:

1.   I can do it!  'It' being put a photo on a T-Shirt.

2.  My iron is not a hottie.  In the instructions it said it could take up to 2 minutes for the transfer to take effect.   As my iron did not heat up enough on 'Cotton'... it took me 20 freakin' minutes to get the first one to take.

So I had to up the heat to 'Linen' to get it to work.  And it still took freakin' ages.

3.  I realise that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this technique!  Oh hell... can you IMAGINE how many T-Shirts I am going to 'personalise' now?

hee heeeee.

Anyway..... I digress, you MUST be dying for photos!

ABOVE:  I'm sitting there thinking "shit shit shit, I hope I put the paper in the right way..."

ABOVE:  "SO ... OK, it's printing the photo at least"...

ABOVE:   "Looking good"...

ABOVE:  It Worked! Two shirts DONE!   I'm so thrilled with them.   

ABOVE:  Someone suggested I get this photo enlarged and made into a print for picture on the wall....  but this is even better!   I have someone in mind for this shirt... she's a right pain in the butt... I'm sure she will love it.

TODAY:  Take Griffin to his Speld lesson... post some parcels while I'm out...

FELICITY:  that would be awesome.  Just give me some idea of dates ... where you staying etc. Can't wait to see the 'new you'!


Back from Pukekohe... all good there.  Quickly have to tidy up the house, me Mother and Ron are due back here sometime this afternoon.. and I ain't done any housework yet today!
Eeeeek.  AND I have to put me computer back in me wardrobe..... rush, rush, rush...

OMG!  I have not had a chance to get on my computer since lunchtime!  They arrived and I've been running around after them ever since.

My Aunt and Uncle up the road came for dinner too... so I've been cooking up a storm ... everyone is fed now and happy.  I'm roasting!  Mum and Ron are freezing!  So all the doors and windows are closed and I'm just about melting!

Add to that I am now sitting in my wardrobe typing this!  They leave very early tomorrow.  Thank goodness.

I'll be back later to sign off... if I'm too long they will wonder where I am!
I tried to check my emails before dinner and my Mother got really CROSS with me!  *sigh*

End of Day:  nearly 10pm and the Olds have finally gone to bed.  Stew has to get up at 4am to take them out to the airport.  Poor bugger.  He's going on to work from there... so a VERY long day ahead for him tomorrow.
nite nite.


  1. I've done this iron transfer thingy - one night I did about 30 of them for a hen's party T shirt!!

  2. Anonymous8:09 AM

    well done Chris great effort I did this a few years ago and i agree it is fun

    i am coming to auckland in Jan so hope we can organise a catch up been over 4 yrs since last time

  3. That is a good photo for a top, isn't it?

    Lucky girl...

  4. Chris you take awesome pics.......what sort of camera do you have and is the shutter speed fast. Steph is looking to get another camera as the one (same as ours) has a slow shutter speed when taking those shots that you want to get quickly. :)

  5. Ohhhhh those T shirts look great how nifty, and very bright colours another crafty thing to add to your already list of cool things you do.

  6. How neat - I guess I fit right in with this crowd because I did them a few years back to~ The one thing that I really treasured was the brother of the two ladies that I worked for was deaf and could hardly speak. He ran his own shoe shop and was such a special person who always tried to help others. AFter I tried that first shirt - I borrowed a picture from Harley's picture album (technically I guess I stole them for a week since he did not known) The pictures were of Harley and his dear Mama and also Harley and some of his farm friends growing up. I wish you could have seen his face light up and tears come to his eyes. He wore his shirts to work in his little shoe shop and he showed them to everybody he knew. He made me so happy because I knew he loved the gifts and I made him so happy with such a surprise so we had a Win-Win deal! : ) It is one of my greatest joys to make somebody else happy. :)

    So keep up the good work - we want to see what other kind of trouble you can get yourself into. : )

  7. They look great! Jess made all her friends t shirts one year for Christmas.

  8. I love the t-shirts. That picture of the kids should be entered in the NZ Herald pictures of summer competition.

  9. Those turned out really great. Yes, I am afraid you you will now have another art/craft addiction :)

  10. Well done... I have some of that photo stuff to use on fabric... too scared to use it!! so I guess now I should give it a try eh? Love the photos!

  11. Hey :) long time listener first time caller! the tshirt printing is great, I've done if a couple of work functions, if you get into printing try these out too I have found them on other sites too, but I use these on my quilts and crafts.. so much fun.. take care, Mel

  12. Anonymous7:21 PM

    I just bought some of that transfer paper to put some photo's on one of the quilts I"m making. Love the ones you did. I haven't done mine yet. Yours came out GREAT!!!!! ...debbie

  13. I know you making these shirts!
    Always wash those shirts inside-out. I used to have a printer that'd do shirts..

  14. Hey Chris! Wow, those T-shirts look amazing. Of course the photo of the pups is adorable, but I just LOVE that one of Brylee and Griffin...that is a fantastic photo!

    And I am sitting here cracking up thinking of you sitting in your closet so you can be on your computer. Isn't it crazy the things we still do to please our moms, even though we are grown women? (Yes, I do it, too!)

    Enjoy your day, my friend!




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