Friday, November 18, 2011


But since he died, I do believe my MOTHER has adopted the name.  She sure has the grumpy attitude:

ABOVE:  My Mother (in the white top)... with her grumpy face on.  I saw it a lot.  She was tired, they tried to fit too much in while over here from  Australia... so she was really grumpy.  Lovely, when you only see her once or twice a year.

ABOVE: the 4 olds around the table last night.  I fed them mince/bacon/tomatoe stew with veges.  Nothing flash as I didn't even know they would be here for dinner last night.  

Today:  well now they have gone I can relax again... do some sewing today I hope.  And post a small gift pack of cards to Tracy.....

OH!  It is GRIFFIN'S 10th Birthday today too!  Only a couple of presents for him today as I am giving him a gift voucher for PSP games.  He is going to be thrilled to bits with it too ($100 to spend).... he's been saving up all his pocket money too... so he will have a ball in the shop later on after school today.


ABOVE:  7am this morning... out in the street checking out the remote control car...

ABOVE:   getting Birthday Wishes from his Dad... Stew was up at 4.30am to take the old's out to the airport, so he just went on to work from there.  Hopefully he will finish early and come home with Birthday Cake!

LYNDA: why thanks for that.  *smiles*

ABOVE:  9 Placemats all pinned and ready to quilt.  As I am hopeless at free motion still... I will just do a wiggly line up and down... it's what I seem to always end up doing!

End of Day:  we had dinner at Sylvia Park for Griffin's Birthday.  Nice, I didn't have to cook.
Now the boy is going to play with his remote control car AND the remote control Helicopter Steve just bought him too.  Spoilt little bugger.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous7:39 AM

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRIFFIN!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!! You look like your mom, but are much cheerier I think!! ...debbie

  2. Happy Birthday Griffin - hope you have an awesome day and enjoy those pressies :-)

  3. So sorry about the grumpy "olds", but now you can relax...and not have to hide in the closet to use your computer! LOL!! And a great big "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRIFFIN"! Hope he has a wonderful time!



  4. Oh dear.. Mum does look grumpy. Could I point out something? - I've noticed many times you spell tomato "tomatoe" (that is plural as in tomatoes). Normally I would not say a thing but hey, it worked when I told you the correct spelling of Tiki Tour :) No offence please, I don't mean this in a bad way!

    Happy birthday to Griffin - he will have fun shopping :)

  5. Happy Birthday to Griffin!!!

    I know about grumpy Mum's. We call ours 'bitchy witchy'. Behind her back of course because we are scared of her wrath.

  6. Happy birthday Griffin.

    Maybe you should send that photo to your Mum so she can see what she looks like when she is all poe faced.

    I have a client who is called Grumpy - to his face (he looks & sounds really really Grumpy and can be if he is annoyed but really he is a big pussycat.

  7. Hehe... "Thanks" to you to. I didn't want you to think that I was the spelling police :)

  8. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Happy Birthday Griffin, hope you have a lovely day, wow you getting into double digit's, the big '10' Love you lots.
    Love Lacy xoxoxo

  9. Lots of best wishes to the birthday boy, Happy Birthday Griffin.

  10. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Happy birthday Griffin! I've always wanted one of those remote control cars to play with! Yay, the placemats are nearly finished! I remember when you started them and then I asked a few weeks later if you had finished them and you said they had been put in the UFO box for now! Can't wait to see the table all decorated with them and that beautiful dinnerset you got with the grapes on them. Don't want to scare you (or me) but you know what they say about turning into your mother! WOMBAT

  11. Don't want to scare you (or me) but you know what they say about turning into your mother! WOMBAT

    When I read this post I almost fell out of my chair laughing because I have looked in the mirror and a majority of the time have thought- I am turning into my Mother.! lol

    My Mom died at age 52 and when time came for me to turn 52 I kept wondering which day I would go- to live past that year was a odd-funny- weird -well, let's just say I am still plugging along.: )

    The Big TEN - how neat - can you remember your big ten??? LOL I bet you were a little doll with those pretty eyes you have. : ) They say that eyes are the windows to our souls - so you must have such a beautiful soul.

    Don't feel bad about that tomato/tomatoe - for some reason I ALWAYS want to put that dumb E in there-plural or not! But, my elevator just does not always co-operate with me. LOL

    Hey girl, we had snow-flurries this afternoon . They were so thick you could hardly see through them . Wish I could have sent you a big bag of them to open into a little blizzard right in front of your eye-balls. LOL

  12. Happy birthday Griffin! What a perfect gift for a boy. My kids used to play with the remote control cars but we live in an apartment so not much room to drive. Sometimes they go to the open spaces below our flat with the cars but a crowd will usually gather to watch and that freaks the kids out.
    I still get a giggle over you and your mother. No more blogging in the wardrobe until her next visit!

  13. You could get her the "Grumpy old Women" DVD, hint hint Oh Happy Birthday Griffin hope he has had a lovely day. Those placemats are looking FAB, have a nice relaxing weekend.

  14. Happy Birthday Griffin!!! Hope your day was fun and happy!!
    I love those placemats!! So country and cute, but I love anything home made!!! I just wish I were talented!!
    I agree, you do look like your Mom, but a much younger and happier face!!

    God Bless~

  15. As much as I can be prone to depression, I hope I never stop being able to smile and see the good in people. There's not enough time in life to be grumpy! I am bad in the morning while I wake up, and I very quickly realised after moving in with David (who wakes up annoyingly cheerful) that it wasn't fair to take it out on him.

    Happy 10th Birthday Griffin! I remember feeling very proud on my tenth birthday, it's a big deal! Well done for making it this far in life, we look forward to seeing you go on to do wonderful things with your future (hopefully your Mum will be blogging for a very long time so we can keep up with all your adventures!).

    Love to the you and the family, Penny xo

  16. Oh! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading your posts! Very snarky and fun! Your days make me smile. And my days seem just a little saner after reading about how busy you are :o) Happy birthday to that youngest guy!

  17. Happy Birthday to Griffin. Shame you had to deal with all the grumps. Have a good weekend.

  18. too two to ::snicker:: sorry couldn't help myself.

    Happy belated to Griffin! I hate when my mom is bitchy. Lucky for me it doesn't happen too much. The in laws on the other hand...


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