Thursday, November 03, 2011


Before Steve (son) came to live with us (again) Stew and I hardly ever watched comedy shows on TV.

But... as Steve watches most of the comedy shows on a Wednesday night, we have started watching too.

AND I must say... I have come to totally LOVE one in particular:


ABOVE:  I have to say I just love the actor who plays Sheldon!  He is AMAZING!  I also really like the actress who plays Penny.... so cute.  I wish now that I had been watching it from the start.

What one do you love the most (if any) ?

TODAY:  taking Griffin to his Speld lesson.  I have a feeling we will be paying for Speld lessons for YEARS.... *sigh*

While Dude is at his lesson I shall read on my Kindle.  Yes, I can go a whole day without shopping.... I think!  lol

I don't think I shall be reading .... I had the WORST NIGHT EVER ... I don't think I got to sleep till about 3 in the morning.  I tossed and turned all night.  NOT hot flushes... just a busy brain.  Stressing already about tomorrow... my Mother and her Partner Ron are coming over from Australia, Kelly and Rena are arriving for a couple of days and we are babysitting Emily Friday night till Sunday afternoon. 

It's going to be all go.   And I really am not looking forward to it.

Last time my Mother was here she was super critical.  Apparently I am not supposed to sit down AT ALL.... so here's to a WONDERFUL weekend. 

Stew said before he fell asleep "It's not often I look forward to Monday before the weekend even starts!"


MARY H:  Ha!  Fat chance of that. lol

Back from Pukekohe and would you believe I am getting a cold right on the back of the last one?  Been sneezing all day, got the sniffles again... headache... far out!  Not a happy camper. 
That could be why I didn't get much sleep.  Or not.  Just over everything right now. 

And there is so much to do before me Mother arrives.  If the house isn't fairly decent she will really think I do nothing all day but sit on me arse and 'play' on the computer!  Well... that's what she accused me of last time.

My computer is going in the bathroom again.... starting tomorrow.  And Brylee and Griffin will have to put their PSP's away too.  She HATES kids playing with 'those stupid things'.  Apparently they NEED to be outside  playing.  Whatever.

I'm going to buy that game 'Trouble' and when I want to sit down I'm gunna play with Brylee and Griffin.  She can't knock me for that.

Seeing red right now.
ANON - LACY:  seeing as you only see Griffin once or twice a year, how would you know how often he is using his PSP?
For your INFORMATION:  his speld Teacher said his use of the PSP was great as it involves him having to READ and use FINE MOTOR SKILLS... all very good for his dyslexia/dysgraphia.
AND when it is a lovely day Griffin loves nothing better than getting outside and playing, swimming, etc.
AND Lacy, I thought you didn't want ANYONE to know you were PREGNANT?   Why go and announce it in a comment for everyone to read???   Brain should be engaged BEFORE you hit 'send'.
You want to re-connect with your family?  Great way to go about it.  I only have so much tolerance left ...


ABOVE:  Would ya look at that?  Not a PSP in sight!   Sarcasm?  yep. 

MARY H:  please send me your email  address.  I would like to 'talk' to you personally.  OK?


Thanks Leigh, if I get a chance I will watch it.

ANNE LY:  The other two children Lacy mentioned (Savanah and Tamsin) are her Fiance's children ... who live with their mother.  As for me taking another child in.... AIN'T GUNNA HAPPEN.  I just cannot take any more.  I have raised 6 kids, still got Brylee and Griffin for at least another 8-9 years at least.  I AM DONE.

End of Day:  it's been a crap day.  That is all.
Just did the grocery shopping.  Time to chill out and not answer any more texts, comments, facebook posts... I'm over it for the day.
nite nite.


  1. I love them all. Sheldon is the best. He makes the show but Penney does her part too. I have watched it from the start and it just gets funnier and funnier.

  2. I love the Big Bang Theory, worth getting DVD's out and viewing from Season 1. I am now up to Season 5, NZ is up to Season 4 now. Have an awesome day :-)

  3. Cannot think of any good comedy shows on English Tv but I love Come Dine with Me , and 4 in a bed ,this one is about vying for an award for the best Bed and Breakfast .

  4. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Go away for the weekend!
    Mary H

  5. Cottonreel, maybe they are just not your cup of tea but the BBC has put out some awesome comedy! Vicar of Dibley is a favourite of mine, as was Blackadder, Fawlty Towers, Black Books, etc. Having said that I can't think of a current one, but then I haven't been watching TV for the last year. In terms of US ones, we love MASH, 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter, The Big Bang Theory, Just Perfect, Seinfeld... There are some annoying ones though - I can't really stand Two and a Half Men, for example.

    Better go before I come across as a TV addict! I do love to laugh though and use DVDs as therapy when I need a bit of a boost or comfort time.

    Here's another mood booster: the sound of a giggling 17 month old goddaughter of mine coming from the bedroom. Her and her mum came in late last night so she slept on me while her Mum ran around getting their luggage together. Bliss!

    Penny xo

  6. Seeing as your Mum is already critical of you, you might as well stand your ground if things become too much. Its your home after all. I hope the weekend goes smoothly never the less. :)

  7. Samuel and his friends are the big bang theory all by themselves!!!!! WE LOVE it i too love Sheldon I feel a T Shirt coming...

  8. Why is it no matter how old we are our Mothers still make us feel like we are kidss again?

    Just try & relax & enjoy the time as much as you can & resist the overwhelming urge to tell your Mum to shut the F up because you work your arse off & are entitled to sit down & relax occasionally. Besides which you are a grown woman & if you choose to sit on your chuff all day eating chocolate & watching trashy TV then you are perfectly entitled to do so.

  9. I'd have jobs to assign to your Mother so you are not doing it all. But remember to thank her heaps for helping, make her feel needed and then hopefully she will be too busy to put you down. And then when the jobs are done you can sit down together, she will want a break too so won't tell you off!
    Worth trying. Key is making sure you thank her heaps for helping, will put her off attacking you. ;-)

  10. I've watched Big Bang Theory from the start and it's Sheldon that makes the show. He's my fave and my son is a tiny bit like him tho' he denies it! His character was a little cartoonish in the first season but got more dimension as the show gained more audience. Before, it was just Penny and the guys and a much different show. Modern Family is funny too.

  11. I love Big Bang too, and Sheldon just makes that show.

    You could just sit down when you feel like it. Really, it's your house, do what you feel. If she doesn't like it, she could always get up and help, yes? Remember, she may be your mother hon, but she's not the boss in your house anymore. You're not 18 (sadly) either. Be true to yourself. Don't pick fights, but don't let her get the better of you. You've got your lovely family around you for support, so you'll be fine.


  12. BBT is my absolute favourite comedy show ever! I think we can all see some Sheldon in everyone we know.

    My and I even dressed up and Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler for a party last weekend.

    Hopefully your cold gets better soon. That combined with a Mothers visit might just be too much!!

  13. Chris my darling ! Hope the weekend is survivable. My mother has just left me after visiting for a few days, this visit she was okay but does fail to understand I am a 48 year old women, not a child. Love Big Bang Theory, love Amy and all the cast. Take care Martine

  14. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Sorry but i gotta agree with grandma, they shouldent be on those dam things constantly, they should be outside, abd yea yea to whatever is your come back to that, I got 1 on the way now and im gona make sure me and wade do the bast job takin care and bring him or her up and making sure Brylee,Griffin Savanah and Tamsin know they have a new baby brother or sister and get as much interaction as possible, and i sigh anon cos i dont wanat have to go thro all the signin in shit

  15. Dear Anon

    You can still sign your name to your comment (see how Mary H does it if you are unsure).

  16. Anonymous5:57 PM

    For gods sake anon Grow up and stop trying to be the hard done by martyr and centre of attention.
    Parents work hard for their kids & get very little thanks or respect. Us kids always think they are wrong or useless when we are growing up But how that changes when they get older get sick or die.
    Now is the time to show some respect & love because you never know when it could be taken away for good You only have one family so get over it for yours your partners & babys sake
    Mary H

  17. Leigh6:43 PM

    Fri 7.30 on one there's a new show. Mary queen of shops. She makes over op shops so thought you might be interested with your hospice shop having. A Makeover

  18. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Wow, Anon aka Lacy isnt gona get anywhere with family if she insists on acting like a righteous bitch. My kids play their PsP aswell, there is nothing wrong with it! Its something they enjoy, why spend money on toys that they either break or grow out of? They can upgrade the games as they get older. Idiot.
    Ha on another note... Like your perfect?? PLEASE, go drink a bottle of rum FFS.

  19. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Oh, Lacy loves to burn bridges.... Unbelievably selfish person.
    And what about Savanah and Tamsin? Who is raisin them? Lacy has spread her offspring to others to bring up and has obviously fun life. Seems like although she thinks that she will bring up this new baby by herself, Chris, you have a new baby coming to house soon as your child? Where do you take your strength from? You are amazing!
    Anne Ly

  20. I hardly ever watch tv... interesting when I do, though!

  21. Never saw Big Bang Theory.
    I agree, a lot comedies aren't funny at all, in fact, just the opposite.

  22. Ooo, dawggie. I hate drama. Off to look at Pepsi, hon.

  23. TO ANON: You gave up your rights to try and parent these kids when your mother and father adopted them. Now consider how lucky you are that they did. Brylee and Griffin could have been adopted by strangers and you may never have seen them again. Next thing you'd be looking for Missing persons and when they met you would they want to know you. For your own sake sort your life out and stop abusing your mother. You only have one mother and it's a long life without her.

  24. GL :sigh: Such drama.

  25. Anonymous6:10 PM

    to anon/lacy

    stop treating children like bits of property - they are people and you are bloody lucky that your mother stepped in to raise them. children are not to be used as 'pawns' in whatever game you are playing. grow up and realise that you are an adult.


  26. BBT: Sheldon is my fave. Bazinga! Followed by Penny, Raj, & Wolowitz in that order. The only one I can't raise any glimmer of liking for is Leonard.

    Mothers, eh. They have the power to make us feel 8 years old forever. As the others have said - it's your house, you the boss!


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